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Character creation and critique / Re: Anthro drone armor mechanics
« Last post by Kiirnodel on (20:40:44/03-25-17) »
It's Device Rating *3, although that just looks like a mistype based on your example.

A balance to the brokenness of swarm is that they still can't do things that the drones can't do, and they always have to act autonomously. So, for example, what actions are the drones performing on their own with Electronic Warfare?

It also uses the lowest stats (Handling, Speed, Acceleration) other than Pilot.

My personal balance would be to keep swarms limited to only performing actions that all the drones can perform. Attacking? They all have to have weapons. Perceiving, they all have to be able to have sensors capable of noticing the target. Sneaking? They all have to be moving in the area, sneaking. And a swarm is going to be easier to spot than a single drone (lower concealability). If less drones are participating, the bonus is lessened.
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e IC] Storm Force Whisper [2076 Game Thread]
« Last post by adamu on (20:29:57/03-25-17) »
"Well, one step at a time. Like I done told Flannery, fiirst let's see if she's in one piece come the end o' this here vacation. Then, since some o' y'all won't let ol' Al buy ya out, reckon we'll have ta..." and here he paused to swallow down the tedium of it all " about it, make sure ever'one agrees. Damn, startin' ta sound like more work'n it's worth already."

With Isaint arranging the refuel, he got out and did a circuit of the plane, covering the preflight essentials before they took off again.

Play-by-Post / Re: Into the Chaos (IC)
« Last post by Mulcarn on (19:49:59/03-25-17) »
Floating nearby, Maxwell overhears the conversation between the two.  The emotional color of sounds heard fly from Simone and Devon mouths to be swallowed by him.  Painting a portrait of distress for the mage to gluttonously eat.  A shame it'd be to have to abandon ship after all this time spent setting up.  Knowing what to do he sends a command to Mourn.  "Time to go.  You're free to leave.  I'll be needing someone else now.  The astral tether between summoner and spirit severs at that very instance.  Taking advantage of the moment, Maxwell chants deep into the astral for a new servant and guardian.

"Leave the world of mortals to walk into the mist to stalk unto the other side.  Planes of otherness.  The utter emptiness.  Where time have ceased and dark and light collide.  Crossing the river of death and water cold.  Slowly walking up the bridge.  The jeweled bridge I walk for what seems a lifetime.  In the night it's jewels glow.  There on the other side, on shore of no return.  The one for me awaits.  Cannot avoid the eyes, in which the fire burns.  I've come this far it is too late.  And he calls my name.  First a whispering then louder.  And he wants me to follow and to enter the eternal fire.

I walk this endless night, his eyes the only light.  Repeatedly he whispers my name.  Fingers move and twist through crimson thick dark mist and voices cry of agony and pain.  Close now to his kingdom.  The bleak world dark and still.  I follow the voice whispering my name.  Approach the gate of sin.  Opened up to let me in and there, he stand in flames.  The price now I must pay for eternity my soul his claim.  For untold years I shall spend wandering barren land.  An endless fight.  One I cannot hope to win."

Spoiler (hover to show)
Spoiler (hover to show)

Brought forth from another world and dimension.  The spirit now shackled to summoner.   A hateful, wrathful thing.  No compassion in it's heart.  No kindness in it's eyes.  No humility in it's service.  Only an intense perpetual desire to burn away all flesh and greenery.  To fix the cosmic mistake of Gaia and Man.  Except, it's will is not it's own today.  Owing forced allegiance to none other but Sovereign.  Partisan to a shared hatred.

Coming closer to Simone and Devon.  Maxwell manifests his ethereal form and bellows out like sparks from an hearth.  "I can take care of the drones. They are of little consequence.  However..."  Turning to focus his gaze upon the man on the ground.  Maxwell points a glowing astral finger at him.  "You there!  Stop whining!  Stop bitching!  And stop getting in the way!  For fuck's sake you're pathetic!"
Robyn laughs at ISaint. "A couple.  I would love to have you come down to Cornwall for a visit.  I have several guest rooms there.  The place is right off the moor, overlooking the Channel.  There are some walking paths into the moor and the village is only a few minutes away."

She listens to Al then shakes her head.  "You would not see it from the front porch, Al.  The water is about 200 feet below the house and over the cliff, remember?  I have had the lift repaired and it goes down to that dock and boathouse that are set in the cove below the house.  I am thinking that we could expand the boathouse as there is plenty of room there in the cove.  You should come out some time and give your opinion and I can have some people out to start the work.  I want to expand the garage area to include a helipad and workshop so I can purchase a helicopter to get to and from London faster than the train without needing to charter one each time.  I was thinking of a Hughes Stallion.. I know it seems a bit large for my needs, but if we ever need to lift the team somewhere, along with some cargo, it might be useful. If I bought something with some things installed beyond the basics, would you be able to add some more extras to get it to what I would like?"

Robyn steps gingerly off the plane and walks about a bit to stretch her legs and goes to use the station's bathroom to freshen up a bit.

*** 31***
Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker [OOC]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (18:25:40/03-25-17) »
Ok, the main objective has been met.

If you want, we can fast forward to the next day since I certainly won't describe in detail which kinks Zola is into.
At around 2 o'clock the bodyguards change positions: Kynos goes to bed and Ramirez takes position in front of the door. Anyone listening in, will hear, that Kynos tries to tell him about Slobbertooth, but Ramirez will just ignore the Elf with a grumpy grimace.
Zola will leave the hotel at strike 8, leaving a credstick with 5000 Nuyen on it.
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e IC] Storm Force Whisper [2076 Game Thread]
« Last post by adamu on (18:12:54/03-25-17) »
Al thought about Alyce's offer as Isaint talked about gas. He was already planning on using Ducky's place in Seattle - just a matter of working out a fee. But for England - the thing would be a pain in the ass on the Thames for three reasons he could think of off the top of his head. Besides, as far as he knew, none of his companions knew where he currently lived, and he wanted to keep it that way - not for operational security, just for privacy.

"Well, since ya said ya was keepin' yer stake, makes sense. I'll wanna keep 'er outta the weather, have place to work on 'er. I'd pay fer that, but hangar like that'd be a bit of an eyesore off yer front porch."
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] Umbrae Europae (Chapter 2) - Running Coyote
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (18:12:53/03-25-17) »
<<You keep me alive and I keep you alive and maybe we get out of this alive.
But yes, radiation is nasty. Hopefully there is enough lead in these suits.>>

Rex anxiously stared out of the window while they hurtled towards the new meeting place. Just in case it was necessary, he put the shield back up again, even though the background count would be chewing away on it.

Spoiler (hover to show)

Play-by-Post / Re: Panzerknacker [IC]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (18:06:02/03-25-17) »
The distraction worked: Zola did take his trousers back - feeling surreptitiously for the SOK and relaxed when he felt it. Without taking his eyes from Anna he took the trousers and laid them in the cabinet, without missing a beat, he put his commlink and the SOK into the small hotel safe.
"You are a sight for sore eyes, let's get back into the tub before it's getting to chilly."

Play-by-Post / Re: [5e IC] Storm Force Whisper [2076 Game Thread]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on (18:01:18/03-25-17) »
"Damnit woman, how many homes do you have anyway?"
Isaint called out in mock outrage.
"Alright, now that we are alive and well after the first landing, you can enjoy the sunshine, while I try to get this gasguzzler filled up."

Isaint stood up, made sure he was dressed again and went out to find the gas station attendant.
Play-by-Post / Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
« Last post by gilga on (17:03:00/03-25-17) »
@Marco texted >> oh you knew darn well that I cared, it is your job to manipulate people and while I improvise to get by, you play for the long game.  Words are cheap so, glad you are alive and I still feel that you are a jerk. 
Feelings aside, I got the Yeltz, give me a connection.
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