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New Anarchy Narrative Aid/GM Sheet
« on: (03:26:23/03-12-17) »
I have updated the Anarchy Narrative Aid document so much that I had to start a new thread.  This is what I use for my SRA groups but it contains a few house rules so it may not be appropriate for all tables. 


Here is the breakdown:

Page 1: Narrative Aid
  • Contains some definitions and hints on Narrations.
  • Lists modifiers to consider when taking Actions.
  • House Rule Multiple Targets: uses the shotgun rules (p, 206) for other multi-shot weapons.
  • House Rule Forfeiting Effects: allows casters to "dial back" effects like AA or Area Effect.  Frees up Shadow Amp space (i.e. Fireball becomes Fire Bolt).
  • Assumes use of multiple Shadow Amps on a single test (as confirmed in other forums).
  • Assumes Surprise Threat can introduce any threat (NPC or obstacle).
  • Renames Malfunction to Frag it/Jam it; synonymous with cooldown.
  • Renames A dish best served cold to Get Revenge.
  • Names a few uses of Plot Points not listed but still described in later chapters.
  • Sets Flashback costs (explained later).

Page 2: House Rules
  • Gives examples of specific Exploits and Glitch effects that players might attempt with Live Dangerously.
  • Examples include Called Shots, Suppressing Fire, Dive for Cover, Overcasting, Jury-Rigging, and End Runs.
  • Sets Overcasting and Summoning of Greater Spirits as Exploits.
  • Sets balancing rules for sustaining powerful spells/complex forms (3 levels of spells/complex forms).
  • Sets balancing rules for sustaining powerful spirits/sprites (3 levels of spirits/sprites).
  • Sets balancing rules for avoiding Intrusion Countermeasures in Hosts and when IC launches (3 levels of Hosts).

Page 3: Skill Tests
  • House Rule counterspelling combat spells as your Sorcery + Willpower Taking the hit instead of other defenses (spend a Plot Point).
  • Assumes 6P or 5S/AA as the new spell default damage, p. 207.
  • Assumes 8 opposing dice is average for most effect spells.
  • House Rule Matrix damage is Logic/2 (like cyber-punching) because base damage for cyber combat is not described (p. 45).
  • House Rule threading (Tasking) base damage is 5S (like spells).
  • House Rule counterspelling effect spells as a contest of Sorcery + Willpower.
  • Assumes summoning Spirits (or compiling Sprites) has easy, average, and hard levels of difficulty.
  • Assumes banishing Spirits (or decompiling Sprites) uses Willpower + Edge (or Logic + Edge) as defense.

Page 4: Attributes, Defense, Damage, and Death
  • Assumes Falling is a Strength + Agility test.
  • Assumes Lucking Out is an Edge + Edge test (this is for randomizing targets, choosing the right door randomly, etc.).
  • Assumes Resisting other types of effects as Willpower + Logic (for mental) or Charisma (for social).
  • House Rule using certain related Skills instead of AGI for defenses (called a Skilled Defense).  This is because Defense does not scale in later games as well as Attacks.  The cost of using a Skilled Defense is Narrating last (like an Interrupt Action decreasing Initiative in SR5).
  • House Rule using only the higher of Stun or Physical Wound Modifier.
  • Clarified/House Ruled the Staggered, Knocked Out, and Killed in Action conditions.
  • Formalized avoiding the Knocked Out and Killed in Action conditions (inspired by p, 44).

Page 5: GM Reference and Special Narrations
  • House Rule Tags to grant a related Knowledge Skill (in addition to the Knowledge Skill taken).  This allows Riggers to know about drone tech without having to take the Skill.
  • Codified how Cues and Dispositions reward players.  This is in addition to normal rewards for good Narrations, etc.
  • House Rule Simple Hits can be used for tests for NPCs interacting with the environment or with other NPCs.  Keeps rolling against yourself to a minimum.
  • House Rule Cold, Electrical, and Fire environmental effects based on similar effects (p. 50).
  • House Rule Lava/Magma to the Universal Game System rules for Lava/Magma.
  • House Rule Montage Rules for stylized Legwork and Investigation.
  • House Rule Flashback Rules for stylized Preparation.

Page 6: Environment and Weapons
  • Assumes some sample environmental modifiers including Cover, Concealment, Distraction, Disorientation, etc.
  • Lists Weapons for easy reference.
  • Establishes concealment difficulties for various weapons.
  • Establishes Area of Effect and Multiple Target capable weapons.

This works best if you print two-on-a-page, two-sided, flip on short edge.  I give smaller copies to my players and keep a larger copy for myself on a GM Screen.


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Re: New Anarchy Narrative Aid/GM Sheet
« Reply #1 on: Today at 04:26:45 »
Hi Gingivitis!

First, thx a lot for your work. Your Narrative Aid Sheet and New Threats Sheet was realy helpful for the anarchy rule change of my SR party!
I come from Germany and last week, the german version of SR: Anarchy was released. We changed to Anarchy with the CGL PDF Book and so, we directly used your Sheets.  So, the german SR community has equal beginning issues with the new ruleset and I think your Sheets can help them a lot. Ok, here is my question:

Is it ok for you, if I translate your Sheets in german and share them with the german SR community?
I will link your Posts in this Forum and I will print your nickname on the translated sheets as "orginal version created by Gingivitis" comment.

I will wait for your agreement before I share the translated sheets with other players.


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Re: New Anarchy Narrative Aid/GM Sheet
« Reply #2 on: Today at 08:34:23 »
That is certainly ok. Thank you for asking.  I am glad it helped you out with the switch!