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RIP, Shapcano :(

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This is heartbreaking.  Shap and I were good pals for a long while and I can not comprehend the loss of his wonderful talents.  Snapper and Al were an idea based off a few people I knew and myself and I was pretty meek in the department of wanting to write and show my stuff.  Shap urged me to go for it...told me I needed to do it and was nice enough to go through my work and critique it with a practiced eye.  Even when I had moved on and occasionally sniffed around my old stuff, he always said hello and kept pushing me to work on a new adventure of my two dorks...

Losing him is like Luke losing Old Ben in my eyes.  He was a great teacher.  Maybe I will go back to them least in honor of one hell of a nice dude. 

RIP Omae.  I will miss you and your wonderful words

*Raises a glass in honor and memory*

Well, that would explain why his site went down.

Is there any way someone could ask his estate if the novels could be published or posted somewhere else? They aren't really the right format for e-novelization, but maybe if say Winterhawk or DeckerM could put a sub-page on their sites, his stories could be preserved for at least a few more years.

Yeah, reading his stories gave me something to do for about a month around '02, when things were going to crap for me. I've got them on disk, but it would be nice to see them still up.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
You could always pull them off the disk and put them somewhere accessable - posted here, for example, or perhaps on deviantART - with links from here to there, of course...

Does anyone have or able to resurrect all of Shapcano's stories and files? I managed to find a few online scattered around, but I was hoping to get a full collection. I have been pondering an archive of sorts...


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