Sixth World Almanac street date!

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Might have to check ebay out. Local game shop just says 'soon'. I get the impression that either he or his distributor is having trouble getting copies.  Wondering how long after the street day it'll be at a street by me.
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hazmat the monstar

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« Reply #16 on: <10-08-10/1925:59> »
I can't wait to get it. I definitely want a Hardcopy.

Pepsi Jedi

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« Reply #17 on: <10-11-10/0154:56> »
Hurm... $29 instead of $45... when I 'technically' already have the information from the PDF I've already legaly purchased from them?

I might take the hit and wait for Amazon to deliver, it's 33% cheaper.

I ordered mine from eBay.  It was about 6 dollars more than Amazon, but well worth it to get it quickly.  Check the buy it now selections; you should find several around 30-40 bucks

There were none on ebay when I ordered mine. They shipped mine last week and I'll be getting it Tuesday or so, for Amazon price. :)

I already paid for the PDF from Catalyst, so they're defiantly getting my dime. I've wanted "This" sort of book for years though. Had to have this one in hard copy for the collection.  If I had to I'd pay more, but given options, for a book who's information (( in total)) I already possessed, I chose the cheaper option. :)