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General Discussion / Re: But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by Reaver on (13:41:09/01-20-18) »
Well, lets really look at the history of Elves in SR... They were viewed as the "pretty" race (and they are pretty!), which allowed them to thrive where as the Dwarves were kind of shuttered off to the corner with a pat on the head. (Not much different then Hollywood today, where someone who is good looking gets all the movie deals and make millions, even if they are dumber then the kids that lick their own dirty underwear cause it looks like chocolate.
Orks and Trolls have gotten cast by the way side, abused and even murdered just because of the way they look (Night of Rage anyone?).

Next, look at the amount of political and cultural upheaval that was happening at the time with the Native Americans and the UCAS civil war that lead to the fragmenting of the UCAS into the various nation states we have now. Among all that chaos you had a group of Elves commit a coup, and establish their own nation by taking over a NAN state... and the warpath they initiated - which was only stopped by a Great Dragon in the Shasta mountain range...

Now, lets look at the system of government they set up in their captured state. It was a system of total oppression for anyone without pointy ears, as if you were not an Elf, you had no political, social or economic voice. You were either an Elf, or you were a second hand citizen. Yes, there was a few token "others" in positions of power, but by and large they were just that, tokens.

So Elves, by and large have proven that their beauty is only skin deep. And under that Skin they are pretty damn ugly with all their bigotry, racism and narcissism.... And the writing is finally showing that that up front and center. 
General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by AJCarrington on (09:18:56/01-20-18) »
I'm not jumping to conclusions quite yet... ::)
General Discussion / Re: But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by AJCarrington on (09:18:14/01-20-18) »
Bringing the elves down a notch or two is never a bad thing. I'm loving that the orks and trolls are getting more focus and am really looking forward the dwarf book when it appears (and to be honest, the elf one too ::)).
General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by Ghost Rigger on (09:04:31/01-20-18) »
Lethality cuts both ways. The same lethality that makes it easy for you to be killed by high-grade corpsec hiding in machine gun nests makes it easy for you to take out a room full of unsuspecting streetscum with an assault rifle or a grenade.
General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by farothel on (04:26:41/01-20-18) »
If you want really deadly, play L5R or even better, Alternity.  In Alternity, no matter how good you are, a lvl1 nobody with a lucky headshot can easily one-shot you, even with a 9mm pistol, just as in RL.  Shadowrun is not the most lethal game out there, at least not how we've been playing it.  The amount of armour you can get, especially if you're an Orc or Troll, sometimes borders on the ridiculous.
General Discussion / Re: But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by PiXeL01 on (02:33:50/01-20-18) »
Orks and trolls have always been left in the slums and barrens. It wasnt until recently they had any power other than being fodder before. Always described as dim wits etc.
Rules and such / Healthy Contact Triggers? - FA
« Last post by HP15BS on (02:06:53/01-20-18) »
Forbidden Arcana introduced an atomizer that grants a RAW way to make alchemical compounds with a contact trigger that would normally require a command trigger.

So, two questions:
1) Does it allow any health category alchemy to be made as a contact trigger?  Or is this effect limited to just those preparations with the compound tag for some reason?

2) Does the prep have to be applied via the atomizer, or can you just use the atomizer during the creation process in order to get its contact-trigger effect?

If both questions should get the less restrictive answers, then that means we can actually make/buy/sell RAW-legal health potions, etc.  If not, well... then we need new RAW. ... Still.
General Discussion / Re: But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by PMrk on (00:43:55/01-20-18) »
Oh, don't get me wrong. In general, I like elves in fantasy, but I'm completely aware of their bad sides and how big a jerk they could be. It's totally okay to point out those parts in a game and setting like SR, even desirable!

However, I think a bit more balanced attitude and impartiality wouldn't have been hurt ( I didn't feel the same with any of the other metatypes). The previous editions' writeups didn't fanboyed them either, I feel, but they didn't showed them as basically what is the average elf stereotype, passionately disliked by many roleplayers. The 5e writeups feels a bit too... spiteful would be a too hars word for it, but a little biased, for sure.

General Discussion / Re: But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by PiXeL01 on (00:21:18/01-20-18) »
Its about time the elves fell to hard times. Finally its time for the Trogs to dance in the limelight!
Back when SR started elves were all powerful, flawless and immortal. They had powerful nations popping up out of the blue and none, even the great dragons stood a chance against their might. When i was young and naive I loved these snowflakes and always played elves in any RPG. Now however I feel it good to see it all torn down because its sickening what they had out of the blue.

I support ORK for a reason. May both Tirs and their Ancient lackeys burn in dragon fire fueled hell
General Discussion / But what about the pointy-ears?
« Last post by PMrk on (00:05:19/01-20-18) »
So, I noticed an interesting thing. Reading Run Faster's metatype write-ups it occured to me, that the 5e books are treating elves quite harshly. Notably this one and the core book, both descriptions seems to be focused on a very non-flattering picture, accentuating their better-than-thou attitude, snobbbishness and exclusivity. Even the good parts are coming off as "yeah, they are the pretty guys/girls and they had it easy".

Ok, those are all valid points and important, still, I re-checked the write-ups of the older editions and those were a lot more balanced, mentioning all this, but also talking about their hardships, the prejudices toward them, etc. Run Faster mentions those thing, but only passingly.

I also noticed that in 5e, there are precious few artworks through the books, whicha are picturing elf characters as central and cool. They are a few, but I had to dig. Conversely, I see a lot of orks and trolls.

So, I don't want to start some kind of pro-elf movement, but I wondered: are the 5e writers/developers just happening to not like elves very much?   :)
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