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Author Topic: Reality envy  (Read 174 times)

Brian Orcus

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Reality envy
« on: (23:02:42/11-27-16) »
The 6th World is not a nice place It has all the problems of this world with a whole bunch of new one stacked on top. Evil people have all the power or the hunger to take what power remains from everyone they can reach. But those same evil people are your only hope for clean water, regular food and roof over your head. Go too far out corporate control and you're just as likely to wind up on an infected's plate as a bug spirit's hive. And law enforcement is so corrupt and useless it may as well be Tennessee* or some other criminal state. The freest people in the 6th world are (as we all know) shadowrunners, but even they are subject to the nuyen and how low they're prepared to stoop to get it.

But that's enough telling you what you already know. Instead, I'm going to tel you something you already know: There are people in this world who know what the 6th world is from the out side, and wish they were a part of it.

Probably the only thing that surprises me more than the fact that there are people who would prefer to live in a world that I have just described is the fact that I'm one of them. I call this sensation "reality envy"**. So, as my first act as a member of this forum, I'd like to ask you all how you feel. Do you wish you lived in the 6th world to?

*I live in Tennessee and have first hand experience with the criminal syndicate that uses law enforcement as a front. It is literally more dangerous to Americans then Islamic terrorism.
**Or at least that's what I call it. I'm too lazy to try and find the real term for it  ::)


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Re: Reality envy
« Reply #1 on: (21:12:55/11-28-16) »
I grew up in about as close as this world gets to the world of SR. At least in that universe I'd have a chance to make my abusers spontaneously combust, with my woman-beating, grave-desecrating ex at the top of that list. That, or in the case I'm not lucky enough to awaken, bat the lashes of my big blue eyes and get a street mage to do it for me.

Hell, I started playing SR as a form of therapy. It's proven surprisingly effective.
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Well, drek. Looks like Timmy fell into the Dissonance Well again.

Brian Orcus

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Re: Reality envy
« Reply #2 on: (00:55:48/11-29-16) »
That would be a benefit. I can think of a few nouns I'd like to change the state of. Like my mother used to say, "some day somebody's gonna get about 10 people's ass whuppens."