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Howdy, folks.


I'm new here - obviously, considering the forums were just made - but I've been a long time fan of Shadowrun since it first came out. Whether that makes me an old fogey or just a person with good taste in games, I'll leave that up to you.

Anyway, I'll post here when I can, and it's great to see the game is still up and running, so to speak.

Don't feel too bad. I am just beginning my Shadowrun life. I got interested in it from my uncle, who played a lot about fifteen years ago. I played both the SNES and Genesis games and continue to replay both everyfew months. So I figured I should stop being a voyuer and jump into the shadows myself. I just ordered my SR4 core rule book (20th anniversary!) and cannot wait to get it. I also plan on getting the arsenal sourcebook asap as well, I tend to be a gear-junky.

So guidence and a good group to chat it up with are what I seem to be looking for. Drop me a message if you got some good stuff or are feeling generous enough to help a newbie.

Welcome to the new fourms guys


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