Author Topic: Let's show off some characters...  (Read 3046 times)


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Re: Let's show off some characters...
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Not precisely an oversight, I prefer keeping knowledge skills as being whatever you think your character would know, having just one is silly! Just my opinion, easy enough for people to list a skill!

Definitely an approach I can agree with. Having only a single knowledge skill just feels too limiting to me as well.
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Re: Let's show off some characters...
« Reply #31 on: (18:15:06/11-16-16) »
I don't want to derail the thread too much but I'm considering a house rule where players would receive multiple free knowledge skills. In my head it's something like 5:

1 street or academic knowledge skill
1 professional knowledge skill
1 interest/hobby knowledge skill
1 area knowledge skill
1 extra language

Third Edition also had an interesting rule where if you had an active skill at rating 4+ then you automatically had the associated knowledge skill at Rating minus 3. Obviously Anarchy doesn't have ratings for knowledge skills but I thought it was a good guideline for what the character might know even if they don't have a specific knowledge skill.

Now, back to the thread previously in progress:

@Aria, Hellion's Strength is 6. Damage is Strength/2 damage rounded up, so you could move Strength to 5 without giving up any damage. If you move that die into Logic you would lose out a bit on Athletics but would gain an extra die for extra Perception and Dodging. That might be useful for a Stealthy character who gets up close and personal with danger.

As for Requiem, I believe the consensus from this thread is that the Move-by-Wired amp should only be -1 Essence, not -2. That ruling makes sense to me, as it helps balance cybered characters with their Awakened counterparts. Otherwise, a cybered character could drop their entire Essence in one super-amp and not have as much to do with their other amp slots, unlike the Awakened who will happily fill and upgrade all amp slots until their karma runs out.


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Re: Let's show off some characters...
« Reply #32 on: (04:07:45/11-18-16) »
Love how easy it is to create characters!!!

Here's another offering <warning, naked lady pic attached>


The first piece of gear 'runner survival kit' is a house rule I'm considering - has a burner link, fakeSIN and some other minor essentials... 4 pieces of gear just isn't enough!!!  Don't think that will break anything too badly!?
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Re: Let's show off some characters...
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Name:   Chases-the-Wind
Alias:   Epona

Tag I   Ork
Tag II   Somatic
Tag III   Animal Lover
Tag IV   Old Zion Park
Tag V   Wild Child

Disposition I   Freedom is Life.
Disposition II   Humans are "only animals" too.
Disposition III   Never takes things seriously.
Disposition IV   Live every day to the fullest.
Cue I   What causes the thunder on a clear day?
Cue II   Civilisation is just another world of beasts.
Cue III   Yeah, I mean killing's bad, but ya know...
Cue IV   ...that guy like totally had it coming.
Cue V   Of course I'd love a pony!
Cue VI   Murder tools pointed away from me, please.
Cue VII   Sigh! Can I beat them up yet? Pleeeease?
Cue VIII   "Mama said knock you out."
Cue IX   Closing!? But it's only 4 a.m. Boooo! You suck!
Cue X   Really. Not. Interested, drekhead.

Contact I   Chrome Bison (Street Sam)
Contact II    Machaeon (Street Doctor)
Gear I   Harley-Davidson "Stallion"
Gear II   Kawaii Shugenja Commlink
Gear III   Kawaii Shugenja Goggles (IL, LL, TG)
Gear IV   Survival Kit
Weapon, Melee   War Club (Fallout: New Vegas)
Weapon, Ranged   Hunting Bow
Armour   Lined Coat

Rating   Attributes
7   Strength
6   Agility
5   Willpower
2   Logic
3   Charisma
1   Edge

Rating   Skills
3   Athletics
4   Close Combat
1   Projectile Weapons
1   Stealth
3   Survival
K   Pueblo Corp Council

Quality, Positive I   Animal Empathy
Quality, Positive II   Mentor Spirit - Horse (+1 die for Athletics tests, Double Time doesn't cost a Plot Point)
Quality, Negative   Cleithrophobia (Fear of being trapped or physically restrained, not crowds or small spaces)

Rating   Amps   Description
0   Edge Bonus   
2   Special Costs   Awakened
3   Mare's Blessing (Agility Boost II)
4   Ride the Wind   (Improved Reflexes III)
1   Wall Running
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Re: Let's show off some characters...
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Well, it seem like USA have some weird "clowns" problem right now

So here it is "Mr.Bozo" the troll clown !!
A kind and cute(?) clowns by day and pink mohawk shadowrunner by night.

Troll   Adept   Clown   Funny   Sweet tooth     

If we voted for the best Mr Bozo is the winner for me  ;D


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Re: Let's show off some characters...
« Reply #35 on: (00:49:00/12-15-16) »
Well, it seem like USA have some weird "clowns" problem right now

So here it is "Mr.Bozo" the troll clown !!
A kind and cute(?) clowns by day and pink mohawk shadowrunner by night.

Troll   Adept   Clown   Funny   Sweet tooth     
Everyone has their own mask                               
Dark sense of humor                         
Often misunderstood
Or maybe not
Str   11
Agi   5
Wil   3
Log   2
Cha   2
Edg   1   
Close Combat (Combat Axe)   5         
Intimidation     4
Projectile Weapons   1
Athletics     1               
Knowledge (Horror Trid)                             
Shadow Amps
Critical Strike 3
Hoi, Chum ! .....Why are you running?
What ! No ! I'm not a psycho killer, it's just an act .
Throwing axe is my favorite birthday party trick, wanna try?
This mask is make of my last victim face....just kidding! make of my ex-wife.
My favorite comedic movie is the remake of The Shinning.   
Can we skip plan A and start bashing things like in plan B?
Here's Johnny!
Not all Troll are monster ya know? only the worst kind, LIKE ME ! 
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I get shot once by giving free ice-cream to kids.
Positive Qualities                 
Exceptional Attribute (STR)
Indomitable (Axe)                                   
Negative Quality                 
Distinctive Style (Always seen wearing clown outfit)                 
Armored Clown outfit (12)                 
Johnny (Combat Axe)     12P               
Tomahawk (Throwing Axe)   7P               
Commlink, Fake SIN, Clown Mask, Ice-Cream Van                 
Psychology Therapist
Candy Shop Owner

All you're missing is a squeaky nose and a squirt flower full of acid.  ;)

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Re: Let's show off some characters...
« Reply #36 on: (06:31:48/01-26-17) »
Shadowname: the Sim reaper

Tags: Human, CFD-victim, (two) face, Matrix specialist, EVO

Dispositions: made an alliance with his alt. persona, empathic friend one moment- accusing aggresive prick the next, likes to talk drek about the other brain resident, tries to make the best out of the worst situation

Str: 3
Agi: 3
Will: 3
logic: 6
Cha: 6
Edge: 2

Negotiation: 6
Hacking: 6
Con: 2
Firearms: 2
Stealth: 1
(k) AI and matrix phenomena

Shadow amps:
(2) CFD-infected (counts as technomancer)
(3) wired reflexes 2
(2) Resonance spike
(2) Exploit
(1) cleaner

Silver tongue
Go big or go home
Cluster fragged drekhead ( face personality has codeblock, hacker personality has paranoia. plot points to change personalities at critical moments)

Im sorry mr. nice just left, now you deal with me
So, what have I been up to now?
yes, Im aware that he is our employer, but he doesnt need ALL his limbs to pay us
Not sure I can hack that, but I know someone who can
What the FRAG! who beat up our prisoner? .... oh
I ordered WHAT online? ugh I´ll ground mysef, that´ll teach him
You are in quite a predicament friend- lets make a deal
I know all about hard choices chummer


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Re: Let's show off some characters...
« Reply #37 on: (15:49:53/02-20-17) »

Human, Mystic Adept, Outlaw

All's fair in love in war. And the streets.
Live large, you may not have tomorrow.
Backing down shows weakness.
Friends are hard to come by, so look out for the ones you have.

Str: 3
Agi: 6
Will: 6
Logic: 3
Cha: 3
Edge: 4

Close Combat 2
Sorcery 4
Firearms 4
Con 1
Athletics 2
Mafia (K)

Shadow amps:
(2) Awakened
(1) Improved Reflexes 1
(2) Manabolt Spell
(2) Armor Spell
(2) Caster Pistol (5P + Spell Effect) - Low velocity pistol that fires enchanted bullets.  Single bullet chamber, must spend action to reload.

High Pain Tolerance
Combat Junkie

Hey, are you religious?  Because you look like the answer to all my prayers.
What did you mean by that, huh?
You want go home ALREADY?
I'll tell you when I've had enough!
All right, you asked for it!
You know what, kid?  You ain't half bad.
We could talk through this, but then I wouldn't get to smack you in the mouth.
I can't give up now, no matter what!
You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down.
Show me the money.

Steyr TMP 6P
Comban Knife 3P

Commlink, Caster Shells, Fake SIN, Motorcycle

Tim the Tool Man (Fixer)
Miss Cleo (Talismonger)