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Looks like a cool character idea, but the mechanics do seem tough. 

For not going for optimization, you seem to be trying to optimize for a few things at the expense of others (have lots of starting skills at 7 and a maxed Charisma, lots of spells, lots of contacts).

You also have a physical limit of 2. I am very ok with attributes at 1, even several of them, and technically you don't have skills needed to support a higher limit, it just may become a liability real fast. You can't use a physical weapon or sneak or notice threats well (or go invisible--you can mindprobe a guard all you want, but a camera or drone is going to give you a lot of problems). Your initiative won't get you more than 1 pass per combat turn, and your natural defense is 4 dice. Basically anything that wants to hit you can hit you, and probably hit you with plenty of net hits. You are very likely to get downed in one or two hits before you have a chance to even do anything if it comes to a fight. You can't even reliably go full defense (16.7% chance of getting a 10 initiative score, and if you use it, you only gain 4 defense dice and then lose all actions for the rest of the combat turn).  You can't  really rely on Edge (you only have 1). This character is an easily geekable mage that isn't that great at facing/magicking their way out of a fight.   

Magicwise, you are rolling 15+ (more with mentor? I don't know FA mentor spirits yet) manipulation, but you are only "safely" only casting F4 spells. Characters have a good chance of getting 4 dice to resist and even if they are manipulated by a spell, can prob shake it off pretty quickly. . You can cast them with higher force, but a bad drain resistance roll is going to hurt a lot and you don't have edge to reliably deal with it coming your way. Your stunballs/manabalts  may end up hurting you more than they hurt folks you are casting them at. 

  I'd prob start with fewer spells, up some attributes (including edge), and get more spells later.

I don't make a lot of life module characters, but I'm not sure your Positive Quality karma limit is legal...

You could prob get a similar themed "'low muscle-mass' richboy sorcerer face" character going priority AEDBC or BEDAC (if you want tons of skill areas)... You will prob start with few spells, but I think overall survivability will be higher and marketability will be higher. Aspected magicians are mechanically practical magicians, not magical experts. You use your magic to be better at your specialty (facing), but you are not a specialist in magical threats/abilities.   

Forum Business / Search function not working?
« Last post by Glitchy on Today at 11:57:54 »
Howdy! I wanted to ask, if it;s only me or does the search action on the forum does not work? It just crashes the website. Is it just me, or sth is wrong?
Nice day!
Character creation and critique / Re: SR5: Optimized Decker Help
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 11:38:08 »
Another, easily overlooked, cheap and helpful quality: "Practice, Practice" from Hard Targets increases your Limit by 1 for any one non-combat skill and can be taken for different skills. At 2 Karma there is really no reason not to take it.

I didn't think "Practice, Practice" increased Matrix limits as those are set by your Persona stats.  "Overclocker" and the assorted programs increase your limits for Matrix tests because they increase the associated Persona matrix attribute.  "Practice, Practice" seems to modify a Mental, Physical, or Social Limit...

If your GM rules "Practice, Practice" works for Matrix Limits then, it's a no-brainer 4 Karma for Hack on Fly and Computer at least. 
Absolutley nothing wrong with a starting Magic of 4...
Most of my most successful Magicians had a starting Magic of 3 or 4...  8)
Afterall, The vast majority of Awakened dfo not start with a Magic of 6. :)

Multiple 1's in Physicals/Edge, on the other hand is really not good, in my opinion.
Rules and such / Re: Mind Probe does not require contact ?
« Last post by belaran on Today at 10:42:05 »
It did not indeed, nor would I allow (IHMO).

@Sphinx I'm going to run with the Spell as it is (RAW) and see if it is punching holes in my game. If so, I'll revert it to touch only.

Thanks for the feedback, guys !
Rules and such / Re: Mind Probe does not require contact ?
« Last post by Tym Jalynsfein on Today at 10:37:01 »
In 4th Edition/Anniversary, modifying a spell to be "Self Only" was worth -2 Drain.
Pretty sure that did not cross into 5th Edition, though.
Rules and such / Re: Mind Probe does not require contact ?
« Last post by Sphinx on Today at 09:52:59 »
As with most Detection spells (SR5 p.285), the magician casts the spell on a subject (range touch); that subject can then use the sense on a single target within [Force x Magic] meters. So yeah, as written, the magician casts Mind Probe on a person (usually himself) who then uses it at range.

As a house rule, we make Mind Probe an exception to the usual Detection rules: The magician must use Mind Probe personally, and must physically touch the target. This sets some practical limits on mind-reading, and allows the spell to be useful but not plot-busting. I highly recommend it.

Shadowrun really ought to have some range options besides Touch and Line of Sight, like "Personal" spells that spellcasters can only use on themselves.
Gear / Re: Help With New Laser Weapons - Snipers?
« Last post by The Dyslexic Won on Today at 09:07:39 »
other options are a lower powered non-visible laser.  maybe a x-ray laser?
General Discussion / Re: Chummer5 Support
« Last post by Hache on Today at 09:01:31 »
Damn, took a look at the option, but missed this part !

Thanks a lot, you're the best  ;)
Rules and such / Re: Apt Pupil reducing initiation time?
« Last post by Asfaloth on Today at 08:55:12 »
That's exactly the point I think.

If initiation is "training", my point would be valid - otherwise it would not be.
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