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Addiction to Hot Sim in SRM
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Something caught my eye in SRM FAQ 1.4:

No Existing Addiction: If you take any addictive substance during a Mission, you make an Addiction Test(s) at the end of the Mission. The threshold for this test is equal to the full value of the Addiction Threshold for each addictive substance. A test is made for each type of addiction (physiological, psychological, or both) listed for the substance.

This seems to plainly say if a Decker uses Hot Sim at any point during the run in SRM play, an addiction test is required at the end of the session.  At the SRM campaign rule of an addictive substance's threshhold never reaching 0, btw.  However it also goes on to say:

The Addiction must be to something either somewhat expensive, harmful to the character in the short term, and/or otherwise difficult to obtain. There are many serious, real-life examples of addictions that can be very harmful and have long-term effects on a person but would have little to no effect on a Shadowrun game, especially in the Missions format. Things like caffeine or cigarette addictions would fall into the “disallowed” category, as these can be harmful but are also legal, cheap, and easy to obtain. MMO and sex addiction likewise wouldn’t come up in play very often, other than as a minor distraction to the character. Narcotics, BTLs, and expensive gambling are all acceptable examples of Addictions that can be used in Missions.

Hot Sim certainly seems to fall into the category of addictions like caffeine or cigarettes as it is (for a Decker/Technomancer) both easy to obtain and cheap.  Technically illegal, but still so-easy-to-obtain to the degree that a fix is literally available on tap at any given moment of the day or night.  Besides if it weren't for the SRM campaign rule of theshholds never reaching 0, Hot Sim addiction would be child's play to avoid using the calendar by taking a week off between Shadowruns, which you're likely to be doing fairly often anyway for all sorts of character upgrade reasons.

So how should it be done in SRM?  Hot Sim is a legal addiction or not?  If not, there's no point in even making addiction tests for it, is there?