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Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Rosa on Today at 10:38:38 »
Also if I remember correctly from 4th ed. enemies are meant to be recurring obstacles that makes the pc's life harder. How much harder is of course tied to their point value. Obstacles can be anything from spreading rumours about the PC to actually hiring other shadowrunners to foil the pc's runs..etc. The obstacles should never be insurmountable but neither should they be trivial.
Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Crey57 on Today at 08:30:25 »
right on thanks for the reply I didn't know if it was a thing from fourth or not but that does make sense.  seems pretty useful. now to contact that player to flesh out that npc.  again thanks so much for the info!Q
Let's remember to keep the comments civil.
For a game like this, I'd recommend watching Leverage and Person of Interest. Especially PoI has some very interesting story lines that work well for the urban, first world mercenary.

For the game itself, healing will be the most important point of difference. SR 4 and 5 count on the fact that there are advanced medkits available that will bring your PCs back on their feet in no time.
I'd recommend using the advanced rules of Bullets&Bandages to add some grit and simulate the greater difficulties of healing up again.

All in all I'd recommend playing 5e, because you'll need the higher skill level. Without that, your PCs will soon reach the end of their development with no useful way to spend Karma.
Presuming you actually want to run the 6th World, i.e. Shadowrun, but before the Awakening itself, I highly recommend getting a hold of the 6th World timeline so that you can keep track of when things kick off - magic, truly functional cybernetics, that sort of thing.

Because the appearance of magic and high tech - the cybernetic man/machine interface that is the original Matrix, with the first Crash Virus hot on its heels, forcing the swift evolution of that tech - has had such a major effect on the world and corporations, you are going to have to essentially do a complete rewrite on your world's history, from whatever point-of-alteration you're taking it.  Just as an example, no Matrix means no Universal Matrix Standards conference, which essentially means that the matrix-heavy Japanacorps - MCT, Fuchi, and Renraku - are going to be radically different.  No magic means no dragons, which means Saeder-Krupp is going to be absent.  No both means that there's no Nanosecond Buyout of Ares, making Ares significantly changed, and also means that ORO never has either reason or methodology to evolve into Aztechnology.  No magic means Yamatetsu never has Buttercup, which changes the guts of that corporation - and therefore Shiawase might reign as the undisputed top dog of the corporate world.

It really is a massive undertaking; good luck.
We didn't tell you to go away. Hell, I suggested an entire book line that could provide inspiration. I was not suggesting playing cyberpunk.
Look, you two obviously aren't interested in what I am doing with the rule set, so instead of telling me to go away, or raining on my parade, maybe engage the base conversation.   I am not asking you to play in my game.

How is 5th Ed compared to 4th?

What inspires you for writing a campaign?

I really appreciate the warm welcome to the forums.. thanks
So you want to run a game about magic in a cyberpunk world without the magic, or the cyber, and instead of punks you want cripples. I guess the bystanders in all the movies you mention would work as inspiration.

The cyberpunk 2020 books were a similar vein and might serve as some inspiration. I don't remember much about the rules so I don't know if you would be able to port any game stuff over.
I know your reservations Mirikon.  As you may have read in my post, I have done this before and it was successful.  I say "Pre-awakening" because it allows me to campaign into proper Shadowrun with metahumans and magic.  When you run the reduced tech levels, it does not need the balancing factor of magic, at least I have not run into any issues before.
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