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New to Anarchy Questions
« on: (23:12:16/01-10-18) »
I've been playing SR since 1st edition but we're looking to move more rules lite ans Anarchy seems to be the thing for our group. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is why would anyone take an SMG or assault rife since I cannot locate rules for autofire anywhere.  Is there no autofire in Anarchy?


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Re: New to Anarchy Questions
« Reply #1 on: (03:15:32/01-11-18) »
SMG and assault riffle provide good damage and range, which would be a first reason.
However you are correct there is no autofire rules in anarchy, but this does not prevent the players to take advantage of their full auto mode as part of their narration. And if you consider that the effect is too strong, just make it so it costs the player a plot point.


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Re: New to Anarchy Questions
« Reply #2 on: (14:14:00/01-11-18) »
As Carmody notes, they have good damage codes and are the best weapons at Near (medium) ranges.

A more interesting question is "why would anyone take an SMG instead of an assault rifle?" Right now there is no mechanical reason to take an SMG, given than they have a lower damage code than assault rifles and can't shoot Far targets.

To balance this, our group gives assault rifles a -2 modifier at Close ranges (instead of OK) to represent the challenges of using a long barrel in tight quarters. That gives SMGs an advantage for up-close work.

Those are considerations from the player's perspective. As a GM, I give the NPCs whatever it makes more sense for them to have, even if it's not mechanically optimal. Sometimes an Uzi makes more sense than an AK, and sometimes an AK makes more sense than a shotgun, even if autofire isn't a thing, rules-wise.


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Re: New to Anarchy Questions
« Reply #3 on: (16:19:46/01-11-18) »
Shotguns can fire at multiple targets by taking a -2 and doing half damage.

I have allowed that quality to apply to other types of weapons like machine pistols, SMGs and ARs.

The main balance between the different weapon damage codes is going to be social and narrative aspects. Can the runner bring an AR into the meet? Not unless they went to start a fight. Light pistols might go undetected...