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RIP, Shapcano :(

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That is certainly devastating.
I was going to email Shapcano that "Shadowrun Returns" came out and I enjoyed playing this computer game.
I exchanged a few email with Shapcano over the past few years when I found his web-site.
His friendship and stories kept me together in this crazy world.
He will always live in my memory

Oh damn, that really sucks. I used to read his stuff way back, same time I was reading your fics, Hawk. In fact, this was what got me started on SR.

*Raises a pint*

RIP Shap, you'll be missed.

Michael Chandra:

--- Quote from: Palladion on ---Any info on what happened, how he passed?
--- End quote ---
I found this when googling his name. Definitely the same, given this part: "He was an avid reader and a prolific writer of science fiction, completing three novels and multiple short stories, most set 50 years in the future in a world inhabited by dragons and teeming with magic and political unrest."

Welp, that sucks. I'd never heard of the guy until now, but after reading this I did a quick bit of reading around. Daaaaaaaamn, this guy was to storytelling what color was to TV; never mind everything he was doing in meatspace.

Sleep well, pal. You've earned it.

Wow....   .. just wow.

His work was a big inspiration for most of my games, and more than a few stories.

RIP mon ami....  :'(


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