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Rules and such / Re: Matrix perception distances
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 11:41:07 »
You can define the parameters of your search freely.
In this case she can say: Search for devices within the confines of these given coordinates that are running silent.
Don't forget though that she probably has to contend with noise penalties for distance/obstructions/jamming, penalties if she isn't on the same network as the devices she is looking for, resistance through LOG+Sleaze and finally the old standby of having dozens of stealth tags around.
Given enough time you can get around all of this, but then, given enough time you can also scout out the building with a spy drone...
Rules and such / Re: Matrix perception distances
« Last post by brombur on Today at 11:05:53 »
thanks for the replies. My primary purpose was to figure out the hidden Icons at a distance. Here is the scenario

Decker is in the Teams vehicle over 100 meters away from the target site. She goes VR mode and is providing matrix overwatch. When she runs a perception check for hidden devices on the floor of the building the team is infiltrating, not within her 100 meter scanning radius. How far does it detect them? I assume the decker can limit her search range to a specific area, say a single room without issue but what is the max she can scan? could she sweep a whole floor, a whole building? as written it almost feels like they could sweep an infinite distance for icons.

Gamemasters' Lounge / Shadowrun missions synopsis
« Last post by Carmody on Today at 08:48:57 »
Hi folks,
I am looking for a synopsis of all shadowrun missions seasons, but I could not find that on the web.
Could anyone point me to such a description, or sum them up for me?
thanks in advance
Rules and such / Re: Matrix perception distances
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 07:43:24 »
Matrix perception is nothing but applying and removing the correct filters so your display.

This works IP by asking the right questions. A valid question is: How many devices are there within 300m that are playing a specific kind of music?
You can also ask: How many as weapons identifiable devices are within the confines of such and such coordinates.

Done correctly, this is a tremendous boon for every character (which is why imho computers as a technical skill is the most important one for almost every character - never leave home without it.)
General Discussion / Re: Lethality
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 07:25:16 »
Actually, high lethality benefits the players and furthers their ability to survive:
Assuming a character is build for combat and has the necessary initiative, defense and attack pool to one shot lower level mooks, they should be able to take them out before they take damage. As long as they aren't fighting masses of opponents they will be able to stay in good shape instead of getting taken out in a war of attrition.
If the dice fall bad, Edge can be spend or burned to prevent death with relative ease. This has the overall effect that combat is tense and needs proper tactics instead of being a resource minigame with remaining hit points and a predestined end to the adventure day like D&D often has.
Rules and such / Re: Healthy Contact Triggers? - FA
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 05:57:08 »
1) Yes

2) Yes: "The nature of the atomizer itself keeps contact with the device from activating the contact trigger."
So you need the atomizer to apply the preparation as pulling the trigger substitutes the command 
The Secret History / Re: Horrors
« Last post by Rosa on Today at 02:40:22 »
I'll attempt a breakdown.
1) Some organization of the infected  ( or there's at least infected amongst them ) is attempting something through metacannibalism  ( quite likely increasing the potency of the HMHVV strains ). There's some use of hebrew including the curious use of the word Lilitu,  which has links to Lilith,  female demons and motherhood in that connection, almost like they're trying to "impregnate " the virus. Possible Horror links: the HMHVV virus could in theory be a horror construct from the last age of magic,  they did create magical diseases and they are also connected with undead in ED.

2) There's some following up on the Aleph society plot and the mentions of Gaf, Tak, Obe and Dru from Aetherology, though any Horror connections are unknown, though wraiths have previously been mentioned as early forerunners of the horrors,  though it could be like the Invae that the presence of Shadow spirits are merely indicative of rising mana levels.

3) The talk about the Dweller,  The Hungry Void and The Violet Gas are again follow ups from Aetherology,  so are the mentioning of Crawlers and Gum Toads btw. Again it's hard to say if this has any relation to horrors.

4) The talk about a Locus and the bridge are most definitely at least somewhat related to horrors,  with the bridge being very directly linked to them as per the Dragonheart saga and Aetherology.

All in all there are some links to horrors in there but it seems to be indirect for the most part,  at least according to the information we currently have. Though it is curious that all of this is lumped together under the Elder Gods heading. There's definitely some comparisons possible between the Elder Gods in the Lovecraftian sense and the horrors.
I like Anarchy.  It allows things to happen much faster, I think, but I just got back into Shadowrun this year.  I just ran a oneshot with new players and 6 on 5 combat took less than 30 minutes, miniatures and everything.  I think the combat rules section in Shadowrun 2nd edition might be longer than the entire Anarchy mechanical ruleset (apart from the list and pregens and such).

On the other hand I'm in the process of recrunchifying parts of it. I'm converting 2nd edition cyberware and spells (I like the 2050s) and making master lists of stuff .  Also going to liberalize all the amp limitations, and am working on a karma based build system which I need to play balance better (195 karma point Physical adept is starting off with 18 dice in unarmed combats and has killing hands that start off at 7P damage when most people have like 12P total health- one shot, one kill, maybe even through armor)  with the goal of not having any attribute, skill or amp limits, just take the chunk of karma and build what you want.   We'll be adding back rudimentary drain as well.
General Discussion / Re: Any interest in intro light SR5 house rules?
« Last post by SITZKRIEG on (23:42:04/01-20-18) »
I fully admit that this may be a case of a solution looking for a problem but Anarchy just isn't close enough for me personally.  It has terms in common as well as a version of the core mechanic but the rest IMO feels like the different ruleset it is (mechanically let alone the feel of a narrative game vs a traditional SR ruleset  That's not a dig on either the narrative style nor the mechanics but I'm not sure they a good stepping stone directly into a traditional SR game which is what I'm interested in; they feel more like a permanent replacement for groups looking for less crunch.  I'm looking for something more akin to the similarities between for instead D&D3e and the old D&D Miniatures ruleset whereas I feel like Anarchy are as similar as D&D1e and 4e instead.  Please not that I'm *NOT* saying that the rules will be 3e based nor that minis will be required but rather using the example for a gauge of the differences.  YMMV.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Lockdown discussion (spoilers)
« Last post by cyclopean on (23:21:51/01-20-18) »
I ran a 6 month-ish long (irl) Lockdown arc, I added a bunch of side missions and stuff from the Shadowrun Chronicles game but mostly used NPC's and locations from the book. There's a ton of good material in there, especially in the first-person fiction chapter of that journal (i can't remember the character's name). We definitely focused more on the cyberhorror aspect than survival (but this team had done a lot of Chicago missions so they kinda knew how to get situated in that kind of environment). It was super fun and had a ton of really memorable moments. They ended up escaping through the MIT+T "Gateway" project and getting sent on a deep metaplanes journey, which was a blast. For prep I made a master list of NPC's + locations + gangs/factions/etc, and then plotted all that stuff out on a map of modern Boston and surrounding area based on rough descriptions from the book.
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