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Honestly? Trying to do SR without Magic or metahumans is going to be somewhat problematic, especially in 5th. There's too many ripples to keep track of, so you'd be doing a LOT of debugging in game. Magic is one of the major balancing acts against tech, after all, so removing it is going to have more effects than I can think of in game. And that's just on the rules side of things. On the lore side, EVERYTHING changes.

If you're looking for a SR feel without magic, I might suggest using a different system, since there are several that will work quite nicely for a cyberpunk type game without magic. Champions/HERO System, GURPS, or ParanoiaXP would all potentially be good fits.
Rules and such / Re: Technomancer feedback for a new book!
« Last post by HP15BS on Today at 00:29:18 »
Resonance Flood
Target: Device
Duration: S
Fade Value: L - 3
Resonance Surge
Target: Host
Duration: S
Fade Value: L - 1

Null Pointer


Resonance Tether

So Resonance Flood / Surge would be corollaries to Chaotic World, etc.  CF corollaries to spells are cool to see, but I expect it'd be considered a tad OP, at least with fading at those values. (Affecting a whole host and all of its assets seems like a far larger scope than just an AoE spell.)

I have somewhat mixed feelings about Null Pointer.  On one hand it feels a tad OP.  On the other, it's a sort of Resonance version of Garbage In, Garbage Out, except it's limited to matrix actions and doesn't require marks.  So idk.

Meh, Jolt goes a little against my idea of technos being the purveyors of sneaky rules-breaking shenanigans. Your foe starts taking biofeedback for no clear reason and you'll tip them off that A) they're dealing with a techno somewhere, and B) they need to watch the heck out.  I, for one, don't like either of those things.

PushR is a cool idea, but I doubt I'd ever take it. If I really wanted to force someone to change interface modes, I'd probably just Puppeteer them into it.  Actually, I'd probably take it a step further and force them to Jack Out.  Better to take them out of the fight for a while than to merely give them a minor dice pool modifier that they could just undo with a simple action right after that.

I guess Resonance Tether could be kinda cool. Especially when you want to be particularly nasty and combine it with Tattletale on an enemy decker. (Insert evil laugh here.)

Target: Self
Duration: S
Fade Value: L - 2
When running silent isn't enough, you choose to ride the flow of Resonance to make your connections. Others attempting to find you through a Matrix Perception test suffer a dice pool penalty equal to your hits. This penalty applies to foes and allies alike. Much like running silent, once someone has a MARK on you, you appear clear as day.

Now this... this is exactly what we need!  I wish we could've had this from the beginning!  Not only is it a great effect, it also has a great name :) 

And here's some echoes!

    You gain a bonus equal to your submersion grade to actions when using devices in which you benefit from a wireless-on bonus. In addition to this, you benefit from smartlink as if you had paid essence for it.   :D

Infinite Persona:

You really like to play on words, don't you? lol.  Algorhythm is pretty cool.  I've been bemoaning how there aren't any echoes that scale with submersion grade ever since I started looking at mages and initiation.  Even so, it'd probably be considered more than a little OP if it's allowed to stack with Diagnostics.  It should also probably be limited to only affect a certain number of devices at once. Maybe either Grade / 2, rounded up, or Res / 2, rounded up?

The most fitting part of this, imo, is that it would officially allow you to get smartlink bonuses.  In my mind, technos should always be allowed to do so (especially with skinlink - which I also feel they should get for free) because, why the frak wouldn't someone whose brain serves as a computer and a wifi modem be able to read those particular signals?

Not a fan of Infinite Persona.  I think it's fair for re-arranging of matrix stats to be a special thing deckers have.  Plus, it doesn't really mesh very well with how I think of technos - matrix stats being tied to their mental prowess and all.

Through subverting networking protocols, you can create a PAN and slave a number of devices equal to twice your Resonance plus your submersion grade. This results in faint impressions of your Resonance Signature on those slaved.
//Resonance Array of Independent Devices


Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! RAID is exactly what technos need!
Question: do you mean 2Res + grade, or 2(Res + grade)?  I kinda feel like either would be a tad OP, but the former may be acceptable enough.

Wardiving is cool, too.  Fairly balanced by its limitations.  But it won't take all that long to build your grade high enough for that static, unavoidable penalty to completely neuter IC from anything but really powerful hosts.  I'd suggest nerfing it down to just 1/2 grade, rounded up.  Much more manageable for the gm.

Target: Device
Duration: P
Fade Value: L - 2
Sometimes getting the job done is better than doing it right. At the cost of cutting corners, you can accomplish what you need when necessary.
Make an Opposed Threading test against the Device's Willpower + Data Processing. You gain a bonus to Matrix Actions targeting the Device equal to your net hits, but each action adds your net hits to your OS. This bonus persists until either party Reboots.

Ex: Jade threads Kludge against an Office Assistance commlink and gets 3 net hits. Whether she tries a Hack on the Fly or Trace Icon action, she will add three dice to her test and gain 3 to her OS in addition to what OS she may accrue from her actions.


Everything has a cost, and I'd say your Kludge includes a pretty appropriate cost for such a potent benefit.  Good job.

As for Poly-Gone, I doubt I'd bother learning it.  If something has me link-locked, I think I'd just go ahead and take the dumpshock from jacking out.  A threshold of whoever's attack is pretty steep, and if they've managed to lock me down in the first place, then I probably don't even want to stick around anyway.

All in all, good work!  Some of those ideas are pure gold.
Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by legionof1 on (21:57:15/10-22-17) »
Enemies are like contacts in reverse. They represent some npc(or npc group) that has a hard-on for the character. They have connection and loyalty. The trick is that loyalty represents how much of a hard-on they have for the character.  Example: connection 12 "anti loyalty" 1, you cheesed off some AAA bigwig but he's not willing to throw his weight around much. This would be worth 13 points.

Granted this is almost not explained at all in 5e material, being an import from 4e, with catalyst's usual editing prowess.

Player and GM should work together to flesh out the npc into a fully built character. 
Also, how is 5th Ed compared to 4th Ed?

I have access to all the 5th Ed books, I just actually own 4th ed, and a ton of 3rd ed source material.
You got it, you have seen the threads a million times, no magic no metahumans. 

I am gearing up to start a new campaign with my group and story boarding/bullet pointing it right now.  We are several months out, plenty of time to prepare.

According to my notes from 5 years ago or so, I accomplished this by pushing out tech level and official timeline world events by a few decades.

Players will start 200 point buy
Tech level restrictions are 6R, 4F.  Higher tech stuff is in R&D, but at least character can get some basic cybernetics, early gen stuff.

This gives a leading edge of the shadowrun world, building of the mega corps and gives me the chance to run the characters through the awakening if I want to.  And who knows, maybe the runner will somehow play a hand in future timeline events.

Ok other GM's inspiration material time.  What you got?  What do you recommend other than the list I have down here?

Related movies/tv shows I already own and will be watching again.

Blade Runner
Ghost in the Shell
Johnny Neumonic
Ex Machina
Looking for Games / Re: LFG - Louisville Ky
« Last post by worldeater888 on (19:51:44/10-22-17) »
We have 9 in the local group right now but we are working on starting up a second campaign so we can bring in some more players. The current group (a Denver based campaign) is playing at Hero's Comic's every second Saturday. The new campaign, set in Seattle, will run on the other two weekends a month, either Sat or Sun TBD. We are using Facebook to post news and to role-play out "in character" posts. New players need to send me a message and I will get you an invite to the group.
Oops, I deleted Perception when editing, will add it back in! 

I will play with A/B flipping. I have been on an A skills kick after a big prohibition... may have to scale it back. 

Car thieving would be interesting...
General Discussion / Re: Corporate citizen populations
« Last post by Rosa on (18:33:11/10-22-17) »
In historic terms it's probably like the Roman empire,  the majority of people in the empire were not roman citizens and it definitely came with some clear advantages being a citizen. However foreigners could earn citizenship for example through military service.

In the same spirit I disagree that citizenship would be just for the elite, some would inherit theirs while others would earn it. Making earning a citizenship only available to the top tier in the corporation would not be very smart, in stead if even the lowliest janitor had a theoretical chance to earn a citizenship through loyal and competent service over many years that would be a very strong incentive to keep both the masses loyal and productive. Also I'm fairly certain that the corporate militaries would copy the Romans to some extent in regards to rewarding service with citizenship.

All in all while most corporate citizens would certainly be valued employees I'm sure there would be enough ex-military as well as some long serving loyal low level employees that could be held up as the shining examples of what you could achieve if only you work hard and loyally long enough.
Rules and such / Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Crey57 on (18:17:03/10-22-17) »
So in my games I use the life moldules for character creation. no bggie but every time a player ends up getting the enemy quality I have no idea how to address it cuase I cant seem to find it in any of the books how it is addressed or if there is any other limits (does it goes up like addiction) but if its been dropped I haven't found it. so any help would be great.

Thanks in advanced
Rules and such / Re: Technomancer feedback for a new book!
« Last post by HP15BS on (16:34:55/10-22-17) »
Enhance Firmware

Data Surge


Eh, Enhance Firmware / AMP sounds a tad OP, at least if combined with Diagnostics.  I'd recommend disallowing those to stack.

Data Surge as written would shut down all of your own devices and those of your team.  I'd probably never take it.

Maybe I just haven't been at this long enough, but I can't think of many times where I'd want to use Cryptext

AVOID (Alternate Verification Of IDentity)

Just use Resonance Veil.

Target: Self
Duration: S
Fade Value: L
By altering your Living Persona, you can evade detection from wireless on Sensors. Make a Threading test and note your hits. Sensors within [Level] x 2 meters of you must make a Device Rating x 2 Opposed test against your hits. If you win you are invisible, soundless, heatless, etc to Sensors. Any recordings will not have you present, however your Resonance Signature will be. This also will affect cybereyes, cyberears, ultrasound, etc for as long as they are wireless on or you either stop sustaining this or move out of range.

Yes! Pretty limited by only targeting Self, but still. Technos definitely need something like this.


Meh, that function is basically filled by Misread Marks already.

Duration: S
Fade Value: L - 1
Through folding the 1's and 0's into each other, you create a digital image of your design. This can exist in either AR or VR. In AR cameras, microphones, sensors, or any image/sound link device will see, hear, or touch (or even smell and taste if you feel like it) what ever entity you bring "into existence". This deception can be recognized as fake with an Opposed Perception test against your Threading test, otherwise the image seen or sound hear is just as real as all other inputs occurring. In VR this illusion will have an associative icon and can be determined as fake with an Opposed Matrix Perception test. Failure to beat your hits means that the devices and personas treat the icon as real. General matrix interactions occur as normal, but offensive actions (such as placing a MARK) can prompt another Matrix Perception test to see through it.
The deception may be created with small, simple instructions such as pace back-and-forth or speak a short conversation. Controlling or re-instructing the Complex Form requires a Simple Action.
Examples include a giant T-rex rampaging through downtown (in AR) or a crowd of club-goers storming Dante's digital dance floor (VR).

Target: Device
Duration: S
Fade Value: L
By capturing recent recordings, you loop a small clip of video footage, audio track, or sensor reading to continually play instead of the live inputs. Make an Opposed Threading test against the target's Intuition + Data Processing. Success allows you to replay a recent reading of up to your net hits in minutes for as long as your sustain it. While sustained a user may reroll a Intuition + Data Processing test if any suspicion is aroused. If the opposed device beats your hits it suffers no looping, although there are slight influences of the data. Small flickers of color, quite background static, or a constant oscillation of the current temperature will occur as long as sustained.

Love it! We absolutely need that Hollowgraphics:)  And Déjà-view is basically a specialized and sustained Editor.
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