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Author Topic: Plans for books  (Read 219 times)


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Plans for books
« on: (00:59:02/03-04-17) »
Essentially, I'd like to ask two questions:

- Are there any plans for revisiting Europe in greater detail in any upcoming supplements? I'm halfway through Shadows of Europe and it's pretty good, it'd be great to see what happened in the last 10 years, at least with the major plots.

- Similarly, is there a book in the pipeline for 5e dealing with great dragons? At least on the rule side, if their plots are incorporated in the campaign books? Or are they deemed "whatever the GM wants" in 5e?



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Re: Plans for books
« Reply #1 on: (20:07:28/03-04-17) »
Europe was partly cover in 4ed but sadly only in the French and German. In German, there is a comprehensive updates on all Germany (in 4ed and 5ed), plus a complete guide on Berlin 2074 along with one for the Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex. On the other side of the Rhin river, France has augmented several guide book from 4ed with chapter about France (like Feral Cities have a section on Lille I think and Capital of Shadows has one on Marseille), plus the German/French book on SOX includes (on the French side) an update on the political mess around happening in late 2071...

All of those 4ed updates are shrink to the bare minimal and stuffed like a jar of cookie in South Park's Cartman mouth in the 6th World Almanac (4ed)

(no time to check books names and what is in what so to take this list more as a start point)


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Re: Plans for books
« Reply #2 on: (22:06:40/03-04-17) »
No one can say. You just have to wait for future official announcements to learn more about what is in the pipeline.


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Re: Plans for books
« Reply #3 on: (00:37:22/03-05-17) »
I see. Thanks for answering!

 Shadows of Europe is really a great book, especially since I'm a Hungarian and it's good to have material for the old continent besides the usual USA-centered stuff. Lots of great story hooks in that book,  it'd be really-really great to have an extensive update for them, I'm sure it'd be a well-received supplement.

 Even the incorporation of existing stuff from the old SoE book would be great. I'm also started reading Street Grimoire and don't really understood how the University of Prague didn't get mentioned in the first chapter, like at all. Something happened with it in the past 10 years, or was it just neglected?