Author Topic: [Resource] Electronic Encounters Tables  (Read 705 times)


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[Resource] Electronic Encounters Tables
« on: (13:36:12/01-17-16) »
Below the link - a D20 table full of internet/augmented reality hazards to mess with the players as they walk the mean streets of the sprawl. Especially good for interfering with carefully laid chase scenes, surveillance and target casing plans, I hope :D
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Re: Electronic Encounters Tables
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Hmm, interesting.  I like it, though a lot of GMs would say "this isn't D&D, we don't need random encounter BS!".  I wouldn't roll randomly, but these present some interesting ideas to make the world seem more less oddy convenient where everything waits until the climax to go wrong.
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Jeeze.  It would almost sound stupid until you realize we're talking about an immortal elf clown sword fighting a dragon ghost in a mall.


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Re: [Resource] Electronic Encounters Tables
« Reply #2 on: (18:40:09/01-18-16) »
The follow-up, 20 different electronic crimes committed against the players by people with actual agency!

...I definitely feel you about the random encounter BS. I felt that way until very recently, tbh, and this all just an experiment. That said, Sprawl Sites had some very innovative random encounter tables back in the day!

If you want, you can just treat it as "20 street encounter hooks ;)" RPG blog! - cyberpunk gaming blog!