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The Play-by-Post boards are here to allow virtual games between fellow posters. Due to the nature of the Play-by-Post games, they are more "mutual storytelling" than the tabletop versions. As such, some decorum and a few general rules follow:

* Posting is for participants only - Unless it is a Recruitment thread, or you've been invited by the thread's GM, do NOT post in the thread, even to tell the players how much you're enjoying the game.
* Follow the GM's rules - Each thread can be considered to be "moderated" by that game's GM. If they want to remove certain posts, or have particular rules regarding colorful language or content, follow their lead. They are trumped by the board's moderators and admins, however, so game threads that break ToS conditions will still be handled by the board moderators, including action against the GM, where appropriate.
* Follow Wheaton's Law - Link is NSFW.


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