Author Topic: [5e] What are some good melee self-defense options for a mage?  (Read 173 times)


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I notice that most of the melee weapons I know of calculate damage based on strength,and I don't think I'll have enough skill points to put into exotic proficiency for a monowhip,in addition to all the stuff I innately need like spellcasting/conjuring.

My intent with this hypothetical character is to play a sneaky and possibly stabby type,with some gymnastics and sneaking on top of the magic skills,maybe some escape artist.

I'm not averse to using guns on this character,but I figure that need will be picked by someone else,and I need to specialise my limited skill points. Stunbolt/manabolt will probably be my main ranged attacks,and most of my other spells will be illusion/manipulation based to help stealth.

I'm going to be probably playing a vulpine shifter and putting some points in agility,so any weapon attack rolls I make will be decent at least.

With that in mind,what weapon/weapon skill should I invest in to have a means of taking out someone once I sneak up on them? Or to defend myself against assailants in an open fight?


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Shock gloves?   Ote that they only need to touch, as I understand it, so easier to hit.  And you should be able to wear them while casting.  And I think you can use unarmed combat with magic fingers, which once in a long while could be interesting.

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Touch spells are going to be more effective for a spellcaster than any melee weapon is likely to be.


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Shock weapons are your best bet, though a monowhip will cost exactly as many points as any other weapon.


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As a shifter unarmed combat applies in both forms, so shock gloves or the version installed in armor ?shock frills?(If your GM allows you armor that adapts to the shift), would get the most mileage.


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Shock-Staff, Good Damage, Good Reach, don't need str and won't take mage's arm off.


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Another option is Levitate the hell out of melee range.  ;D
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If you're going shifter, its all about unarmed. Shock gloves are good for stunning folk, you could even get them as a weapon focus if you end up with spare cash