Author Topic: Need help building the ultimate support techno  (Read 96 times)


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Need help building the ultimate support techno
« on: (16:27:16/03-16-17) »
So this is my first attempt at a shadowrun character. No one in my group has gone decker, we have a rigger who dabbles, but no one that's mainly matrix. I really like the flavor of the techno, but so far everything I've seen says that deckers are way better direct hackers, where as technos have a bag of tricks at their disposal. So I figured why not leave the majority of the hacking to my sprites and focus primarily on being the ultimate VR overwatch and support character. After all the techno seems to have more supporting power than almost any other class between diagnostics, gremlins, using sprites to do all the usual decker support tricks, and the fact that a techno pretty much wants every mental attribute anyway so why not toss leadership into the mix.

Our dm is allowing me to submerge and use special attribute points to increase my resonance with it, so I took advantage and grabbed the Baby Monitor program so I can easily manage my overwatch score and never leave the matrix.

This is what i've got so far:

Spoiler (hover to show)


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Re: Need help building the ultimate support techno
« Reply #1 on: (09:49:14/03-17-17) »
Skinlink >>>>>>>>>>>>>Baby Monitor.  Overwatch Score never matters, it's very easy to manage, especially for a Techno.  Grab Cleaner as a CF if you're worried about your Overwatch Score and just keep it at 0.  Most of what a Technomancer does, doesn't generate an Overwatch Score anyway.   

See Sig for recommended TM builds.  I do like the Cheerleader Technomancer Concept.  It's just that your Machine Sprites can buff so much more than you can, and squeezing in the Leadership and Charisma gives up a lot.  IMO.  I've tried building the Cheerleader TM, but was never really happy with it.  You're giving up on hacking stuff to get more buffing things when you're already the king of buffing things.  Just never seemed like a good trade off to me, but YMMV.