About to run Missions S5

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Hoi Chummers!

I'm located in Indianapolis, IN and will be running Missions games soon (read in a few weeks) at Arsenal Game Room ( ).

Couple of things:

1) I'm looking at Friday Evenings (around 6pm start to around 10-11pm end).
2) I'm have  one of the conference rooms booked every other week for this.
3)  I'll be starting the adventures in Sprawl Wilds to start with (since I own it) and will move to Firing Line. That should last until more Missions become available.
4) The latest count of players is 4 regular players.  So that leaves AT MOST 4 other spots.  If you want to get in on these games, you MUST send me an email to get on the mailing list.

Anyone interested can contact me at so that I can give you more details when I receive them.  I have started up a mailing list so that people know when/what time each session will run and will be setting up a website in the near future to make management even easier.

That being said, is there anything anyone want's to share to make my players enjoy the games more before I begin?  Or is there anything I should know before I get started?  I'm super stoked to get going on this, we've been chatting about this for a few months now, and decided that SR5/season 5 would be where we'd begin.
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You could start with a Welcome to the 6th world. You can give a little credit and get people to make characters.