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Re: The Re-Introduction of HMHVV
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Though I don't know where it would be lying dormant.  That part's beyond me.

Based on my knowledge of viruses, it would need to be a living host of some sort.  A virus has only a single strand of DNA, where living beings have two strands of DNA - the virus invades individual cells, uses the host's double helix of DNA to self-replicate, multiply and spread to nearby cells thus killing the original host cell.  Once you hit a critical number of damaged or destroyed cells, the host dies or - in the case of HMHVV - converts the host into a new being by fundamentally altering whole sections of the host's DNA (which is essentially modern day gene therapy in the real world).

Viruses have a lifespan outside of a living organism's body usually measured in minutes. If it requires other factors such as the mana level to replicate itself, then the virus would probably be transferred in a dormant state through the usual routes - blood/fluids, shared items, contaminated food/water, animals or through the birth process.

Of course, with the usual routes of delivery come the usual means of prevention/treatment; destroying carriers, destroying intermediate hosts, education on transmission, pre-exposure drugs for high risk roles (CDC researchers, etc) and retroviral drugs for immediate post exposure treatment.
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