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General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 09:46:13 »
My bet:


Fixed sometime next year.
General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by Mirikon on Today at 09:23:43 »
OK, forget the betting pool on whether the forums will be up for Christmas. How about a pool to see how many outages we have between now and then?
General Discussion / Re: Aaaaaaand we're back
« Last post by ShadowcatX on Today at 07:48:34 »
LoS / sustained do not require continuous LoS. LoS is only when cast / activated.
I believe that phrase is alluding back to previous editions where spirits had very specific "domains" where they functioned. Back when spirits were separated by where they were summoned from (Hearth Spirits, City Spirits, River Spirits, etc).

So in that context, the reference to "terrain the critter controls" for the purposes of spirits is referring to what the spirit's "area of influence" is. An Earth spirit can use Movement on others only if they are on or near the ground, a Water spirit only in or on the surface of water. A Spirit of Man might only be able to use Movement in an urban environment, and an Air Spirit can't use Movement in an underground complex with no access to fresh air. All examples, and not strictly supported by anything, but it gives an idea what the implication might be.
This was mentioned in another thread and it caught my interest in case I'd misunderstood the power but when I looked at it again it was the same as I remmeber it so I figured I'd just confirm my understanding here.

1) It say's if used on targets other than the critter it only works in terrain the critter controls. Is this some special use of the term I'm missing or would this mean the power is largely useless for the spirit to use on anyone else? That is if you go downtown your allied spirit can use its movement power on itself but nothing else as it doesn't control the terrain?

2) If there is a rule allowing the spirit to affect its allied magician or other things am I correct that this would really only be good for short term boosts/reductions as its line of sight/sustained so as soon as it loses that it ends. For arguments sake it boosts the allied magician who is now outrunning it and then once they get out of sight or turn the corner the spirit can no longer speed them up?
Errata / Re: Forbidden Arcana Errata
« Last post by WaNeZot on (18:18:40/12-07-17) »
A vault of ages may store a number of
alchemical compounds or preparations equal to
twice the Magic rating of its creator. The Rating of
these items cannot be more than twice the rating
of the vault

what's meant by the rating of the preparations? their force, potency or something else?
So I've just finished my Gear List and was hoping you guys could take a glance. Is there anything essential I'm missing? Anything that I can't have due to restrictions I missed?

(The list below is from an excel. The number in brackets is the cost per item, the one after the number of items and the last number should be the final cost. Also ratings of gear are in Roman Numberals I - VI)

Thanks again for all your help :)

Gear (26000)   Amount   25590
Concealable Holster (150)   2   300
Ares Predator V* (725)   1   725
APDS Rounds* (120)      120
Regular Ammo (20)      20
Silencer* (500)      500
Spare Clip: APDS (5)      10
Spare Clip: Regular (5)      10
Defiance Ex-Shocker (250)   1   250
Parashield Dart Pistol* (600)   1   600
Narcoject (50)   5   250
Thermal Smoke Grenade* (60)   5   300
Frag. Grenade* (100)   1   100
Contacts, cap.3 (600)   1   600
Flare Compensation (250)      250
Image Link (25)      25
Smartlink (2000)      2000
Glasses, cap.3 (400)   1   300
Low-Light Vision      500
Thermographic Vision      500
Vision Magnification      250
Electrochromic Lined-Coat (1400)   1   1400
Chemical Protection I (250)      250
Non-Conductivity I (250)      250
Insulation I (250)      250
Fire-Resistance I (250)      250
Chameleon Suit* (650)   1   650
Thermal Dampening II (500)      1000
Chemical Protection I (250)      250
Non-Conductivity I (250)      250
Insulation I (250)      250
Fire-Resistance I (250)      250
Earbuds, cap.3   1   150
Select sound Filter II      500
Audioenhancement I      500
Biomonitor Armband      300
Subbvocal Mic      50
Headjammer V*      750
Plastic Restraints   10   5
Mapsoft      100
Bug Scanner V*      500
Gecko Tape Gloves      250
Respirator VI      300
Flash-pak      125
Stealth Tags*   3   30
Certified Credstick (Silver)      20
MedKit III   1   750
Traumapatch   1   500
Antidote Patch VI   1   300
Fake SIN II      5000
Fake License: Ares Pred. V      1000
Fake License: Carry conc. Weapon V      1000
Life Style Low (1 Month)      1000
Dangerous Area      -200
Obscure/Difficult to find      100
Cramped      -100
Rules and such / Re: Nanohives, Cost and Availability
« Last post by Kiirnodel on (16:13:12/12-07-17) »
Quick heads-up: Neocortical nanites are Soft Nanites, not Hard. The second table of nanites (on page 150) is incorrectly labeled as "Hard Nanoware Systems" when it should be "Soft ..." you can see this from the description listings (page 149 is the start of the Soft Nanoware Systems).

Now to answer the question, Mirikon already beat me to it while I was writing, but I think I add some extra detail:

In part, it is about game balance, buying the Nanohive is about being able to maintain the nanites "indefinitely" instead of them degrading over time. It isn't about being able to pay for a lower rating and get free upgrade.  Essentially, nanohives are about preventing and repairing nanite colony degredation, not building up something that wasn't there in the first place.

A simple explanation could be that buying a nanite colony at a higher rating doesn't just mean you bought more nanites. Sure that's probably part of it, but not all of it. I don't think they call it out in the rules, but I don't think you can manually replenish a nanite colony by just injecting yourself with more of the same type of nanites. Injecting a new set would probably function as an independent colony (congrats, you have 2 colonies of Rating 1 nanites). So part of buying the higher Rating is also paying for that particular colony's ability to function at that Rating.

Does that help bridge the logic?
Rules and such / Re: Nanohives, Cost and Availability
« Last post by Mirikon on (16:10:20/12-07-17) »
The higher the rating of the nanoware, the more sophisticated the programming and construction is. The ability to make more of the nano does not translate into being able to upgrade that nano. Your 'logic' is like saying if you drink enough rotgut whiskey it will somehow turn into top shelf whiskey. It is why you can't just get two R1 systems and say it is an R2.
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