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The Laughing Man:
I GM a local game SR 4E weekly, have been for about 3 years now. Problem is my players are too lazy to GM regularly. So I've never actually gotten to "play" shadowrun as all they'll GM are Star Wars and DnD. (ugh)

So I come to the net looking for hope. I'm new to PBP but have a very thorough understanding of the rules and setting. I own all of the 4E books, except a couple supplementals and I have the pdf versions of the ones I'm missing.

Is anyone starting a new pbp game soon or accepting new players into theirs?

I believe the only one being planned for now is Kontact's game being tossed around in the New Member thread (which you already posted to).

I might be creating a PbP in a month or so. It depends on what I have on my plate at the time...

Hey TLM... You wouldn't by chance be Tyki on Dark Reign would you?


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