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Spells and ranges
« on: (10:29:26/08-03-17) »
Let me preface this post with a comment that I am having trouble with a player who likes to stand off at one km or more extreme range for sniper rifles basically, in snipe the opposition with spells. His argument is that if he can see them he can do that this is really starting to annoy me as I cannot counter him without putting something up against the party that will annihilate everybody but him. He is very much A Min maxer and is rolling over 25 dice for spell casting, and over 20 dice for drain resistance as well as using reagents to set limits on his spells. So spellcasting really don't bother him at all.

I really don't have a problem with him having that many dice for drain and spell-casting, as he has worked up to that point. What I do have a problem with is the range situation. He prefers to levitate himself up to a high altitude and snipe from there at extreme ranges using optical binoculars to focus in on his targets.

Are there any rules that state distance limitations for spells? Or similar to weapons is there a range increment of some sort that I can impose upon him?

To be clear I'm not looking for you guys to tell me to astrally take him down or dispel his levitation spell or Etc. I'm looking for ways I can limit him and possibly force him to come closer and stay with the party more or less.

Any thoughts?


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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #1 on: (10:47:30/08-03-17) »
Look at the visibility table - even light fog/smog at these distances will make it very hard to see a target. Also he will be hard pressed to detect any enemies not seen before. Even someone with a standard hunting rifle and a simple scope will be a serious threat for the lone levitating figure in the sky.

Not to mention that airspace in cities is closely monitored because there are lots and lots of drone deliveries going on. An unmarked and unidentified flying object could draw some unwanted attention - especially if it starts to sling lightning.

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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #2 on: (11:59:24/08-03-17) »
Use the Environmental Modifiers table (SR5 p.175), and apply standard modifiers for visibility, light, glare, and range. The rulebook doesn't give range intervals for line-of-sight spellcasting, so use sniper rifle ranges -- they're the longest option on the Range Table (SR5 p.185).

The SR2 Grimoire (p.111) had an optional Spell Range Modifiers Table, but it had more than the standard four range intervals.


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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #3 on: (05:47:53/08-04-17) »
I've always thought it was odd that there aren't range modifiers/category distances for standard perception... if there was, problem solved.


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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #4 on: (15:33:32/08-04-17) »
So he's using high power binocs to see clearly that far. What do binocs do? Limit your field of vision. So, the corp/agency that he's trying to snipe has an armed helicopter nearby on routine patrol, and that can shoot at him while he's unaware of it, which means he gets no defense against the attack. Can you say ouch?
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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #5 on: (16:54:12/08-04-17) »
Well, the biggest one is WHERE the jobs take place.

Being a kilometer out casting spells is all fine and good for an outside target... but what about when the job takes place in an office building?? That one way glass used on offices block LOS (why is it one way? Cause Corps are afraid of angry mages dropping fireballs on them! - seriously, cars and buildings feature one way glass for magic protection).

If you allow him to be a kilometer out, expect him to stay that far out! (I would if I was him!).

Cities are also crowded places, filled with moving objects, smog and other things. Throw in night time activities and good luck seeing anything that far out!

So my advice is spend a little more time planning the Run, spending time on it's location and objectives... This will allow you to decide what approaches are possible to the objective. (Flying in to an underwater site is not going to work... packing an assault canon to a Jacket and Tie event is not going to work. Levitating 1000feet in the air to cast spells on people inside a building is not going to work...)
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Re: Spells and ranges
« Reply #6 on: (19:40:10/08-04-17) »
Mostly what Reaver said, but some other thoughts:

- Give them problems that can't be solved by a chainsaw, errr, combat spells.

- Set things up so that he's not getting full information on the scene (someone is out of site around a building, instructions are being yelled at the team that he can't hear, etc .... potentially even kick him out of the room during everyone else's action, then bring him in on his and let him know what he can detect, and let him try to figure out what to do with those spells.  Once or twice taking out the wrong person may change his mind.

- More smoke grenades, darkness, etc.

- Busy, chaotic, scenes with a lot moving around and in the way, making it hard to to get clear line of sight.

- Higher security zones where doing what he is doing IS going to attract attention.

And my personal favorite:  Anything the players do which is super shifty, tricky, or effective ... NPC may do sometimes.  Push things as hard as you really want, but do understand that this will make the opposition more effective.