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Rules and such / Re: Dedicated Spellslinger and Chargen
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 10:32:18 »
Yeah, that's probably the best solution. Otherwise you could argue that "specific trumps general" and just allow more spells on the character from the get go - it's called dedicated spellslinger after all, so you'd expect them to have a few more spells to sling than any other normal mage.
Rules and such / Re: Dedicated Spellslinger and Chargen
« Last post by UnLimiTeD on Today at 10:01:51 »
You could, however, just leave 5 Karma for post character generation, and pick the quality then.
Mastery Qualities don't grow more expensive.
Difficult choice on Karma Gen, btw; Sure you get more spells that way, but you'd also pay 10 more for the first 10.
Yeah, I was using too much logic thinking that the normal human body must be conditioned in a sense to be able to handle the strength of whatever your doing, like having your skeletal and muscle structures be able to handle lifting like 500 pounds or stuff like that and not going with the rule of cool. hahahahahaha
Actually, that is exactly the logic behind that.
You don't need to be trained if your Limbs are - Keep in mind a full cyberlimb will replace the shoulder- or hip-joint and reinforce involved bones and muscles.
The limit to "racial maximum" means your limbs can only do as much as the meat part of your body can take.
This is why Cyberlimbs don't improve your limits, which on a 4-Cyberlimb character can indeed pose a problem.
And that's where redliner comes in: You ignore those limits. Yes, that might overtax the limbs, especially if they are already damaged, but it's also your meat body losing:
Hair-thin fissures in bones and sinews, minor sprains and ruptures; Things that happen when you purposefully go above and beyond what is normally possible. In return, it also increases your effective 'natural' attributes, thereby raising limits, walk speed, etc. Same way that exceeding your limits with drugs is reflected in crash damage, basically.

As for your newest build, afraid I lack the time today for good feedback. Starting to wonder if the legs are really worth it, though, as opposed to, say, just lower legs to save essence (best essense to capacity ratio). Though of course for a Singularity seeker it's kind of a must. ^^
I'll look again later.
General Discussion / Re: Chummer for 5th Edition
« Last post by Chummer 5 is Alive on Today at 09:35:03 »
Chummer 5.194 is now available.

Sorry for the long radio silence between stable releases for this one folks, I got a bit overeager the last time and released a couple of subsystems that really weren't ready for prime time. As ever I'd like to thank everyone who's taken time to provide support and assistance with the codebase, and everyone who's used our nightly builds to provide feedback and bug reports.

- Implemented the Prototype Transhuman quality in a manner that's closer to RAW. Existing characters in career mode will need to be ported manually. Please contact me via for assistance with this.
- Fixed behaviour of the Group condition to properly report when one or more groups qualifies for a forbidden/required restriction.
- Fixed behaviour of the condition monitors to properly be checked and unchecked.
- Fixed behaviour of basic lifestyles to properly manage base-only multipliers.
- Converted UpdateCharacterInfo to be triggered by Application.Idle. This should reduce some latency caused by loading components of the interface, at the cost of a slightly deferred update of character details. In practice this should not be noticable under standard operating conditions.
- Fixed unused translation strings in the Armour, Weapon and Priority selection windows.
- Fixed an issue when selecting the Aware priority type that prevented it from properly receiving the correct skill bonus.
- HMHVV Strain II and III characters can now properly improve their Magic rating and should suffer the appropriate Magic penalty if taken in career mode.
- Implemented an ImprovementType to support replacing your base movement speed entirely, used for the Satyr Legs quality.
- Converted the save formats for decimal and integer values to not use the local culture. This should prevent issues with decimals not saving in a safe manner for non-English users.
- Updated the Build Summary tab to properly show the spell limits in create mode. Fixes #1662
- Implemented the Free Spell bonus type for Dedicated Spellslinger.
- Fixed behaviour of the Draconic Tradition when printing it to not cause a crash.
- Fixed behaviour of the Select Mentor Spirit window to not rely on names. Fixes an issue with the duplicate Oak mentors.
- Cleaned up some minor issues with the Select Vehicle Mod window.
- Added a SourceID to Vehicles.
- Fixed display of attribute Value to not include metatype minimum multiple times
- Implemented the Mentor's Mask from Forbidden Arcana, accessed through the Select Mentor Spirit window. Existing characters should remove and re-add the quality to choose this property.
- Added missing dice and multipliers for basic lifestyles. Existing characters should open any current lifestyles in order to refresh the values.
- Implemented the AddSpell improvement type for the Alchemical Armorer quality.
- Fixed an issue with cyberware decreasing to Rating 0 in create mode.
- Fixed a legacy issue in which an attribute's Base value also included the Metatype Minimum value.
- Changed the way Cyber-/Bioware Requirements are implemented.
- Implemented a selectcyberware improvement for use by the Soft Nanohive cyberware.
- Fixed behaviour of contact control to properly manage Family and Blackmail settings between Save/Load.
- Fixed support for AIs adding cyberware to vehicles.
- Added the ability to add the Underbarrel weapons from Hard Targets to other weapons via the Add Underbarrel Weapon menu option.
- Fixed an issue with vehicle fire modes not being enabled when using languages other than English.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to add mods to a vehicle in carer mode.
- Hid the option to create spells, as it's not supported in 5e.
- Fixed ordering behaviour that prevented qualities that don't contribute to your limit from being taken if the quality's karma would go over the quality limit.
- Fixed an issue in which French language clients would crash while loading their magic tradition.
- Improved create method for qualities to properly use the ContributeToLimit field.
- Fixed an issue with loading characters that would cause all equipment to become unequipped.
- Removed Omae character sheets if Omae is not enabled in the Options menu.
- Fixed a version check issue that caused non-release builds to think characters were created in 0.0.
- Fixed behaviour of the house rule to have Essence Loss only reduce your Maximum attribute value.
- Removed the character property OverrideSpecialAttributeEssenceLoss as it's redundant in 5E.
- Fixed behaviour of update method to not mangle filenames with non-English accent characters.
- Fixed cost discount for Dedicated Spellslinger when using the Aspected Magician quality.
- Fixed cost calculation of Dedicated Spellslinger to apply to all spells.
- Dedicates Spellslinger now properly provides free spells based on your Spellcasting skill.
- Fixed implementations of FreeSpellsATT and FreeSpellsSkill improvements to not require updating the improvements manually.
- Adept powers created before the powers refresh will now properly add the relevant bonus node for the adept way discount.
- Adept powers now store the source id for use in searching and such.
- Fixed rounding behaviour when using cyberlimbs to use Ceiling instead of Floor.
- Implemented support for knowledge skills in the selectskill improvement. Supports the Death Mentor Spirit.
- Crash reporter now creates a text file on the desktop, making recovery of submitted Crash-IDs easy.
- Exposed original English names and categories to the Print Methods for Qualities, Spirits, Spells, Metamagics, Arts, Enhancements, Complex Forms, Martial Arts, Limit Modifiers and Critter Powers.
- Added missing adept way discount for the Traceless Walk and Improves Reflexes powers.
- Fixed an incorrect skill linked to the Racing Bike PACK that caused a crash.
- Character sheets are now loaded by a manifest file (sheets.xml) stored in the data directory. This file follows the same restrictions and usage as other data files, so use custom_sheets.xml for custom content.
    - This allows for ensuring the use of characters that can't be reliably read by Chummer's updater process, and provides some room in the future for credits, instructions for use, etc.
- Fixed a crash when selecting spells with a positive Drain value and pre-existing modifiers from improvements.
- Fixed a crash when selecting the Implant Medic cyberware.
- Fixed removing Metatype qualities to work properly in create mode.
- Fixed display of Extra value for Critter Powers that don't have a bonus or Rating.

Data Changes:

- Fixed qualities.xml node layout to properly reflect XSD structure. Fixed issues with qualities that would not show up due to a lack of category.
- Refactored XSDs to use a common conditions.xsd file in order to prevent incorrect data entry.
- Fixed a typo in the Giger Spit spell.
- Fixed incorrect requirements for spells that require Initiate Arts.
- Fixed missing quality requirements/restrictions for the Apprentice quality.
- The Athlete's Way can now properly allow discounting the Skate power.
- Added missing bonuses for the Raven (Alt) Mentor Spirit.
- Fixed the drain attributes for the Red Magic tradition.
- Fixed the movement modification of the Satyr quality.
- Fixed a typo in the Spells template for character sheets that made Rituals show up as an Unknown category.
- Fixed issues with the Holy Text and Death mentor spirits that prevented them from being added.
- Added Content from 'State of the Art ADL' and its german translation (excluding critters and life modules).
- Removed a redundant selecttext improvement for the Hard Nanohive cyberware.
- Cyberwares with Capacity can now install the Hard Nanohive in the Nanocybernetics category.
- Fixed the Attribute Boost power to be selectable up to four times.
- Fixed one of the requirements for the Imbue Item spell that caused a crash.
- Added Translations for the Improved Reflexes Power after the Power Update.
- Added Underbarrel Weapons from Hard Targets as weapons. Set the Underbarrel Weapon accessories to Hidden.
- Hard Nanohives can now add Hard Nanoware as a gear item to themselves.
- Removed the Latent Source property from qualities, as it's redundant in 5E.
- Qualities now add notoriety, per SR5 368.
- Implemented the Death Mentor Spirit.
- Updated incorrect modifications for the Dodge General Trailer
- Added missing special equipment mod entries to vehicles from R5.
- Fixed behaviour of the Satyr Legs quality and Flight critter power to properly provide movement speed increases.
- Removed Uneducated from the Naga metasapient. Sorry sneks, not sure how that crept in there.
- Adepts with the Adept Spell power can now take the Focused Concentration quality.
- Implemented content from The Complete Trog. NB: Black Forest Native doesn't provide the skill bonus, Community Connection doesn't provide the housing cost discount, and Nasty Trog/Trog Leader don't have conditionals for their skill bonus so always apply.
- Added missing bonuses for the special tires from Rigger 5.0.
- Fixed cost formula for Handling Enhancement.

New Strings:

- String_Metatype
- String_Metavariant
- String_MartialArt
- String_SpellCategory
- String_Tradition
- String_DamageResistance
- String_Quality
- Label_SummaryRituals
- Label_SummaryPreparations
So, with all the new info put in place, I have 3 versions of the same character, with resources at c to a and bringing attributes and abilities down.

A                                                                         B
BOD 5/6                                                   5/6
AGI 2(3)/6                                                1(5)/6
REA 5/6                                                   4/6
STR 2(3)/6                                              1(5)/6
CHA 4/6                                                   3/6
INT 5/6                                                     5/6
LOG 3/6                                                   3/6
WIL 6(7)/6                                                6(8 )/6
EDG 3/7                                                   2/7
MAG 1*                                                    1*

Phys 6                                                     7
Mental 6                                                  7
Social 7                                                   6
Astral 7                                                   7

Phys Con 13                                          15
Stun Con 12                                          12

Armor A:20                                           B:24                                               C:26

Aware(+4 Assensing)
Cyber-Singularity Seeker or Redliner

A                                                                B
Unarmed Combat (9)+2 Cyber Implants   Unarmed Combat (12)+2 Cyber Implants
Survival (13)                                              Automatics (12)+2 Cyber Implants
Intimidation (10)+2 Physical                      Intimidation (9)+2 Physical     
Perception (10)                                          Perception (10)+2 Visual
Automatics (8 )+2 Cyber Implanted           Running (8 )
Sneaking (8 )+2 Urban                              Swimming (8 )
Assensing (9)                                            Gymnastics (8 )
Cybertechnology (4)                                  Assensing (9)
Arcana (4)                                                 Cybertechnology (4)
Athletics 5                                                 Arcana (4)
-Gymnastics (8 )                                       Athletics 2
-Running (8 )
-Swimming (8 )

Martial Arts
-Opposing Force(Block)

Astral Perception(Aware)

A                                                         B                                                            C

Obvious Full Arm(Left) Alphaware    Obvious Full Arm(Left) Alphaware         Obvious Full Arm(Left) Alphaware
Armor 2                                             Armor 2                                                  Armor 2
Custom Agility 6                                Custom Agility 6                                    Custom Agility 6
Custom Strength 6                            Custom Strength 6                                Custom Strength 6
Custom Submachine Gun                 Custom Submachine Gun                     Custom Submachine Gun
External Clip Port                              External Clip Port                                  External Clip Port
67,200 Nuyen                                                                                                  Enhanced Agility 2
                                                                                                                        Enhanced Strength 2

Obvious Full Arm(Right) Used         Obvious Full Arm(Right) Standard        Obvious Full Arm(Right) Standard
Armor 2                                            Armor 2                                                 Armor 2
Custom Agility 6                               Custom Agility 6                                   Custom Agility 6
Custom Strength 6                           Custom Strength 6                               Custom Strength 6
Spurs                                               Spurs                                                    Spurs
42,000 Nuyen                                                                                               Enhanced Agility 2
                                                                                                                      Enhanced Strength 2

                                                        Obvious Full Leg(Left) Alphaware        Obvious Full Leg(Left) Alphaware
                                                        Armor 2                                                 Armor 2
                                                        Custom Strength 6                               Custom Strength 6
                                                        Custom Agility 6                                   Custom Agility 6
                                                        61,200                                                  Enhanced Agility 2
                                                                                                                     Enhanced Strength 2

                                                        Obvious Full Leg(Right) Alphaware    Obvious Full Leg(Right) Alphaware
                                                        Armor 2                                               Armor 2
                                                        Custom Strength 6                             Custom Strength 6
                                                        Custom Agility 6                                 Custom Agility 6
                                                        61,200                                                Enhanced Agility 6
                                                                                                                   Enhanced Strength 6

                                                                                                                  Bone Lacing(Aluminum)

4.15 Essence                                 3.0 Essence                                       2.1 Essence

Low Lifestyle                                  Low Lifestyle                                      Medium Lifestyle

Armor Jacket
Ballistic Mask
-Low Light
-Flare Compensation
-Chemical Protection(4)
Forearm Guards
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit
Clothing x2
Auctioneer Business Clothes

HK 227
-Spare Clip x4
-110 APDS
-30 Normal Rounds
-30 Stik-n-Shok

Fake SIN (4)
Fake License (4) Firearms, Restricted Cyberware, Bodyguard
Certified Cred Stik Silver
Hermes Ikon
-Image Link
-Smart Link
-Low Light
Weapon Focus 3(Spurs)
Gas Mask
Survival Kit
Pack of Cigarettes

Option B on cyberware requires 2 Edge so that the spare special point can be used in Magic to have Rating 1.
Option C on cyberware requires one less martial arts to spend karma on getting Magic 1.

In Debt 5 is needed to pay off everything and have around 4k left over for option A and B. Option C has 11,275 left over to play with before needing to spend karma or go in debt.

Which is the best to use and tweaks you believe are needed to these?
General Discussion / Re: Fighting Chainsaws and Whips
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 08:49:13 »
We have the notoriety system for a reason.
A team that piles up bodies they aren't being pad to wack is bad for business.
Doing it with weapons that are rated F just speeds reaction level and amount of force the authority (both Governmental and Corp) are going to respond with.
There is no doubt that AAA Mega's will burn runners, in the media, on a run, or even just b/c so long as it's good for business. There no shortage of discussion of runs that were simply intended to get teams killed.

Arguing which is more messy a chainsaw or an assault rifle is fairly meaningless distinction. How good the reporter/spin doctor/corporate image specialist is good at selling it as public enemy number one is much more relevant. They Say a prosecutor can get a grand jury to charge a ham sandwich. Well a gifted journalist should be able to spin a tale into public furor despite the jaded nature of our distopian future.
Character creation and critique / Re: Street Shaman Questions
« Last post by ShadowcatX on Today at 08:15:53 »
Foci are too expensive to take at chargen.

Priorities recommended: Magic A, Attributes B, Skills C, Meta D, Money E. Elf or Human both work well. 5 Edge vs 8 Charisma.

E money might be why you find foci too expensive at creation. A money D or even C build would work just as well and afford foci. It might be a more difficult build though as equipment is the hardest part of creation.

ETA: For the low money version, absolutely spend 10 karma to get 20k Nuyen. Also, there are several 26k Nuyen runner essentials that your friend could Google and just take whole without having to individually pick his equipment.
I would say it depends on how thorough you want to be. If it's just for a general feel then dividing them into those with shamanic leanings and those with hermetic leanings would be good enough. If you want to be more specific then I would indeed take inspiration from their RL rituals and also from the geographical region from which they originate.
General Discussion / Re: Fighting Chainsaws and Whips
« Last post by ShadowcatX on Today at 07:41:04 »
Realistically there is probably more mess with an AK than with a monowhip (chainsaw will be messier, of course). Bullets are going to cause bleeding and maybe even spray brain matter / what have you around. A monowhip isn't going to leave a big enough opening for blood to run out unless you buy that it literally cuts them in half in a single strike (unlikely, especially if it doesn't even exceed their overflow).

That said I have never seen anyone make the "messy kills = unplayable" when a barehanded adept is punching for 14+ damage a hit (ghouls and ghost someone's torso much) or when someone picks a grenade, chooses a fireball spell, or summons a spirit.

Also, if it happens "all the time" no one cares, they have seen it all before. Also, remember the setting, no one leaves their home without armor and guns are marketed towards kids. People are no stranger to violence.
Character creation and critique / Re: Street Shaman Questions
« Last post by drakir on Today at 07:36:44 »
Foci are too expensive to take at chargen. Since he should have high charisma, some points in social skills like Con and Etiquette is a good choice.

Max Charisma, 5 in Willpower and Intuition. The rest depends on attribute points available and preference.

Priorities recommended: Magic A, Attributes B, Skills C, Meta D, Money E. Elf or Human both work well. 5 Edge vs 8 Charisma.

Take 1-2 spells from each category to be very versatile. Find a Mentor spirit that suits the character.

Most important skills: Spellcasting, Summoning (Take these two at rating 6, preferably with a spec.) Assensing, Counterspelling (Important but does not have to be at rating 6). If you choose Binding, either take it at rating 6 or not at all. It's very powerful, but dangerous and somewhat expensive.
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