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Hello all. I am Bisharian, you can call me Bish. I just ordered my first SR4 rulebook, and while I wait for it to arrive in the mail, I was hoping someone or someones could help me choose a fun class for a newb. Based on my knowledge so far, I was thinking

A. Weapon Specialist: In RL I am indeed a weapons afficionado and connoisseur. In my quest to find my niche in this world, I am considering gunsmithing/bladesmithing or (if I really want to challenge myself) Engineering/design for firearms.

B.Rigger: I like vehicles and robots and such, so why not.

C. Street-Mage/Shaman: Magic dominates most games including it, and my imagination is a malestrum of ideas and fantasy. So I thought it  would be good to include one of the magic classes.

D- is for Decker-or Hacker if you can't spell or are a literalist to new classifacation. The matrix seems like it would be complicated so this would have to be one of my last choices, especially since I know programswww and hardware are expensive, but the rewards could be worth the nuyen...

Anyway, thanks for reading my post. Please leave a remark with your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Null-sweet, Chummers.

As your new I would say steer clear of the matrix to start and to a degree magic as well both have lots of rules to learn.

Start out with the gun guy that works how do I play take this point it at the enemy fire easy.

If you want to go up the skill chain a bit to start then go with the Adept.

You can do an adept gun guy or something like that now your tossin some magic but not alot to start with just enough to get the learnin going.

Now don't listen to Cas. Jump into the deep water and pick up a Technomancer. Yes it can be frightening but you will learn a lot.

I think Cas covered things nicely.  Being the gun guy is a fairly uncomplicated role that can let you learn the rules of the game.  The other three get a little more complicated.  It doesn't take a whole lot of build points to get really good at shooting - max agility, max firearms skill group, heavy weapons, qualities to help out the specific kind of shooter you want to be; Ambidextrous for dual wielding pistols, for example.  In your case, add Armorer as well.

Do not, by any means, go with the pre-gen weapon specialist in the book.  As a combat person, you want at least 3 Initiative passes, you can pick them up pretty easily and cheaply with Wired Reflexes 2.  Once you have your combat basics covered, be sure and pick up at least a couple other useful skills.

Anyway, whatever you pick, have a blast with it =)  and feel free to ask if you want advice or anything - I love making example characters =)

First, they are not classes, they are Archetypes.

Second, a character is not defined by archetype, even,but by their skills.
Archetypes are good for a start, but...I have seen Hacker Mages, and
I have even started seeing a bit of an emergent Technomancer type
specializing as a gunslinger/weapon specialist.

Ultimately, I would advise: look for what yu want your character to
do and build them that way. Also, Etiquette and Perception: IMPORTANT
survival skills!


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