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To be fair, the astral quest in Harlequin's Back is the result of an immortal elf doing ritual magic on top of a power site boosted by a mana spike.

Oh, certainly, but we're not discussing what Firebug's adept is capable of but rather what Binah can do. I'm quite confident that Binah could meet and exceed Harlequin's accomplishments in the astral realm, including dragging an adept out for an astral quest.
Rules and such / Re: Indirect Area Combat Spells
« Last post by Tecumseh on (15:40:51/02-21-18) »
I'm going to swim upstream here and admit that I use approach A, not because the rules say so but for balance reasons.

It's already ridiculously easy for most casters to meet the threshold of 3 hits. A caster with 12 dice can do so 82% of the time, and extra dice from specializations, mentor spirits, and power foci just make it more likely (89% at 14 dice, 94% at 16 dice, and so on).

In the off-chance that the caster doesn't get 3 hits, they'll likely get 2 hits, which means a minimal (1d6 meters) scatter. Depending on the Force of the spell, that could mean that the central target is still caught within the radius of the blast, even though the caster "missed".

So, to balance the scales, I do subtract DV at a rate of 1/meter. The bookkeeping is annoying but overall I prefer it to casters firing off spells that can't miss and that can't be dodged without a Run For Your Life interrupt action and a generous amount of unused movement.

My players appreciate it because it means I'm not firing unmissable, undodgeable spells at them. It also means that Run For Your Life can help reduce DV even if the player doesn't escape the blast radius entirely. All in all it works better for us than approach B.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: SnS Rocket?
« Last post by Spooky on (15:31:35/02-21-18) »
All the way back in First ed (as best I recall), there was the ElectroShock weaponry, specifically designed for anti-rigger work. The fluff even used the cooking egg analogy: "This is your rigger. This is your rigger on ElectroShock. Any questions?"
Rules and such / Re: Indirect Area Combat Spells
« Last post by Kiirnodel on (15:21:58/02-21-18) »
SSDR, you seem to be caught up on this idea that Area Indirect Combat Spells function like grenades. The rules only mention the rules for grenades for how the spell is placed. These spells don't function "categorically" as grenades.

 It requires 3 hits to position correctly (like a grenade), and if you do not get enough hits, it scatters (like a grenade). That's all.

Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: SnS Rocket?
« Last post by firebug on (15:06:56/02-21-18) »
That doesn't exist in SR5 as far as I know.  Perhaps an earlier edition?  There are anti-vehicle rockets, but they aren't electrical discharge, they're just powerful explosives.

Strictly speaking, I don't think that kind of thing exists.  As far as I know, in Shadowrun only magic can create ball lightning, which is why there's no electric-damage explosives.  Of course, I could be missing something and be totally wrong, in which case someone will chime in.

A long-range, vehicle-disabling electric weapon sounds like it'd probably just be a powerful sniper rifle with stick-n-shock rounds, which will brick a vehicle in two hits regardless of how much armor it has, unless the vehicle is protected against electric damage.  As for an AoE version, it probably isn't possible outside of a really-high Force Ball Lightning spell.

Or some awful Spirit of Air just causing thunder storms and melting tanks, but that's a bit different.
I do hope for the character to be able to perform a Calling ritual at some point (although strictly speaking, they can't--  RAW, only people with ritual casting or mundanes, using Arcana can, but I'm sure an Adept can just use Arcana like a mundane), and maybe they could get a spirit that could use Astral Gateway and make a deal with it.

Actually, that just sounds like a really cool way to do it, as that'd easily be the kind of thing that'd require several sessions to set up and accomplish already.

EDIT:  Hmm.  I'm not sure Astral Gateway is actually that easy to encounter unless my character knows someone who knows Summon Great Form Spirit, or I do the wrong thing and try to use Calling for a Shedim or Insect Queen.  I haven't checked all the books though.  Aetherology or Howling Shadows might make it more possible.
Levitate myself or him?
Levitate is self only, and the reason you don't generally do that, is unless you happen to invisibility or the all concealing shadows to hide in, as your now a floating target for everyone with guns.
What no Smartlink?

There wasn't one to begin with because it didn't feel like it fit with the background.

One didn't get added halfway thru because it doesn't help with the primary offense: chucking grenades.

Still don't have one because there's a connection rating 10 contact for cyberware upgrades now.  Why buy an alphaware smartlink now when I'll be able to get a deltaware version in the short future after leaving chargen? :D

still, with resources B I should be able to swing a simple smartlink.  I want to avoid gunfights, but I have to agree having a smartlink IS hard to beat for those times you have to fight.  It's certainly a wiser investment of =Y= than any single skillsoft, which is what I'd probably cut to acquire it.  Skillsofts can be bought anytime for no time investment.. even a cheap smartlink bought after chargen costs time as well as =Y=...

Edit:  Just had an epiphany.  A grapple gun is a ranged weapon.  No reason it couldn't be smartgun'd, right?  Hmm, maybe that'd be reason enough for metagame and in-game reasons to get a smartlink...  I wouldn't have even considered that had you not asked about it :)
Character creation and critique / Re: Snooty Covert Ops Specialist
« Last post by Marcus on (13:47:41/02-21-18) »
What no Smartlink?
Gamemasters' Lounge / SnS Rocket?
« Last post by Aria on (13:22:51/02-21-18) »
Iíve vague recollections of something similar in past editions but is there an anti-vehicle electrical discharge type war head somewhere in SR5? If not how would you stat it?

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