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RIP, Shapcano :(

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--- Quote from: Palladion on ---Does anyone have or able to resurrect all of Shapcano's stories and files? I managed to find a few online scattered around, but I was hoping to get a full collection. I have been pondering an archive of sorts...

--- End quote ---

I am not familiar with the man's work, but I did a search hoping to find an archived version of his website and found this site

It has the following stories (available individually as html and as a zip collection):

1: Inheritance (novel)

2: Rescue (short)

3: Student (short)

4: Demands (novel)

5: Shadow Reflections (short)

6: Mouse saga (collection of shorts)

7: Lug’s Magical Whatsis (short)

8: Lessons (short)

9: Debts (novel)

10: The Trouble With Fixers (short)

does that help?

I recently discovered his writing from Arcology podcast Episode 027 – Talking Shadowrun with the Gamer’s Tavern, and discovered the story links in the previous message are no longer working. Fortunately it appears his sister created a blogspot and posted his work there, please see the below link.


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