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General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by Beta on Today at 16:55:19 »
And there is always the chance you get that character who has twent soak dice in their underwear and layers on as much armor as they can, and it is nice to have something besides magic that can hurt them :-)
GM's Toolbox / Re: [Resource] 5e Lofwyr and Hestaby
« Last post by legionof1 on Today at 14:11:38 »
Why don't the dragons have the centering metamagic?  It seems to be one of the first things everyone else grabs.
Why don't the dragons have quickened/anchored spells?  Street Legends is strange in that only the "special snowflake" elves (and Damien Knight) seem to have them, even if the mage/shaman had quickening/anchoring metamagic.

No centering is probably a matter of choice. With such high attributes both great dragons presented have even with the worst attribute combo have drain resist pools in the high 40s. ~16+ hits on drain resist should suffice for most things. Force 16 give or take drain code is plenty of oomph for a negligible effort effect. I wouldn't see the use for such learning if i was a dragon.

Again if you have huge dice pools you dont really notice sustaining a decent chunk of spells in the normal fashion. As presented Hestaby has a lowest DP of 25(unarmed combat), Lofwyr 27(unarmed combat). Even on there worst DP thats plenty of room to hold some spells and still bop most opponents into paste with ease.

The "snowflakes" are generally confined to much more mortal levels of Attributes so these particular tricks still have value to them.
General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by legionof1 on Today at 13:36:14 »
Big guns, like snipers and MGs generally speaking wont be used against the players outside of specific situations. Corp sec, gangs, and other groups usually dont have such hardware right to hand most of the time. Threat response or a big bad might have a few weapons like that, but the players will probably be forewarned and can chose to avoid a direct confrontation.

Off at the extreme end of things, like the thunderstruck gauss rifle, your talking about items generally only found in possession of the Big 10s elite forces, and even then in very small numbers as a squad or platoon weapon. If players are facing that sort of opponents they almost always have to chose to do so.

Also keep in mind the uses of edge, notably burning edge.

General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by AJCarrington on Today at 13:31:38 »
Personally, I like it. There is added tension when you know that if you screw things up, youíre done. This edition seems a little more forgiving than previous ones, but Iíve not got as much experience with them.
General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by AJCarrington on Today at 13:29:31 »
Well, of course, we could always jump onto create other threads ;D
General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by SpellBinder on Today at 13:27:00 »
A bit of realism?

In D&D, a fighter can get stabbed by a knife and nearly guaranteed to survive the hit if at full health.  As characters get higher in level, their durability goes up as well.

A quick look through one of my resources puts that 15P -8AP weapon as the Ares Thunderstruck, a military grade, man portable, Gauss rifle that's intended use is similar to an RPG or missile launcher; you shoot tanks with this weapon, it's not really meant for shooting people.  When you get to the more common handguns (heavy and light pistols), the damage is not only potentially lethal but also potentially survivable, just like real life.

But you're also right in that combat is not really meant to be the emphasis of the game, unless Murder Hobo is the theme you're really trying for.
General Discussion / Lethality
« Last post by Vaarsuvius on Today at 12:42:05 »
What exactly was the reasoning behind making certain aspects of the game so immensely lethal?

An example of this is there are guns, not explosives, but guns that do 15P -8AP as a random example. Spend an edge and that can put the net damage at 20 or over combined with -8AP. That will one shot even a troll most of the time.

I guess I get that combat is not really meant to be the emphasis of the game, and players are sort of meant to work around certain kinds of combat, rather than through it, but still, this is so lethal as it's unfair to put this against players. What was the design decision behind this?
General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by Mirikon on Today at 12:05:13 »
The most active parts of the forum seem to be threads like this one.
Rules and such / Re: Technomancer addiction tests in 5th ed
« Last post by UnLimiTeD on Today at 11:10:44 »
Far as I understand it, yes, they should get those bonus dice. The addiction system is somewhat convoluted, however, so we could both be off in our understanding.
The Secret History / Re: Horrors
« Last post by Reaver on Today at 10:16:13 »
Some threats never really go away, they just find a darker corner to hide in.
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