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Autopilot Command List and Limits (5e)
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Greetings, Chummers

Seeing how one can only control so many drones with so much complexity of commands, what an autopilot is SPECIFICALLY capable of doing has never been stated and I would LOVE to see a cannon list.
I know when it becomes too confusing there may have to be pilots rolling, but with the now (fairly cheap) pilot upgrade from Rigger 5.0, the following options I propose shouldn't present too much of an issue.

Autopilot Commands

Follow (self or other)
Follow (vehicle)
Patrol between X points
Protect (self or other)
Circle (area)

Fire on Designated Targets
Fire on Non-Friendlies
Fire on Hostiles (may require basic profile input (for example, corp outfit))
Fire on Anyone Entering and/or Leaving (portal)
Destroy (designated object)

Note: Movement commands can be combined with actions.

Obviously final say is up to GM, but seeing tech in 2017, I would be surprised if many of the following commands justified a pilot roll at all.  That being said, balance is something different all together and I think that final call depends a lot on how much the specific player plans on breaking it.  It wouldn't be unreasonable if this is the character's entire purpose, but if somebody had an entirely separate character from drones and just piled them on top, that seems quite unfun for every other player.

Thoughts? Additions?
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Re: Autopilot Command List and Limits (5e)
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I believe they are way more modular and adaptive, especially as Pilot Rating increases. Expect that all commands from modern RTS games are available, at least. Probably a lot more. For example, an Engage in Combat command would make the drone algorithmically figure out who's firing at your team, attack the highest priority target until it's taken out, then go on to the next, all while dodging fire and looking awesome. And even if any instructions are missing, you're gonna find open source scripts on the Matrix.
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Re: Autopilot Command List and Limits (5e)
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Yeah see that's my confusion.  One person could infer their abilities as much more or less competent, due to Catalyst's vagueness.

As a DM I would be super wary about what I allow, though, as it would be quite easy to make like a 100% squishy support mage and with development of the campaign and the increase of nuyen, one could buy some cheapass high-rating comm just for the purposes of drones security and then buy like 18 roto-drones with Ares Alphas and have the ultimate body guard net.  They would become a one-man squad.
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