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I don't remember the system well enough to comment, but some of the source material, like night city and their version of go gangs was really interesting.

For sure.  I wish they had kept up with the times and made new editions.    The rules like any d20 base are volatile, and it was really deadly. 

The ideas were good (nothing that isn't really covered in Shadowrun, I do love me some biker gangs)
Rules and such / Re: Technomancer feedback for a new book!
« Last post by HP15BS on Today at 15:36:11 »
Duplicate Program
[Program] of Resonance

Now for my version - as a re-worked echo.  (I see the appeal to making programs into CFs, but I rather prefer their being permanent over only lasting a few minutes at a time, and then possibly cause fading to boot.)

Resonance Program Suite:
   This echo lets you duplicate the effects of various cyberprograms.  You may have a number of common or hacking programs equal to your submersion grade active at the same time.  You may turn one resonance program on/off or switch one resonance program for another one you know as a free action.  You learn one such resonance program of your choice as part of taking this echo, and can learn more the same way you would learn a new Complex Form (spend 4 karma after a Software + Intuition [Mental] test; divide hits by 12 to determine how many days it takes to learn).
   If you have the RAID echo, you may share any active resonance programs with any number of those slaved devices.

And now for something I've wanted ever since my first days of playing a techno:

Submersible Sprites:
   This echo lets you incorporate your individual echoes or resonance programs into your sprites.  When you compile a new sprite, you may build a number of your known echoes or resonance programs (combined) into the sprite's code equal to its Level / 2.  Registering a sprite increases this capacity by 1, but re-registering has no such effect.  This loadout is permanent for each individual sprite, though they may turn an individual resonance program on or off with a free action.  (This does not count against services owed.)
   You must have already submerged at least once prior to taking this echo.
I don't remember the system well enough to comment, but some of the source material, like night city and their version of go gangs was really interesting.
Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Crey57 on Today at 14:20:42 »
Thanks Rosa so if my player wanted to say increase it from ten to 15 it would be doable we would just have to figure out appropriate things they would do if I am understanding correctly?

Thanks for the movie recommendations and a few key points about 5th ed.


I do in fact have a really extensive timeline that I parsed together about 6 years ago from all the source books I own. It is pretty extensive.  Is there an official one that has been printed that I am not aware of?

My biggest issue is that it is the year 2017 right now, and the awakening happened in 2011.  I found it is an easier time on players (more immersive) if I keep the timeline in tact as it is, but move it back on the calendar by about 30 years, so awakening would happen in say 2041 instead.   And then I can tell the players "it is the year 2040, here is what has been happening the last several years", and then we play.    Maybe it is my own hang up.

ShadowcatX - my apologies, yes to the cyberpunk books, I used to love that game, but I haven't seen one of those books in over a decade.  It's a clunky system and I really don't want any of the rules from it.

Re-read over my notes, from the 4th Ed books, I intended to have players start with 293 points to build.  I was making them spend the extra on contacts. (or else how do you get jobs?  everyone should know someone.)  And I was starting the technology level available to be 4R, 2F.   So we can really start down in the grit, on the streets.
General Discussion / Re: Corporate citizen populations
« Last post by farothel on Today at 11:51:35 »
Rosa: I think you're right on that one, that some lower level people who were born in a corporation would have citizenship, including people on the way up.  But I believe that to ascend the corporate ladder above a certain point, you need to be a citizen (either by birth or given to you at that point or before).  Again, the Roman empire might serve as an example.  You could live inside it as a non-citizen, but you would never have any elected office or membership of the senate if you were not a citizen.
Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Rosa on Today at 10:38:38 »
Also if I remember correctly from 4th ed. enemies are meant to be recurring obstacles that makes the pc's life harder. How much harder is of course tied to their point value. Obstacles can be anything from spreading rumours about the PC to actually hiring other shadowrunners to foil the pc's runs..etc. The obstacles should never be insurmountable but neither should they be trivial.
Rules and such / Re: Enemy Quality from run faster 5e
« Last post by Crey57 on Today at 08:30:25 »
right on thanks for the reply I didn't know if it was a thing from fourth or not but that does make sense.  seems pretty useful. now to contact that player to flesh out that npc.  again thanks so much for the info!Q
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For a game like this, I'd recommend watching Leverage and Person of Interest. Especially PoI has some very interesting story lines that work well for the urban, first world mercenary.

For the game itself, healing will be the most important point of difference. SR 4 and 5 count on the fact that there are advanced medkits available that will bring your PCs back on their feet in no time.
I'd recommend using the advanced rules of Bullets&Bandages to add some grit and simulate the greater difficulties of healing up again.

All in all I'd recommend playing 5e, because you'll need the higher skill level. Without that, your PCs will soon reach the end of their development with no useful way to spend Karma.
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