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Awesome thx
That answered my question.

1) thank you. For some reason I was under the impression that spellcasting wasn't subject to the half skill rule. I was wrong. Ta

p196 CRB
The total number of attacks you can make in a single
Action Phase is limited to one-half the attacker’s Combat

2) the vamp attributes aren't, in your estimation, augments, so one couldn't tale their stat above the vamp racial max. Thx mate for the discussion.
Gear / Re: Sensor in Armor
« Last post by on (17:33:26/06-26-17) »
Yes, SR5 doesn't work completely. Most unfortunate. :/
Rules and such / Re: Technomancer feedback for a new book!
« Last post by on (17:32:03/06-26-17) »
First, that complex form has no mechanical function within its description.
Second, I understand where you're coming from.
Third, I don't see that what you're doing is productive.

Lastly, I like the idea of a CF "marking" someone for the trolls to pester incessantly.
Rules and such / Re: Tactical movement and Vehicles
« Last post by Spooky on (17:16:58/06-26-17) »
I would go with x1/x2 for water, x2/x4 for ground, x3/x5 for rotor, and x3/x6 for jet.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: SR5 Critter Power Cheat Sheet
« Last post by Spooky on (17:11:15/06-26-17) »
**twiddling thumbs while waiting**
Character creation and critique / Re: Black Magician
« Last post by Nautilust on (16:56:19/06-26-17) »
I used Sum to Ten creation, Metatype E, Attributes B, Magic A, Skills B, Resources E. Metatype is human. I'd like to play an elf or a pixie, maybe Metatype D, Attributes C for Elf, Or Metatype C, Attributes D for Pixie would work?

I have no foci because they are expensive an i have resources E. I spent what leftover resources I had on Reagents for Binding
Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker [IC]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (16:49:30/06-26-17) »
Anna swims a for a while and then heads to the health bar and orders a smoothie "So, is there anything interesting today?" she asks the bored girl as she casually places her meticulessly painted and well groomed nails on the counter.

"Not really. The usual beefcakes don't show up to train until the pretty girls come in and those don't come in before the pedicure ladies come in.
Do you want a smoothy? We've got real strawberries and kiwis.
Anyway, you could probably go over and watch the security guys train, but they only do the boring stuff with falling and standing up again and again."
The girl replied.
Character creation and critique / Re: Tin Man- Combat Decker
« Last post by Marcus on (16:41:36/06-26-17) »
If memory services it's also how you remove marks, so odds are you will get use out of it.
I was gonna say something about cybereyes, but it seems pretty clear that's just not in the cards.
Character creation and critique / Re: Tin Man- Combat Decker
« Last post by gradivus on (16:25:06/06-26-17) »
Actually cybercombat is a character concept inclusion because I don't plan on bricking.
But I figured I should have the skill anyway... just because it doesn't seem right for a decker to not know it.

So yeah, it's probably 3 wasted skill points out of the whole thing because I wouldn't feel right not having it.

I suppose I could just buy the cybercombat @ 1 w/karma and use these three points for etiquette(spec).
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by farothel on (16:22:25/06-26-17) »
Okay, I've done a post and moved things a bit.  I'll conceal the truck with a spirit so we'll be a bit safer.  If I made assumptions somewhere down the line which are incorrect, please let me know and I'll adapt.
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