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Starlight Tribe (Technomancer Guild)
Membership: 30 (10 Technomancers)
Strictures: Fraternity, Dues, Privacy, Limited Membership (Spacers)
Resources/Dues: Low. Dues of 50 nuyen per month. The dues aren't much, but they help pay to keep the group's meeting place (The Starlight Lounge) up and running.

A rarity even amongst Technomancer networks, the Starlight Tribe was formed by Lady Nightsky in the wake of the technomancer scare. Initially formed as a mutual aid and intelligence-sharing network, for the few technomancers in space, it has since evolved into one of the largest shadownets in space. The Starlight Tribe does accept non-technomancers into their midst, but due to the nature of space travel, they rarely (if ever) meet in person. The tribe runs one of the only matrix bars in space, the Starlight Lounge, which currently operates off a server on Echo Station. The membership of the Tribe is limited to spacers. While most of the tribe consists of 'independent operators', a good portion of them can be found on corporate payrolls, for one reason or another. One of the beliefs in the Tribe is that, regarldess of nationality or corporate affiliation, living in space is like dancing on the razor's edge, which is hard enough without fighting eachother. While the Starlight Tribe is something of an open secret among space-side shadowrunners, the fact that it is a technomancer network is a closely guarded secret.

The Starlight Lounge
One of the only matrix hotspots in space, the Starlight Lounge is based loosely off the same concept as Tux's on the Seattle grid. Entry is free to anyone who has an invite or manages to hack their way in, and use of attack programs is expressly forbidden while on premises, on threat of the well trained security force that always seems to have just the right attack program to put troublemakers down for the count as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lady Nightsky, the 'owner' (as much as anyone 'owns' the Lounge) can usually be found with her signature avatar with a dress made of shifting starscapes (she's been showing the Milky Way recently, though last month was different nebulae. Customers are welcome to change the theme of the Lounge as they like, though they must display the Starlight Lounge logo somewhere prominently. This often leads to two or three factions battling it out for control of the night's theme.
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