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Re: Run Faster Errata
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Yeah, that was how it was supposed to come across.

I guess I should try to get something done today while I'm able to get on this site again. Oi.
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Re: Run Faster Errata
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What is up with the website anyway?  I've never seen a forum so unreliable before.

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Re: Run Faster Errata
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Someone asked me the question what happens, when you reach the natural maximum in one attribute of your character within the Life Module system? The rules specify what happens to skills that reached level 9 (add points beyond that to another skill in the same skillgroup), but as far as I can see it doesn't mention the attributes.
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Re: Run Faster Errata
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So in priority-gen, does an Adept that becomes a Nosferatu have to pay for their power points in the same manner as a mystic adept?
Once they become mystic adepts, they play by mystic adept rules.

So what happens to the power points they already acquired?  Do they have to spend karma to repurchase something they started with?  What about the power point metamagic?

My guess is they keep them but it goes into the negative karma pool that they have to pay off from getting infected before spending new karma.
At least I think that is how it works.
So in the short term, great, you get some extra abilities, but its going to be a LONG time before you get any earned karma building up.