Author Topic: credstick to credstick transfers?  (Read 350 times)

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Re: credstick to credstick transfers?
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Even though you can't make an electronic forgery that'll stand up to electronic interrogation, you can still use the Forgery skill to make convincing ARO badges for supporting fast talk scenarios... just don't give the NPC enough time to check your bogus police badge # against a lookup!


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Re: credstick to credstick transfers?
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If 5th is anything like past editions screwing around this cred-stick hacking and forging in significant sense, will get you on GOD Radar, and not in the nice wanted way.
Just like counterfeiting even fairly minor cases if it continues for awhile can draw an out sized federal responses. 


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Re: credstick to credstick transfers?
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The world is built on Nuyen and the corps and governments know it, any successful counterfeit operations tend to draw ridiculously disproportional responses from said entities. Just like the real world look up the history of the FBI and secret service and what they have done with forging money in the real world, decade long, HUNDREDS of millions of dollars spent on investigations to catch guys that pass off less then 5k a year in counterfeit money. Counterfeit money shakes the foundations of the world. from what I have seen legitimate substantiated nuclear threats have drawn less response from the US government then the mere suspicion of a counterfeit operation. The short version is not alot of people play in that ring because the work to payout ratio is just not worth it due to how seriously the corps and governments come down on it, and how much resources they are willing to invest in shutting down and keeping it shut down.


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Re: credstick to credstick transfers?
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If the sanctity of money were damaged by someone as powerless as some crook with a computer, then the guys up top who's power is entirely composed of money would get weaker, so yeah.  They will come react disproportionately harshly.  That's why they steal money instead and you should too; eventually you'll spend it and it will flow upstream to them, so they don't really care as much.
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