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Touch Indirect Combat Spells


Not sure if this is errata or if it should go into the FAQ, but the exact procedure on how to implement Touch-ranged Indirect Combat Spells is unclear (Punch or a Shocking Grasp type spell).  None of the spellcasting rules seem to fit what was intended.

My request is to have a specific step-by-step example posted somewhere that clarifies or corrects the procedure.

Edit:  swapped out Clout (which is ranged, not touch) with what I meant:  Punch

Since I would like to see this too.. here's a link to the current discussion thread.

I would love to see a FAQ or something on this as I play a shifter combat Mage who has decent unarmed combat skill and likes getting in close for touch spells.  I never knew how effective Death Touch could be!

Reading through some of that thread makes my head hurt!


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