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Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by farothel on Today at 04:52:02 »
They were lucky the creature retreated, Sammy thought as she gathered some mana.  While it was retreating, she wanted it to go as far as possible, so she threw another stunbolt after it, something to remember them by.

"I just have some bruises," Sammy said to Snow, "they'll heal, provided we don't have to do this again.  Who's bright idea was it to go through the jungle and not wait a couple of days for the plane?"

Spoiler (hover to show)
Play-by-Post / Re: Bye, Bye Blackbird IC
« Last post by Csjarrat on Today at 02:34:20 »
Nice cheap vacation for me and a bunch of friends. Got room for 6 and kit? Not afraid of a bit of hard work if it helps with the price either.
Glad to help. Now that I'm thinking on it, I should of switched autos for throwing weapons to make more use of the high Strength.
Thanks for the help. Now I'm starting to understand how to build better and what to take as gear. I was still in the dark honestly for a lot of it since on the character as is I still have a lot of cash. So I can take what I've learned now and apply it towards my Orc and any future Orcs I build.  For my current build yes I'm getting a Harley Nightmare. It's too good to past up.
Play-by-Post / Re: Bye, Bye Blackbird IC
« Last post by ismilealot on (23:21:46/04-29-17) »
@ Lena  The reply is prompt, >>Twenty one hours. You looking for work? Or, are you taking a nice, cheap vacation.<<
Play-by-Post / Re: Paper Blossoms
« Last post by ismilealot on (22:42:57/04-29-17) »
Access to this area is forbidden. The security drones intoned in unison. The lead drones extended it's arm and a nozzle snaked out and sprayed the dragon with water. The second drones arm transformed into a semi-automatic weapon and fired at Panther. The third turned to Penguin, but, evidently it's program registered her avatar as non-threat as it turned to target 'Lil instead. It took a moment to assess her motions and then from it's chest cavity it fired a net. The game glitched when the net was fired as it appeared to phase in and out for a moment.

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Tried building one with the Priority you named.
Kept it close to what you made but went more Hand to hand and skilled driving.
See if it works for you.
Karma: 20 Attributes, 12 Martial Arts, 3 Gear, -1 Qualities, $10 left
Sorry in advance, could not remember how to put in the spoiler tag.

Unnamed Hero
B 8, A 5, R 6/8, S 7, W 5, L 2, I 4, C 2, ESS 6, EDG 4, M 5
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12 / 11
Armor: 11
Limits: Physical 10, Mental 5, Social 5
Physical Initiative: 10/12+3D6
Active Skills: Automatics 3, Automotive Mechanic 2, Computer 1, Etiquette 1, Navigation 2, Perception 5, Pilot Ground Craft 5, Unarmed Combat 5
Knowledge Skills: Bars (Biker +2) 2, Bikes 2, Law Enforcement Procedures 2, Seattle 2, Street Gangs (Red Rovers +2) 2
Languages: English N
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
Qualities: Addiction (Mild): Alcohol, Adept, Agile Defender, Ambidexterous, Bi-Polar, Code of Honor: Thug Life, the Code of the Streets (7dicepool vs. 4), Daredevil, Distinctive Style: Cloak, Mentor Spirit: Shark, Poor Self Control - Thrill-Seeker, Speed Demon, Steely Eyed Wheelman, Stunt Driver, Vehicle Empathy
Adept Powers: Combat Sense (1), Critical Strike: Unarmed Combat, Danger Sense (2), Improved Reflexes (2), Killing Hands, Motion Sense (5m) (10dicepool[5] (Varies)), Penetrating Strike (2)
   Harley-Davidson Nightmare [Handling 4/6/3, Speed 5, Accel 2, Body 8, Armor 10, Pilot 2, Sensor 3/2, Seats 2]
         Anti-Theft System (2)
         Armor, Concealed (2)
         Chameleon coating
         Electromagnetic Shielding
         Handling Enhancement (1)
         Improved Economy
         Linguistics: English (local language)
         Linguistics: Japanese (Manufacturer's Language)
         Manual Control Override
         Metahuman Adjustment: Orc
         Morphing license plate
         Racing Tires
         Sensor Enhancement (2)
         Smoke Projector
         Spoof chip
         Oil Slick Sprayer [Acc 2, DV Oil Slick, AP –, 6]
   AR Gloves
   Backpack (1)
   Bike Racing Armor w/ Concealed Pockets, Faraday Pocket, Nonconductivity (6)
   Bike Racing Armor Helmet w/ Audio Enhancement (1), Flare Compensation, Gas Mask, Vision Enhancement (2)
   Bug Scanner (4)
   Certified Credstick, Gold
   Cloak (Fashionable) (6) w/ Fire Resistance (6)
   Ear buds (3) w/ Audio Enhancement (2), Select Sound Filter (1)
   Forearm Guards w/ Shock Weave
   Goggles (6) w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Vision Enhancement (4)
   Identity: Specify Name w/ Fake License: Adept (4), Fake License: Driving (4), Fake License: Knucks (4), Fake License: Rifles (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
   Red Rovers
   Tag Eraser
   Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanic
   Tranq Patch (4)
   Transys Avalon w/ Mapsoft: Seattle, Theme Music
   White Noise Generator (6)
   AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 7, DV 10P, AP -2, SA/BF/FA, RC 3, 76 (c)] w/ Extended Clip (2), Gas-Vent System (3), Gecko Grip, Laser Sight, Personalized Grip, (300x) Regular Ammo, Sling
   Knucks [Unarmed, Acc 10, DV 9P, AP –]
   Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, Acc 10, DV 8P, AP –]
Mechanic (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
Wrecker (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
Starting : 10 + (3D6 60)

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Virtual Underworld 93 / Re: [IC] Virtual Underworld 93
« Last post by Mirikon on (22:35:42/04-29-17) »
>>>>>[I have passed your request on. There are some... scheduling conflicts she is attempting to resolve, but will contact you if she becomes free. As for myself, I am afraid that it would be contrary to my standing in the spirit world if I aided in the permanent termination of a spirit, especially a free spirit. As a follower of a possession tradition, I hope you understand that I must always work for positive relations with the astral community. If your purpose is not the permanent slaying of the spirit, then I am agreeable to aiding you. Even if otherwise, if the spirit poses a grave enough threat to the worlds, then I may agree. Message me in private, if you are willing to share information on the target.]<<<<<

--Iceblade (22:34:23/04-29-2079)
Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker Sidethread
« Last post by Qwikfix on (22:20:51/04-29-17) »
Krestov took a glance to the side, a bit abashed by the reprimand from the tiny decker in their group.  But, he shook it off with a small smile as he took the shot glass between two fingers with a raised brow.

"Four hundred?  Been some time since was 400..."  He chuckled, opening his mouth to tip back the burning beverage.  He gulped, eyes closed as the troll flinched not at the libation.  Setting the glass upside down, he showed his victory to his opponent.  "Would be careful.  Last time you tried this did not end well, da?"
Play-by-Post / Re: Bye, Bye Blackbird IC
« Last post by Qwikfix on (22:14:55/04-29-17) »
Arc sighed, cracking a bit of a smirk at Blackbird's remarks as she leaned forward, her shoulders visibly slumped a bit as she lowered her head, her red hair shifting to cover a bit of her face as she did so.  "Tch, ya make it sound easy...but I have a car at home, don't need another one.  Beshides, we hiring theshe coyotes to get us home.  It'sh their job, important becaushe I don't recall getting a passhport to get here, ya feel?  We can figure drek out once we meet them and decide then."

She took in a deep breath, closing her eyes.  "I'll drive if I need to..but I'm wiped, Blackbird.  That escape...took everything I ever learned with th'Howlersh.  If I have to do that again..."  She bit her lip, looking away.  "There's more at shtake here, is all I'm sayin'"
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