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When you have to house rule rules for another house rule not to break the game, you're probably better off without the original house rule.

Focused Concentration is a fine quality by itself, it doesn't need house rules to make it better, and magicians certainly don't need house rules to make them better.
Rules and such / Re: necro-magic?
« Last post by ShadowcatX on Today at 15:21:21 »
A good tradition is one that isn't in Forbidden Arcana. Seriously, enjoy your 35 karma worth of the spells for 5 karma quality and walk away from the book after that.
Rules and such / necro-magic?
« Last post by Ogrepot on Today at 14:07:09 »
What do you guys think of the necro-magic tradition?
With the specificities of their summoning rules, i don't see why it could,'t be used by an aspected sorcerer.
Especially considering that their summoning ritual (if i understood well) puts the spirit under the control of the ritualist for a number of days, without any reference to a negotiation with the spirit....
Makes for a good tradition for aspected sorcerers, or for magicians with the dedicated sorcerer quality...
Thanks everybody! Will work on him after I get home from work and post him up (hopefully) tonight
@ShadowcatX, do you have a specific scenario in mind where Split Concentration would be troublesome?
Sustaining Combat Sense, Increase Reflexes, Mob Mind, and Improved Invisibility at the same time.
Gear / Re: List of useful substances in a chemical gland?
« Last post by Mirikon on Today at 11:00:24 »
Unless you got immunity to that toxin. A chemical gland that gave you, say, a kiss that literally caused euphoria in people (thanks to the feel-good drugs)? Oh, I know many a Face that would abuse the hell out of that.

Chem glands do grant you immunity to that toxin?
No, but there are other augments or qualities that do.
General Discussion / Re: Chummer5 Support
« Last post by Pericles on Today at 09:36:20 »
Should Chummer be lowering a character's STR and AGI by 1 point for every 2 full points their +x to Armor items exceed their STR?  I've tested it with a few different characters and it doesn't seem to be doing it.

My dwarf riggers tend to have the priority selection 

C/B Dwarf 
D Atts
E Mundane
B/C Skills
A Resources 

So you can build a more focused rigger with more edge, or a a rigger with a wider skillset but starts with less edge.

Resources can  be used to get a lot of 'ware, a suped up vehicle, and a starting set of kitted drones/RCC. 

A control rig is the key rigger equipment. Anyone can use an RCC/drones. The ability to "jump" into a vehicle/drone is what riggers have that is unique (and an RCC just makes it quicker to jump between drones if you have many, and jumping into drones isn't often recommended because they are very fragile). 
Fan fiction / Re: Shadowrun: Fantasy Overload
« Last post by firebug on Today at 06:04:38 »
I hope you are able to see your vision become reality.  It's a decent concept and I think you could draw a lot of interest.
Fan fiction / Shadowrun: Fantasy Overload
« Last post by Necron 99 on Today at 04:54:02 »

Greetings, denizens of cyberspace and middle-earth! This is a hypothetical poster for a game idea set in Shadowrun's universe. Shadowrun: Fantasy Overload is the working title for this idea. The concept is for a third person perspective game which allows you to play as four characters (a Lakota Elf Drifter, a Blonde Elf Punk, a Dragon Wizard, and an Orc Hitman), with gameplay that combines aspects of earlier Shadowrun games, Deus Ex, Hexen, Strife, and MDK. That's just a quick brainstorming, nothing final.

The basic idea is that the Lakota Elf Drifter travels to a city where he meets the other three characters, does Neuromancer-like jobs with them, and then they all find themselves embroiled in a war with a corporation, a dark cult army, and a malevolent A.I. This poster is a just for fun visualization of the idea if it were ever made into a game.

As a side note, The Dragon Wizard has a computer monitor implanted in his chest, which belongs to an IBM-like company called ELF, and he wields a magical wooden staff. The Lakota Elf is armed with a crossbow, energy-infused tomahawk, and a revolver. the Punk Elf has silencer pistol, and the Orc hitman is armed with a sawed-off shotgun, a bazooka, and an energy axe.

I hope it entertains. 
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