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Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by farothel on (16:21:06/06-26-17) »
Sammy was glad they could rest up a bit, although she didn't really like this location. 
"I'm going to rest up a bit," she said to the rest, "so I can summon a spirit to hide us during the night.  You know, we've done it before, but since I'm on my own, we will have to stay in the truck and then I'll conceal the truck.  It has to be that way since I can't summon up a spirit that can conceal all of us."

She tried to rest up as much as possible even before nightfall in order to get rid of her headache, before she tries the summoning.  As soon as it was dark, she summoned a spirit.  At first she didn't get any response, but her second try got a spirit of air.
"Okay, everybody in the truck and then I can conceal it," she said, "because if you stay out, you will probably not see it anymore."

As soon as everybody was inside the truck, she asked the spirit to conceal it until morning and as a second service to materialise and warn if people or large critters noticed the truck.

Spoiler (hover to show)
Gear / Re: Sensor in Armor
« Last post by gradivus on (16:09:32/06-26-17) »
The other thing I don't get.

I can buy ultrasound[5] as headware for 60k.

For about the same price I could buy a cyberarm w/AGI 9 and armor[3] for about 44k used.
Then for 5k put in a sensor array[5] that can have the ultrasound plus 7 other sensor functions.
That leaves 9k and 3 spaces for other uses.

Ummm, granted the arm cost 1.25ess vs the .25 of the Headware.

The only thing going for the Headware is that it can go to rating 6 (for another 12k ) while the sensor housing table limits cyberlimbs to rating 5.
Character creation and critique / Re: Black Magician
« Last post by Marcus on (15:05:00/06-26-17) »
Interesting choices. What creation method did you use?
What meta type is this? I'm guessing human, based on the attribute line, perhaps Elf might be more useful?
Aptitude Binding is a very interesting choice. I'm not sure it's the most effective way to go, but it certainly has style to it.
What no foci?

The Secret History / Re: Horrors
« Last post by Reaver on (15:03:58/06-26-17) »
Actually the point was the length of cycle and natural variations on that pattern.

Yes, some things can be tracked very closely, but even those measurements are not entirely precise... sometimes cause it just doesn't matter. (Like sunrises. They are getting longer because the earth is slowing down! Both it's rotation on it's axis AND around the sun! - Just very slowly)

When looking at a cycle that is 12000+ years long a change of a couple of decades is a blink of an eye!
So really, how much effect doe these actions have?
Character creation and critique / Re: Tin Man- Combat Decker
« Last post by Marcus on (14:58:11/06-26-17) »
Yeah I think skill A looks kinda like overkill to me.

Your goal for Cyber-combat is bricking devices?  That spec choice is one I always find interesting.

It's nice to see a concept that get good value out of redliner.
Character creation and critique / Black Magician
« Last post by Nautilust on (14:51:15/06-26-17) »
This character is supposed to be an expert at contractual magic, and binding/summoning, aswell as able to provide combat support, and function as a backup face for the party.
I was wondering what you guys thought, how could i make the character better?


Physical 4
Mental 5
Social 8
Astral 8

Positive Qualities
Animal Familiar (Free)
Aptitude (Binding)
Dark Ally (Boggle)
Mentor Spirit (Dark King)

Negative Qualities
Poor Self Control (Sadistic)
Social Appearance Anxiety (Rating 3)

Animal Handling 5
Arcana 6
Assensing 3
Binding 7
Con 3
Etiquette 5 (Skill Group)
Intimidation 3
Leadership 5 (Skill Group)
Negotiation 5 (Skill Group)
Perception 1
Ritual Spellcasting 6
Spellcasting 6
Summoning 6

Knowledge Skills
Awakened Hangouts 1 (Carribean League
English N
Magical Theory 1 (Conjuring)
Shadow Community 1 (Safe Houses)
Spirits 3 (Man)
Syndicates 1 (Carribean League)
Underworld 2

Increase (Charisma)
Increase Inherent Limits
Increase Reflexes
Increase (Reaction)

Calling (Fae)
Create Ally Spirit
Ritual of Change
Spirit Pact

Fixer Connection 3/Loyalty 2
Mercenary Alchemist Connection 2/Loyalty 2
Paramed Connection 2/Loyalty 2
Talismonger Connection 2/Loyalty 4

Low (Dangerous Area/Obscure) 1m

Armor Jacket
Vashon Island: Ace of Coins

Meta Link
Magical Lodge Materials (Rating 6)
Fake SIN (Rating 3)
450 Reagents, per dram
Fake Liscense (Rating 3) (Mage Liscense)
Play-by-Post / Re: Alea Iacta Est (OOC)
« Last post by GloriousRuse on (14:01:36/06-26-17) »
I may also suggest that we have a small communal map maintained for combat related things. It does not have to be to scale, or anything that would make this a war game, but as a helpful visual aid and as something to give players some tactical options.

Side note of nerding: not having a map created some very kriegspiel moments this time through. While an excellent example of how even super simple reports quickly become a confused blur, I think we're willing to sacrifice that in return for fidelity of action
Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker [IC]
« Last post by gilga on (13:51:11/06-26-17) »
(Any love for Anna's smalltalk with the health bar girl?)
Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker [IC]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (13:13:42/06-26-17) »
Leggio found himself facing the trolls large boot just millimeters away from his face. With a deliberate step, he left the circle and bowed.
"That was pretty remarkable - and as much as it pains me, I have to admit that you are probably above my ability to counter you in a fair hand to hand fight."
There was a slightly muffled giggle from the black haired female guard.
Leggio frowned and continued. "That was a remarkable bit of control on your part  - where did you learn that?"
Spoiler (hover to show)
Character creation and critique / Tin Man- Combat Decker
« Last post by gradivus on (13:11:28/06-26-17) »
There's 8 Karma left that can all be converted to nuyen (which will probably be what I do since he needs a commlink, subvocal mic, toolkit, medkit, etc.). 150nuyen left.
Etiquette 1, Engineering SG 1 and Athletic SG 1 bought with karma.
Finally, I'm not a big believer in Skills A- this will be the first one.
The plan is to buy most of the capacity filling stuff for the cyberlimbs w/run money.

 Personal Data ==
Street Name: Tin Man
Name: Unnamed Character
Movement: 6/12 (2m/hit)     Swim: 9 (1m/hit)     
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 7 (60 kg/40 kg)
Memory: 12
Nuyen: 1,150

== Priorities ==
Metatype: E,0
Attributes: C,2
Special: E,0
Skills: A,4
Resources: A,4

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 1 (3)
REA: 2 (3)
STR: 1 (3)
CHA: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 5 (7)
WIL: 5
EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   0.04
Initiative:                8 +2d6
Rigger Initiative:         8 +2d6
Astral Initiative:         
Matrix AR:                 8 +2d6
Matrix Cold:               5 + DP +3d6
Matrix Hot:                5 + DP +4d6
Physical Damage Track:     8
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  4 Unless you use the German Rules, then 6.
Mental:                    8
Social:                    4
   Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger [+1] (Must be visible)
Astral:                    8

== Active Skills ==
Aeronautics Mechanic     Base:  1          Pool:  8
Automatics (Submachine Guns) Base:  6          Pool: 16 (18)
Automotive Mechanic      Base:  1          Pool:  8
Biotechnology            Base:  6          Pool: 13
Computer (Matrix Perception) Base:  6          Pool: 13 (15)
Con (Fast Talk)          Base:  4          Pool:  6 (8)
Cybercombat (Devices)    Base:  2          Pool:  9 (11)
Cybertechnology          Base:  6          Pool: 13
Disguise                 Base:  4          Pool:  9
Electronic Warfare (Sensor Operations) Base:  2          Pool:  9 (11)
Etiquette                Base:  1          Pool:  3
First Aid                Base:  6          Pool: 13
Flight                   Base:  1          Pool:  8
Gymnastics               Base:  1          Pool:  11
Hacking (Hosts)          Base:  6          Pool: 13 (15)
Hardware (Jack Out)      Base:  6          Pool: 13 (15)
Industrial Mechanic      Base:  0          Pool:  8
Medicine                 Base:  6          Pool: 13
Nautical Mechanic        Base:  0          Pool:  8
Palming                  Base:  4          Pool: 11
Running                  Base:  1          Pool:  6
Sneaking                 Base:  4          Pool: 14
Software (Data Bombs)    Base:  6          Pool: 13 (15)
Swimming                 Base:  1          Pool:  6

== Knowledge Skills ==
20 points to spend

== Qualities ==
Biocompatability (Cyberware)
Codeblock (Brute Force)
Perfect Time
Weak Immune System

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Cerebral BoosterRating 2
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 6) (Left)[Used]
   + Customized AgilityRating 6
   + Enhanced AgilityRating 2
   + ArmorRating 3
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 6) (Right)[Used]
   + Customized AgilityRating 6
   + Enhanced AgilityRating 2
   + ArmorRating 3
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 6) (Left)[Used]
   + Customized AgilityRating 6
   + Enhanced AgilityRating 2
   + ArmorRating 3
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 6) (Right)[Used]
   + Customized AgilityRating 6
   + Enhanced AgilityRating 2
   + ArmorRating 3
Synaptic BoosterRating 1
Off course if the GM allows it, the datajack and antennae can go in the cyberlimb to save a very small amount of ess plus some nuyen

== Armor ==
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger      13
   + Chemical Protection 3
   + Custom Fit
   + Electrochromic Clothing
   + Fire Resistance 3
   + Newest Model
   + Nonconductivity 5
   + Ruthenium Polymer Coating
   + Biomonitor
   + Holster

== Weapons ==
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 6   Accuracy: 5   DV: 4S   AP: -   RC: 3

== Commlink ==
Little Hornet (Modified Array 5-3-1-1)
   + Bootstrap
   + Browse
   + Configurator
   + Edit
   + Encryption
   + Search
   + Shredder
   + Signal Scrub
   + Toolbox
   + Virtual Machine
   + Armor
   + Baby Monitor
   + Biofeedback
   + Biofeedback Filter
   + Blackout
   + Cat's Paw
   + Cloudless
   + Crash (Program)
   + Decryption
   + Defuse
   + Demolition
   + Detonator
   + Evaluate
   + Exploit
   + Fly on a Wall
   + Fork
   + Guard
   + Hammer
   + Hitchhiker
   + Lockdown
   + Mugger
   + Nuke-from-Orbit
   + Paintjob
   + Shell
   + Smoke and Mirrors
   + Sneak
   + Stealth
   + Swerve
   + Tantrum
   + Tarball
   + Track
   + Wrapper
   + Armor

== Gear ==
Fake SIN (Juan Valdez) Rating 4
   + Fake License (Cyberdeck License) Rating 3
   + Fake License (Firearms License) Rating 3
   + Fake License (Concealed
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