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Play-by-Post / Re: Bye, Bye Blackbird IC
« Last post by Qwikfix on (22:14:55/04-29-17) »
Arc sighed, cracking a bit of a smirk at Blackbird's remarks as she leaned forward, her shoulders visibly slumped a bit as she lowered her head, her red hair shifting to cover a bit of her face as she did so.  "Tch, ya make it sound easy...but I have a car at home, don't need another one.  Beshides, we hiring theshe coyotes to get us home.  It'sh their job, important becaushe I don't recall getting a passhport to get here, ya feel?  We can figure drek out once we meet them and decide then."

She took in a deep breath, closing her eyes.  "I'll drive if I need to..but I'm wiped, Blackbird.  That escape...took everything I ever learned with th'Howlersh.  If I have to do that again..."  She bit her lip, looking away.  "There's more at shtake here, is all I'm sayin'"
General Discussion / Re: I think I found the cure for CFD!
« Last post by Mirikon on (22:06:17/04-29-17) »
I'm gonna have to disagree on your list of 'best' ways to deal with threats, DeathStrobe.

Normal spirits? Yes, magic is your best bet. But Bugs and Shedim? No. Any bug too strong to get taken down by an AK-97 firing capsule rounds of KE IV insecticide, or a Shedim too tough to get taken down by a grenade launcher on SA, is going to eat your mage for breakfast (perhaps literally). The best bet for bugs and shedim if you can't use violence is to de-ass the area immediately, and let someone with a higher caliber of violence take care of it.

For the rest, I'm a D&D player. That's where I started. You don't target the Cleric's Will save, the Fighter's Fort save, or the Rogue's Ref save. You just don't. That's stupid. Same with the threats you're talking about. You don't fight Pax or the uber AIs in the Matrix. You fight them in the meat, where you have hellaciously more options than they do, and you aren't playing to their strengths.

For CFD, the best counter is thermobaric munitions.
Shadow Run character creation can be challenging.

Its a system that is punishing to generalists & punishing to specialists.

Either for not being good enough at anything or for not being good at enough things.

I like your character concept, the Ork Ganger Adept is one I've toyed with myself & I think you've got a lot of potential here.

But I really think you've overspecialized into this Road Warrior role.

To me you should either be a Rigger & drop the samurai/adept feel, or, focus on being more of a samurai & still keep a love of bikes, etc.

I would probably change your priority build a bit too.......


B7, A6, R5(7), S4, W3, L1, I5, C2              Being a street ganger you don't have much in the Mental/Social area but you are intuitive about what is going on around you & have to be to live on the streets.

Ork-7 + Adept-2 = Edge-4, Magic-6, Power Points-6          It cost you some mental attributes, but I feel the Edge/Magic of this set up is going to be better in the long run

Skills got a nice boost going from D to C  (I never take D skills unless its combined with the skills from Magicians at A/B.
28 + 2 Group

I am pushing more into a Samurai/Infiltrator feel for a ganger used to doing B&E jobs.
The skills are very appropriate for a Shadowrunner as well & still used some Karma for a level of Piloting to go with the motorcycle.

Automatics-6  (Machine Pistols+2)   (12/14d+0-4)
Blades-6  (Knives+2)    (12/14d+0-4)
Perception-6  (Mentor+2)   (Visual+2)    (13/15d)
Sneaking-6  (Urban+2)     (12/14d+0-4)
Group-Athletics-2   (6d or 8d+0-4

(I was going to buy Piloting Ground Craft at 2 Karma but w/ JoAT you might as well buy it post Chargen for 1 Karma)

Power Points-6
0.0  Combat Sense-1
2.5  Improved Reflexes-2
1.0  Traceless Walk
0.5  Heightened Concern
0.5  Improved Critical-Blades
0.5  Motion Sense
0.5  Rapid Draw
0.25  Agility Boost-1
0.25  Hang Time-1
0.25  Increased Accuracy-Automatics
0.25  Kiai-1

Positive Qualities:   Same here, kept some feel of the biker while moving to a Samurai/Infiltrator type feel to fit in w/ SR better.
Agile Defender-3
Mentor Spirit (Eagle)-5
Speed Demon-3
Steely Eyed Wheel Man-2

I would think long & hard about some of those Negative qualities.
They basically make you unsuitable as a group member for doing any sort of social infiltration which is the kind of thing that goes w/ lots of jobs.

Assuming you take a full does of Negative Qualities you have 35 Karma to spend
15-Charisma-3   (18 Contacts  6/1-Fixer, 2/3-Gang Member, 4/2-Mafia Consigliere )
20-Adept Way   (Adjust Power Point costs when way chosen)

Bike:   I like the Mirage but this guy needs something beefy while still fast.  Harley Nightmare from Rigger 5.0
General Discussion / Re: I think I found the cure for CFD!
« Last post by on (19:22:24/04-29-17) »
Magic shouldn't be able to counter CFD.

The setting has WAY too much reliance on magic for all it's threats and cures. So it'd be nice if the new technological threat did not have a magical solution.

Magic fights magic. Resonance fights Resonance. It'd make more thematic sense that AIs and nanite would be able to cure the AI/nanite threat.

With Bugs and Shedim, magic is your best solution.

Back when it was Ex Pacis, you'd use your own Otaku.

When it was Deus, you had 2 other AIs there.

I'm just saying, you fight fire with fire.
Fire? Fire.
Gear / Re: Modular Limbs
« Last post by Kiirnodel on (19:22:24/04-29-17) »
That is my understanding, yes.
Hello everyone

I been playing around with Chummer and reading up on a lot of the books to get everything right. This character is one I personally like yet it's still not complete due to I have like 19k I still haven't spent. It says program is character is good for playing yet honestly I think he still needs work. So that's why I'm here to get help to improve my character creation. I normally like Prime Runner creation since it seems with Standard it's really leaning on Humans being good no matter what really while everything else is losing something out on something.

I've always been drawn towards Adapts yet I also liked the whole vehicle aspect as well. The whole combat biker / go ganger interested my as I was reading through the books learning up on what works with what. The idea of an Orc Adapt Go Ganger just seemed right. He started out as a reckless gambler, but at this point he's setup more like to the bad stereotypes of how Orcs act. So I know this character isn't suited for more traditional runs since he's more so a detriment to the group unless they're fighting or on the roadways off the bat.

Name: Kane Chirgnok
Alias: Roadripper
Orc male
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 275

Priority: BACDE


Bod: 6
Agi: 5
Rea: 5 (7)
Str: 5
Cha: 1
Int: 5
Log: 5
Wil: 5
Edg: 4
Mag: 5


Positive: Adapt, Low-Light Vision
Agile Defender, Ambidextrous, Daredevil, Mentor Spirit (Shark), Speed Demon, Steely Eyed Wheelman, Stunt Driver, Vehicle Empathy.

Negative: Antipathy, Did You Just Call Me Dumb?, Distinctive Style, Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker), Uncouth.

Active Skills:

Armorer: Base - 2; Pool - 7 (9) firearms (bought with karma)
Automatics: Base - 5; Pool - 10 (12) Submachine Guns
Automotive Mechanic: Base - 1; Pool - 6 ( 8 )
Blades: Base - 3; Pool - 8 (10) Swords
Gymnastics: Base - 1; Pool - 6 (bought with karma)
Navigation: Base - 1; Pool - 6
Perception: Base - 2; Pool - 7 (9) Visual
Pilot Ground Craft: Base - 4; Pool - 12 (14)
Survival: Base - 1; Pool - 6
Throwing Weapons: Base - 1; Pool - 6 ( 8 ) Non-Aerodynamic
Unarmed Combat:  Base - 2; Pool - 9 (11) Martial Arts (bought with karma)

Other active skills in chummer are either naturally 0 or 4, I got 2, 5's out of the Body stat. A 7 in pilot watercraft from Reaction

Knowledge Skills:

Area Knowledge: Seattle: Base - 2; Pool - 7 (9) Everett

Bars and Clubs: Base - 1; Pool - 6 ( 8 ) Biker

Blade Design: Base - 1; Pool - 6

English: Base - 1; Pool - 6

Fight Clubs: Base - 1; Pool - 6

Firearms: Base - 2; Pool - 7(9) Automatics

Law Enforcement Procedures (Street): Base - 1; Pool - 6

Mechanics: Base - 1; Pool - 6( 8 ) Automotive

Sprawl Life: Base - 1; Pool - 6

Street Gangs: Seattle: Base - 1; Pool - 6( 8 ) Red Rovers

Vehicles: Base - 2; Pool - 7(9) Bikes

Martial Arts:
Boxing (Brawler Style) w/ Haymaker.

Physical - 8
Mental - 7
Social - 5
Astral - 7

Adapt Powers:

Power Points - 5
Killing Hands - Free from Shark
Danger Sense - 2
Combat Sense - 1
Enhanced Accuracy (automatics)
Improved Reflexes 2
Motion Sense
Nimble Fingers
Rapid Draw

Street Gear:

Lifestyle: Haven't really set that up yet I still have like 19k left to just burn.


Bike Racing Armor: Non-conductivity (rating 6), Faraday and Concealed Pocket.

Bike Racing Helmet: Vision Enhancement (rating 2), Flare Compensation, Sound link, Gas Mask.

Cloak: Fire Resistance (rating 6)

Forearm Guards: Shock Weave


Knucks(weighted gloves)

Plasteel Toe Boots

Vibro Sword: Melee Hardening, Personalized Grip, Gecko Grip, Custom Look 

Survival Knife: Melee Hardening, Personalized Grip

AK-97 Karabiner: Vintage, Gas-Vent 3 System, Laser Sight, Melee Hardening, Personalized Grip, Gecko Grip, Sling. Extended Clip(I'm unsure if the extended clips work with spare clips for this in the gear tab)

Ares Crusader MP 6: Vintage, Gas-Vent 3 System, Laser Sight, Personalized Grip. 

10 Fragmentation, 5 Flash-paks and 10 Flashbangs

Gear: (a lot of this I'm unsure with it's why I didn't add ammo because I don't know which type I should be carrying APDS and Hollow points may sense yet I'm unsure.)

Transys Avalon
3 Holsters
Quick-Draw Holster
Backpack w/ Reloading Rail
Certified Credstick, Gold
5 Fake Licenses (Rating 4) - Adapt, Driver, Firearms, Weapon, Explosives
Fake SIN (Rating 4)
6 Spare Clips (AK-97 Karabiner)
4 Spare Clips (Ares Crusader MP 6)
Earbuds (Rating 3) - Select Sound Filter (Rating 1), Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
Survival Kit
2 Tool kits - Automotive Mechanic, Armorer
Goggles (Rating 5) - Flare Compensation, Image Link, Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)


Suzuki Mirage: Racing Tires (Rating 6), Smoke Projector (Thermal), Metahuman Adjustment (Rating 1), Oil Slick Sprayer, Handing Enhancement (Rating 1), Armor (Concealed) (Rating 1), Anti-Theft System (Rating 2), Electromangetic Shielding. Sensor Array (Rating 2)

Thank you all for any help in advance.
Virtual Underworld 93 / Re: [IC] Virtual Underworld 93
« Last post by The Wyrm Ouroboros on (18:41:44/04-29-17) »
>>>>>[ There was.  They interfered; they are no longer amongst the living, or even the intact.  That one of the targets on the 27th worked for Horizon ... I will presume was immaterial to my purposes.  Otherwise my list will get longer instead of shorter.
          One more to go here.  Mirikon, if you can ask the woman whom I took diving with the meistersingers if she's available for the next month, I would ask the same of you.  One of my targets is extraplanar. ]<<<<<
          -- Shugyōsha (18:41:52/04-29-2079)
Robyn nods.  "Got it.  I can go there now if we are ready.  Maybe you can wait here or out in the hallway there and let me break the news to him or do you want to actually be in the room with me when I bust him?"
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e IC] Storm Force Whisper [2076 Game Thread]
« Last post by adamu on (16:45:47/04-29-17) »
"Second that, toots. What say ya dig us up some proper schematics? That or squeeze yer new friend for 'em. All my time in this sorta place's been on Proteus rigs - no tellin' how them Evo hippies done built theirs. Goin' in without a plan's one thing, but we'll improvise a helluva lot better, we got they files at our fingertips. Pre-plan an exfil or to, at any rate."

He picked up his empty bone china plate and began licking the mixture of egg yolk and maple syrup off ot it. Then he lowered it, a spot of the cloudy-golden mixture on the tip of his broken nose, and said, "Hell, now that we's on a first-name basis with Mr. Maintenance, he should have access ta freakin' ever'thin'. Little extra cred might go a long way there..."
General Discussion / Re: I think I found the cure for CFD!
« Last post by EiraHaexa on (16:37:51/04-29-17) »
A global economic meltdown is pretty much inevitable. The shadowrun economy runs on capitalism gone mad. Capitalism depends on constant economic growth, which is utterly unsustainable in the long run.
I'll just point out that there have been two hard resets on the global economy in the Shadowrun timeline, and we're only 20 years after the last one.

I know, and it'll keep happening over and over because the powers that be are too arrogant and greedy (read: stupid) to learn. They'll just keep screwing themselves, and guess who gets to pay for it again? If you guessed "the little guy", then DING! Right again!
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