Author Topic: Compiled Lists for SR5: Actions, Qualities, Life Modules, Gear, Magic & Matrix  (Read 35076 times)


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Hello !

THX A LOT pixel for your work, it's awesome !!!
Thanks guy like you, it's possible to play shadowrun without too big problems :)
Thx again !



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Also just wanted to say thanks and that I passed it on to the rest of the group.
Thanks a bunch.


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These are fantastic PiXeL01, thanks for sharing them with us. I was wondering if there was a Sprite sheet similar to the Spirit sheets? If i missed it, just let me know i glitched my Perception roll.



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As long as you (or someone) is making lists... :)
I have the hardest time finding the right Bioware / Cyberware.  There are so many of them, and I can't remember them all.  I'd want "the one that increased my Logic" or the "one that connected me to my car".  It would be so great if there were a pdf where I could search them, and find what I needed.


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Thank you for all the kind words.
Sadly I haven't been able to find the time to update the lists for a while or even make new ones as real life and being on the errata team has sucked much needed time out of me.
There sadly are no sprite list as they are all in the CRB so I didn't really see the need for one.
As for a compiled list of Cyber/Bioware the lists in Chrome Flesh are the most complete, although they do not include the ware introduced in Hard Targets.


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Nice lists!
I know you're busy elsewhere, but nontheless a tiny bit of feedback:
Berserker's Rage is listed as having the same duration and drain as the Berserk Power, but at least in my version of SG it dramatically increases the duration (from Magic x 2 Turns to Magic x 4 minutes).
Still waiting on a Vector-Thrust Liminal Body.


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Any chance of one for the classes? Chummer5 gives a few that are rather awkward to track down the sourcebooks for, like Aware and Explorer.