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Sensor in Armor
« on: (11:48:31/06-26-17) »
So R&G lists capacity for including sensors in your armor.
What it doesn't state nor is it in the sensor housing section- what is the max rating?
Of course, maybe my searchfu is lacking and someone can point me to the appropriate page.
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Re: Sensor in Armor
« Reply #1 on: (12:56:38/06-26-17) »
The sensor housing table says:

R2: RFID, audio or visual device, headware
R3: Handheld device, small (or smaller) drone
R4: Wall-mounted Device, medium drone

In general I'd say R3  - then again, there are mini drones with sensor ratings of 4 - so R4 should be within the realm of possibility.
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Re: Sensor in Armor
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The other thing I don't get.

I can buy ultrasound[5] as headware for 60k.

For about the same price I could buy a cyberarm w/AGI 9 and armor[3] for about 44k used.
Then for 5k put in a sensor array[5] that can have the ultrasound plus 7 other sensor functions.
That leaves 9k and 3 spaces for other uses.

Ummm, granted the arm cost 1.25ess vs the .25 of the Headware.

The only thing going for the Headware is that it can go to rating 6 (for another 12k ) while the sensor housing table limits cyberlimbs to rating 5.
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Re: Sensor in Armor
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Yes, SR5 doesn't work completely. Most unfortunate. :/
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