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Re: Run and Gun Errata
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Also... where are AV rounds? Hero Lab says they appear in Run and Gun but I can't find them

This at least I can help with.  AV rounds (and other missing rounds) are detailed on p.2 of the existing Run & Gun Errata.
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Re: Run and Gun Errata
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Responsive Interface Gear is listed as consuming capacity for the helmet and worn armour and costs 2500. Is this cost separate for each item, ie a total cost of 5000? If the cost is for a complete set, is it possible to buy, for example, two helmets and have them sync up to the armour, or vice-versa? If so, how much would the second item cost?


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Re: Run and Gun Errata
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I've always assumed that it was one cost, which must then take up space in both a set of armor and helmet in order to work. But the wording does let in that gap that it has to be bought and installed in each (armor and helmet). While it is possible that the intent was for it to cost 5,000 I don't think it does because of the way it is listed on the Customizations chart.

Now, the cost and installation (as well as the description) does imply pretty strongly that you buy one "RIG" and install the parts into each of the armor and helmet. You definitely need both parts for it to work. Replacing just one part of that set-up isn't really in the rules, and it would definitely be in house-rule territory to allow someone to have two different helmets sync to the same armor set.

Personally, I would call it 1,500+ to be able to have more than one set up.