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Play-by-Post / Re: Alea Iacta Est (OOC)
« Last post by Tecumseh on (16:40:18/03-25-17) »
The advance through the woods is uneventful. As you get closer to the base, you can start to make out some additional details. Feel free to include these in your Narrations:

-An engineering officer and some civilian architects.
You don't see any of these. It's possible they are indoors, perhaps directing the earth movers, or perhaps they aren't there.

-An Ares Technician and Installation team.
Same as above. If they're there, they aren't outside in a blizzard in the middle of the night.

-Two major automated earth movers, setting base for the long term living and control buildings. There also appears to be a multitude of construction vehicles not currently in use at this time of night: cement mixers, bulldozers, scrapers, steamrollers, front loaders, excavators, cranes, and so on.
You can easily make out all of these. The earth movers are active, but not the rest of the vehicles.

-"About a platoon".
Again, nobody is outside. If you want sit in the blizzard and chill out (hurr, hurr) you might eventually see someone come out on patrol, but right now it appears that they're all inside in their warm, warm beds.

-Magic stuff, "watchers for certain, possible Class III paranormal animals".
There are a handful of watchers mindlessly on patrol. There are no paranormal animals visible at the moment, but they could also be inside, snuggled up under blankets. The earth spirits are very large (Great Spirits) and it's uncertain if they'll turn hostile in the event of a security breach or if they'll just keep working.

-On call network defense and support relationship with the blah blah blah.
Naturally, none of this is visible, but the short version is "expect deckers and magicians and spirits once it's obvious that something is amiss."

-Looked like a couple air and artillery defense vehicles were slated, but hadn't arrived yet.
You don't see any ground-to-air defenses. You do see a couple Ares Dragon helicopters. One looks like it's for cargo, the other is a  hybrid gunship/troop transport. Presumably there is a garage with drones somewhere. There aren't any flying drones out at the moment, perhaps due to the difficulty of flying in a blizzard. You do see two GM-Nissan Dobermans making the rounds (separately).

-Basic chain link fence. Strongpoint Automated Engagement Systems (aka, turrets) covering it.
This is half correct. You see the turrets but the fence is more than just chain link. In addition to motion sensors (which are probably turned off during the storm to save the security detail the hassle of resetting dozens of false positive readings), it is also electrified (however this is probably turned off too to avoid the possibility of lightning strikes). Oh, and there's monowire running across the top. If you cut through the fence instead of going over it, you can bypass the monowire.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Mercy Merchant on (16:19:10/03-25-17) »
Since Snow is lower in the initiative score than most of the others, she will expend an edge to grab the initiative to try to lead the monster away from the group.
Robyn nods as the plane makes the landing.  "Nice job, you two.  As smooth a landing as any I have ever had.  Say, Al, if we are keeping Snakehandler, I could improve the dock at my house in Cornwall to take it.  What do you say?"
Play-by-Post / Re: Into the Chaos (IC)
« Last post by Mercy Merchant on (15:57:49/03-25-17) »
Simone looks up to the sky. >>Team [Simone]:  The owner of the house says that the drones will blow his house up to get us.  It might be time to leave the position.<<  She looks back down to Devon.  "Alright, Devon, I have asked them to leave.  I hope that your house is left alone."
Character creation and critique / Re: Anthro drone armor mechanics
« Last post by Hobbes on (15:32:12/03-25-17) »
Swarm is broken.  It's a generic +1 Dice Pool, +1 Limit that has a max of RCC Device Rating * 5.  So on a Rating 5 RCC, that's a +14 Dice Pool and Limit to any test.  Any Test.  Perception, Electronic Warfare, Sneaking, Mechanics, ect, ect, ect.  Also Swarm lets you use the RCCs Device Rating as the Pilot rating for the Swarm, and share Autosofts across your drones so you can use your RCC to run even more Programs.
Play-by-Post / Re: Into the Chaos (IC)
« Last post by gilga on (15:14:05/03-25-17) »
Devon said "Simone, you do not understand... Your friends have to get away from my roof before my house is collateral damage. These security protocols are fierce, half the city wants what we grow they fire first and ask questions after." Irris gunshot sounds, "Please Simone get them off of there before it is too late... "
Gear / Re: Are Augmentations too weak?
« Last post by The Bald Man on (14:53:25/03-25-17) »
Right there...the question I have been pondering: What is the cash value (or Karma value) of a point of essence?
We know that 1 karma = 2,000.  We need that other piece of info. 
Rules and such / Re: Social Rigger Swarm Or Spider Horde Ninja Sex Bot
« Last post by Hobbes on (14:17:40/03-25-17) »
If a Realistic Features 4 I-doll gets the Barbie/Ken Treatment, Synthetic CyberTorso with appropriate Cyber-Genital(s?) and/or Cyber Breasts 2.0 are available as after market add-ons.  (RAW even, Cyber-Torso counts as a Cyberlimb, therefore, all yours for 1 Mod point, and at 1/2 cost)   :P 

Touch-Sensors mod would be theoretically possible, if there was a drone version of them.  The Sixth World is kinky. 
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Mercy Merchant on (13:59:55/03-25-17) »
Snow realizes that something has to be done to prevent the creature from rampaging through her companions.  If the thing does not take damage from the shotgun, her pistol is not likely to hurt it any.  She jumps up from the tree and fires two shots in the air as she yells at the monster then breaks into a run to lead it from the area. Hopefully she can keep moving and draw it away a bit to where it will not go back to the vehicles.  All this, of course, depends on her staying alive long enough.
As Jack pointed out, and the Autosoft section of Rigger 5 says, the list in Rigger 5 is not complete.  I gotta think Etiquette (Customer Service) and Negotiation (Pacify Customer) is number 1 and 2 on every Mega's Autosoft R&D list.  And you know Shiawase and probably a few others are working on Con (Seduction) for their Anthro lines for the discerning customer when Perform (Striptease) or
Spoiler (hover to show)
just isn't enough.
Oh you sweet summer child. Has it not occurred to you that the corps have figured out how to install cybergenitals in drones by now?
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