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Re: Custom drugs - show us your best product
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My apologies for the necro (it's just the Domain of Black, no shedim drek, I swear!) but here's my first foray into cooking drugs:

Name: Flash
Formula: Warrior + Stonewall 1 + Strike 2 + Duration Enhancer 2
Vector: ingestion
Speed: 3 combat turns
Duration: 10x3d6 minutes
Addiction type: physiological
Effect: +3 Agility
Crash: 2S unresisted
Addiction Rating: 8
Addiction Threshold: 4
Availability: 9R
Cost: 225Y per dose

What can I say, I hate, hate, HATE side effects.

EDIT: Once i've wrote it down, I realized that the duration wasn't long enough - I was going for something to take BEFORE the action - so I've added additional duration enhancer.
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