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New member looking for a game!

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Hello there! I'm a new forum member who is looking for a game. Can't seem to find anyone around here who wants to try SR because its to wishy-washy for them when it comes to genre. Since I don't want my SR books to gather dust I figuere I'd give this a go. So, is anyone looking for a dedicated player?

Where you located, AJ?


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Where you located, AJ?

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The Netherlands (also known as Holland). Windmills, cheese, tullips and the red light district :D

     I am new here and looking for a game as well. Trying to get a feel for how things are done here. I like the genre of Shadowrun because it hits close to home while still being very fantasy oriented. I have a couple ideas for a character I would like to run with. One is a combat face, the other is a spirit mage (and I do NOT mean possession mage). It might also be fun for me to play a gung-ho soldier/tank type. Right now I am playing a crazy troll with a big gun that just shoots a lot... pretty fun to play, but I just wish he wasn't so heavy so other people could drag him around easier when he goes unconscious. Not interested in playing a hacker. What kind of characters do you like to play, AJ?

     I am from Atlanta, GA. I have a game that I play weekly with some guys locally, but I wanted to try this online thing out. I like the idea of just logging on anytime and participating in the game rather than setting aside 6 hours of a pure gaming session.

I've been thinking about dusting off my GM hat.   
Which would the potential player prefer: a near street-level scrounging game in Chicago, or a factions game set in Portland right after the fall of the Emerald curtain?


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