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New Anarchy Narrative Aid/GM Sheet
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I have updated the Anarchy Narrative Aid document so much that I had to start a new thread.  This is what I use for my SRA groups but it contains a few house rules so it may not be appropriate for all tables.

Here is the breakdown:

Page 1: Narrative Aid
  • Contains some definitions and hints on Narrations.
  • Lists modifiers to consider when taking Actions.
  • House Rule Multiple Targets: uses the shotgun rules (p, 206) for other multi-shot weapons.
  • House Rule Forfeiting Effects: allows casters to "dial back" effects like AA or Area Effect.  Frees up Shadow Amp space (i.e. Fireball becomes Fire Bolt).
  • Assumes use of multiple Shadow Amps on a single test (as confirmed in other forums).
  • Assumes Surprise Threat can introduce any threat (NPC or obstacle).
  • Renames Malfunction to Frag it/Jam it; synonymous with cooldown.
  • Renames A dish best served cold to Get Revenge.
  • Names a few uses of Plot Points not listed but still described in later chapters.
  • Sets Flashback costs (explained later).

Page 2: House Rules
  • Gives examples of specific Exploits and Glitch effects that players might attempt with Live Dangerously.
  • Examples include Called Shots, Suppressing Fire, Dive for Cover, Overcasting, Jury-Rigging, and End Runs.
  • Sets Overcasting as an Exploit.
  • Sets balancing rules for sustaining powerful spells/complex forms (3 levels of spells/complex forms).
  • Sets balancing rules for sustaining powerful spirits/sprites (3 levels of spirits/sprites).
  • Sets balancing rules for avoiding Intrusion Countermeasures in Hosts and when IC launches (3 levels of Hosts).

Page 3: Skill Tests
  • House Rule counterspelling combat spells as your Sorcery + Willpower Taking the hit instead of other defenses (spend a Plot Point).
  • Assumes 6P or 5S/AA as the new spell default damage, p. 207.
  • Assumes 8 opposing dice is average for most effect spells.
  • House Rule Matrix damage is Logic/2 (like cyber-punching) because base damage for cyber combat is not described (p. 45).
  • House Rule threading (Tasking) base damage is 5S (like spells).
  • House Rule counterspelling effect spells as a contest of Sorcery + Willpower.
  • Assumes summoning Spirits (or compiling Sprites) has easy, average, and hard levels of difficulty.
  • Assumes banishing Spirits (or decompiling Sprites) uses Willpower + Edge (or Logic + Edge) as defense.

Page 4: Attributes, Defense, Damage, and Death
  • Assumes Falling is a Strength + Agility test.
  • Assumes Lucking Out is an Edge + Edge test (this is for randomizing targets, choosing the right door randomly, etc.).
  • Assumes Resisting other types of effects as Willpower + Logic (for mental) or Charisma (for social).
  • House Rule using certain related Skills instead of AGI for defenses (called a Skilled Defense).  This is because Defense does not scale in later games as well as Attacks.  The cost of using a Skilled Defense is Narrating last (like an Interrupt Action decreasing Initiative in SR5).
  • House Rule using only the higher of Stun or Physical Wound Modifier.
  • Clarified/House Ruled the Staggered, Knocked Out, Bleeding Out, and Killed in Action conditions.
  • Formalized avoiding the Knocked Out and Killed in Action conditions (inspired by p, 44).

Page 5: GM Reference and Special Narrations
  • House Rule Tags to grant a related Knowledge Skill (in addition to the Knowledge Skill taken).  This allows Riggers to know about drone tech without having to take the Skill.
  • Codified how Cues and Dispositions reward players.  This is in addition to normal rewards for good Narrations, etc.
  • House Rule Simple Hits can be used for tests for NPCs interacting with the environment or with other NPCs.  Keeps rolling against yourself to a minimum.
  • House Rule Cold, Electrical, and Fire environmental effects based on similar effects (p. 50).
  • House Rule Lava/Magma to the Universal Game System rules for Lava/Magma.
  • House Rule Montage Rules for stylized Legwork and Investigation.
  • House Rule Flashback Rules for stylized Preparation.

Page 6: Environment and Weapons
  • Assumes some sample environmental modifiers including Cover, Concealment, Distraction, Disorientation, etc.
  • Lists Weapons for easy reference.
  • Establishes concealment difficulties for various weapons.
  • Establishes Area of Effect and Multiple Target capable weapons.

This works best if you print two-on-a-page, two-sided, flip on short edge.  I give smaller copies to my players and keep a larger copy for myself on a GM Screen.