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Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker Sidethread
« Last post by gilga on (17:00:41/09-24-17) »
"Both it is... you are the expert" she said. Anna enters the bathroom and does what bnc suggests... she is the expert after all. She is disappointed with the soap when she washes her hands. While bnc works Anna approaches her and starts rubbing her shoulders.

Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker Sidethread
« Last post by Volker on (16:34:12/09-24-17) »
"I'm positive that Special K and Special K would give a terrific combination. You gotta try it out once!"
She grins, then answers matter-of-factly. "Why decide? Take 'em both.
We should take a piss before. Ket might lead to incontinence if we're unlucky. I'll prepare it shortly."

bnc vanishes into the bathroom and returns about two minutes later, leaving the door open for you while she leans over her lab.
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: SR Fiction - Legends
« Last post by on (14:03:19/09-24-17) »
Customers Greatly Looked-over
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: SR Fiction - Legends
« Last post by ANewTwist on (13:41:08/09-24-17) »
The person heading up this project is no longer with CGL. When they can get someone back on the ePub book project then we should see more SR and BT novels.

I really ned Changling, the rest of Nigel's work, Nix, Jak, Lisa and new stuff as well.

Thanks for taking your time to answer my question. That's very sad, i really wanted a complete collection, i can only hope they will find someone new to continue the Legends series. It's poor customer service not to answer emails and just stop publishing without explanation.
Rules and such / Re: Reagents (SR5/ Forbidden Arcana)
« Last post by SunRunner on (09:17:41/09-24-17) »
Looking it over I think you mostly have it right Kiirondel. I dont think they are restating what you can do with raw reagents but giving you a new option since the basic rules on SR316 state how you spend reagents to set limits when casting a spell as the limit is the number of reagents spent instead of force. As you stated this has no limit so I can spend 50 drams to set a limit of 50 even when casting a force 1 spell if for some reason I wanted to. As an option I could instead chose to spend say 3 reagents to increase the limit of my force 3 spell to a limit of 6 but i can only do this or any of the other options up to my Magic. So if I have a magic of 3 I would only be able to increase my limit by 3. I think the last one listed of reduce ritual drain by one is a the standard drek show of editing as it makes no sense, since the lead up is that these rule are in addition to the existing rules and this effect is already listed in the offering step of standard rituals as presented in SR5. The only other thing I can think of and again this would go back to Drek editing and what not is they are "POSSIBLY" giving you an option at the end of the ritual to spend more reagents with a magic limit to reduce drain at the end so you can and stave off a hose moment when the GM looks at you and says yeah it was force 6 ritual and I rolled 12 hits so congrats resist 24 Drain, as normally you have to pony up reagents to reduce drain in the offering step before any dice are rolled. Please note this is my "REACHING" for a logical explanation other then Drek editing / rules writing.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome!
« Last post by AJCarrington on (09:15:15/09-24-17) »
Hello, I am a Japanese shadowrun player.

In Japan, 5E is not still translated. So I have been played 4th/20thA.

Please teach me everything.


Not sure how good you spoken English is, but if you're looking to learn more about the 5e rules, I highly recommend Complex Action
Rules and such / Re: Reagents (SR5/ Forbidden Arcana)
« Last post by Kiirnodel on (05:48:50/09-24-17) »
Here is the full quote from FA setting up these new rules. I have added underlining, italics, and bold for some emphasis.
Below is a list of additional effects that reagents may be used for beyond those listed in {i}SR5{/i} and {i}Street Grimoire{/i}. The total amount of bonus effects may not exceed the user's Magic rating. Effects from a Radical reagent are not cumulative with effects from the Refined version of that same reagent.

Additional effects beyond those listed in SR5 and Street Grimoire. This tells me that it is not a rules change, but a rules addition; it doesn't replace the default rules for reagents but is another use in addition to the standard rules.
So this tells me that in addition to using Reagents to set the limit, you can also use reagents to just raise the limit. The balance factor is the limitation set on these new effects. The old use of reagents doesn't have a limit, this new one does.

Total amount of bonus effects. If we assume that each bullet point can be classified as an "effect" then this line is also fairly simple.
Assuming that you can use several drams of reagents to gain an effect multiple times (and that it is cumulative with itself), then you are essentially limited to being able to raise the limit with reagents up to a bonus of your Magic rating.

I would definitely say that each effect that you want would require another dram of reagents. So no, you don't get all the listed effects with just one dram. Each dram can do an effect (pick one).

There is a possibility that the Raw reagents effects are just supposed to be reiterations of the effects that reagents can already accomplish as stated in the Core Rulebook (and Street Grimoire). In which case, i would recommend just ignoring the new ones listed and using the existing rules.
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: Upcoming Shadowrun releases
« Last post by Crimsondude on (05:09:00/09-24-17) »
Horrors have MALICE behind them.
So do shedim.
Rules and such / Re: Reagents (SR5/ Forbidden Arcana)
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (04:49:30/09-24-17) »
Nice find.
Yes, it sounds like this is an option to raise the limit for less reagent cost.

And yes, I think you have to decide for what you are using any given reagent.

And also yes, that new limit to (MAG) reagents probably means just that (as always the less than clear rules language gives room for interpretation)
Rules and such / Re: Spotting outside a Host
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (04:44:20/09-24-17) »
The question is, why you assume that slaving an icon would necessitate it being inside the host.

Being inside a host means you have direct connection to all icons in the WAN, which allows you to see them, but it does not mean that the icons are inside the host.
Only icons that can perform the enter host action can enter a host (and technically files since those can be copied, but that's more like sending messages which can be done through the barrier of a host)

As for the visibility:
"The virtual space inside a host is separate from the outside grid. When youíre outside of a host, you canít interact directly with icons inside it, although you can still send messages, make commcalls, and that sort of thing. Once youíre inside, you can see and interact with icons inside the host, but not outside (with the same caveat for messages, calls, etc.)" p.246 core
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