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Rules and such / Re: Missions Legal?
« Last post by grffnhwk on (12:55:13/06-24-17) »
Per the FAQ at

It looks like standard priority only to keep things uniform and simple between characters.
Errata / Re: Holsters for Thrown Weapons
« Last post by Iron Serpent Prince on (12:40:55/06-24-17) »
"Dire need for an errata?"  No, not really.

But with the inclusion of the Rapid Draw Adept Power (pg 173, Street Grimoire) it does open up the area of a "properly holstered" weapon.

While it appears to be generally hand waved that any weapon can be properly holstered for free...  A Thrown Weapon Adept would be interested in getting the concealed and / or quick draw options.  And it gets worse when you expand from the shuriken / throwing knife arena into grenades, javelins, throwing syringes, mono-bolas, etc....
Errata / Re: Can a Technomancer / Sprite Run Silent?
« Last post by Iron Serpent Prince on (12:34:19/06-24-17) »
PS: I don't think that's the correct subforum for such a question... (see here)

This was the forum I was directed to post in... (see here)

Thank you for the info.  I did miss that.
Rules and such / Re: Help with drone questions
« Last post by Sphinx on (12:25:25/06-24-17) »

MadMonkey the rigger has three MCT-Nissan Roto-Drones (p.466), called Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie. He starts combat already jumped into Alfa. Bravo and Charlie already have standing instructions to follow him and shoot at whatever target he shoots at.

MadMonkey’s Matrix Initiative is 11 (Data Processing 6 + Intuition 5). He rolls 4D6 initiative dice (hot simsense) and gets 14, so his Initiative Score this turn is 25. His drones substitute their Pilot rating for both Data Processing and Intuition, so their Matrix Initiative is 6 (Pilot 3 + Pilot 3). They each roll 4D6 initiative dice (see “Drone Initiative,” p.270) and all get the same result, 16 (amazing coincidence!), so their Initiative Score is 22. (Alfa rolls initiative same as the others, but takes no actions while MadMonkey is jumped in. When Monkey jumps to another drone, Alfa’s pilot program resumes control on its next action.)

Drivers must spend at least one Complex Action every Combat Turn driving their vehicle or it becomes uncontrolled (see “Actions,” p.202). It doesn’t have to be on the first initiative pass, but MadMonkey decides to get it out of the way. He rolls Pilot Aircraft 4 + Reaction 4 + Control Rig 2 = 10 dice, and gets 3 hits (well within the drone’s Handling of 4 + Control Rig 2 = limit 6). Bravo and Charlie roll their Maneuvering Autosoft 3 + Pilot Rating 3 = 6 dice, and get 4 hits and 1 hit. The GM looks at the Vehicle Test Threshold Table (p.199) and Terrain Modifiers Table (p.201), and decides that 1 hit is enough for now.

On the second initiative pass, MadMonkey has his target in view (an armored troll security guard) and opens fire with the FN-HAR assault rifle mounted on his rotodrone. He chooses a Long Burst, firing 6 rounds, giving the troll –5 to its defense test (see “Firing Mode Table,” p.180); Recoil Compensation from the FN-HAR (p.428) and the drone’s Body rating (see “Vehicle and Drone Mounted Weapons,” p.176) cancels out the recoil from the Long Burst. He rolls Gunnery 6 + Logic 4 + Control Rig 2 = 12 dice and gets 4 hits (less that the weapon’s accuracy). The troll’s defense test is Reaction 3 + Intuition 3 – Long Burst 5 = 1 die, no hits. The troll has to resist 10P + 4 net hits = 14P damage (–2 AP). The troll’s damage resistance test is Body 7 + Full Body Armor w/ Helmet 18 + Armor Penetration (–2) + troll natural armor 1 = 24 dice, for 9 hits. He takes 5 boxes of damage.

Alfa takes no action while MadMonkey is jumped in, but Bravo and Charlie follow his lead, firing long bursts, rolling their Targeting Autosoft 3 + Pilot Rating 3 [Accuracy 5] vs. the troll’s defense pool of zero (after factoring the penalty for “Defender Has Defended Against Previous Attacks,” p.189). Bravo gets 2 hits; Charlie gets 3 hits. Troll now has an additional 12P and 13P damage (–2 AP) to reduce. He gets 10 and 8 hits, taking 2 and 5 more boxes (12 boxes total), and he tumbles bleeding to the deck with a full physical damage track.

On the third and final initiative pass, MadMonkey jumps out of Alfa into VR with his first Simple Action (see “Taking the Jump,” p.266). With his second Simple Action, he orders Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie to continue attacking, firing Semi-Auto (because of cumulative recoil) at targets with the same armor pattern as the troll (see “Group Command and Jumping Around, p.267). The GM decides to roll Pilot Rating x2 = 6 dice for each drone to make sure they understand the complicated instruction, getting 3, 2, and zero hits (see “Pilot Programs,” p.269). Alfa and Bravo understand, but Charlie is confused, so it hovers and does nothing. Alfa gets to act this pass because MadMonkey has already jumped out by the time its turn comes up in the initiative order. Alpha and Bravo choose random targets among the armored security forces and fire single shots, rolling Targeting Autosoft 3 + Pilot Rating 3 + recoil (–1) vs. Reaction 3 + Intuition 3, getting zero and 2 net hits. One security guard has to soak 12P/–2 damage.
Errata / Re: Can a Technomancer / Sprite Run Silent?
« Last post by RiggerBob on (12:12:18/06-24-17) »
Switching to silent running does not require a device, sprites are personas (as are agents, that can therefor run silent (or not) independently from your deck's persona).

"You  can  switch  your  commlink,  deck,  other  device, or  persona  (including  your  living  persona,  technomancers)  to  silent  running." (Core, p235)

PS: I don't think that's the correct subforum for such a question... (see here)
Play-by-Post / Re: Alea Iacta Est (OOC)
« Last post by GloriousRuse on (11:55:07/06-24-17) »
General Impressions:

Anarchy seems to mostl work well with PbP in of that it encourages longer, fuller posts and scene advancement per "move", avoiding the fatal slowness of many PbP games. We've seen that.

I think that as a group we are just beginning to appreciate the fact that we are also mini-gms, and have narrative control. As that increases, we should start to see an even leaner form of PbP in terms of useful:filler posts.

Re: plot points. So there's basically two times you can use plot points, in the narrative or in combat. In combat, if the GM is playing "fair for a GM", having, essentially, six extra edge per player seems anti-dramatic. Which may be just the thing for a John Woo style game, but less so here. The other major use is basically seizing control of the narrative. I get the sense that is a more important role in real time and once you begin to narrate more than your own character. We won't ever go real time and therefore pro ably won't use plot points for interrupting and refocusing - however I do think we may see more "beyond the character" narrations and therefore plot points used, in the future.

Combat: Is the weak point. It very rapidly degenerates into a long, slow, dice off with little room for flair beyond the descriptive. Armor is partly to blame, as is I think the player desire not to have their "cool maneveur" automatically work every time and hence a reluctance to use them. To be honest this may be a PbP fault more than an Anarchy - I like the simpler action sequence, and other than mega armor it should be faster

. I recommend we put together a few examples of things beyond "I roll my attack dice" that would be considered within reasonable player control and yet would alter the situation. Things you would do naturally in a 5E game if you weren't stairs you were deus ex-ing the world in your favor.

Armor rules heavily favor NPCs. Since PCs will presumably go through multiple engagements before "topping off" again, every armor hit point lost is a permanent loss while the NPCs start with 1.5 or more "hits" extra than normal. Which would be in keeping with every game ever, except for the fact the now 3 attack minimum NPCs will all get a chance to wade in. The net effect is that combat starts feeling very D&D grind out the HP while conserving your own, and less Shadowrun "and six seconds later, everyone in the room was having a very bad day".
The Secret History / Re: Horrors
« Last post by lokii on (11:18:04/06-24-17) »
The point is sunrise is an example of a natural cycle with little fluctuation. Of course it is place-dependent, that does not mean your movement causes sunrise to be early or late in any given point on Earth. Forget about sunrise, just think of one rotation of the planet. Note this cycle does drift over time (tidal friction), it also does fluctuate but by way less than .1%. The revolution of the Earth around the Sun would be another example. There is no universal rule that every natural cycle can be expected to vary by the same x percent of its period.
Awesome, thank you Marzhin!
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Crossbow on (10:01:28/06-24-17) »
Jane still seems to be trying to take it all in as to what happened while she was out.  She finally seems to reach a decision, "We should move down the road a bit, before any scavengers come lurking around, we will take the boys with us and rest up there, but we realy need to get moving to Lagos.  That sound good to everyone?"

With Ahmjay back behind the wheel of the ailing MaxxPro and the two boys packed in as well, you find a suitable clearing with a small stream up the road.  From the signs, you can guess that this is where your ambushers must have been based before their unfortunate encounter with your group.

There is nothing unusual to be found, just a good place to rest up and get yourselves ready to deal with the pirates.
General Discussion / Re: Present day Tir Tairngire
« Last post by Longshot23 on (08:52:24/06-24-17) »
. . . . and one 'chapter' of Shadows of North America - otherwise there's too big a narrative hole.
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