Author Topic: What's your Plan 9 conspiracy?  (Read 573 times)


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Re: What's your Plan 9 conspiracy?
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Aztechnology Corporate Intelligence uses Stuffer Shack as a front to support their espionage and intelligence gathering activities. People come and go at all hours, and they're conveniently located in every urban center and along major transportation arteries. There's always a secret weapons cache behind one of the refrigerator units, and many (but not all) locations have a safe house concealed in a secret basement. At least one employee in each location is a trained field officer (rarely the manager or employee of the month; look for a strangely competent worker who complains too much to be well-liked, and speak the code phrase, "are you even supposed to be here today?" in Nahuatl).
And conducts Guerrero training in the guise of street hockey games.
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