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Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Necrogigas on Today at 06:33:00 »
O'Connor nodded, "Sammy's got a spirit doing some hocus pocus, or voodoo, or whatever type of magic she does, but a second set of eyes is a good idea. You're the team medic, figure out who's banged up the least and set a rotation. I'll take a shift later on, but right now I need a few winks." It was something of a difficult task to get to sleep being crammed in the truck like sardines and covered head to toe in deep bruises from the crash and creature. He tried to find the least throbbing bruises to lay on. He suspected that he had a few cracked ribs, but confirmed it when he felt a sharp pain in his chest after shifiting around for the umptenth time. He would normally soldier through cracked ribs, but the pain arched through him to every bruise like lightning. His battered body finally decided it had had enough and forced O'Connor into unconsciousness.
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e IC] Storm Force Whisper [2076 Game Thread]
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 04:52:30 »
Isaint hadn't expected such an extreme reaction but it seemed exploitable:
"There is no need for an escalation on your part. All we want is information from Monarch - I'm not interested in his further fate or what you do to him. We would even be content with just a virtual, monitored interview with the man. We have come a long way to get here - and we'll leave gladly and quickly when we can finish our mission. Certainly, this is a more convenient solution requiring the least amount of resources for both sides.

We are prepared to repay you too - depending on your price."

Rules and such / Re: Technomancer feedback for a new book!
« Last post by on Today at 02:55:05 »
Well there's always the "E-bomb" from Die Hard 4. :P Maybe "Display cascade" idk lol
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Necrogigas on Today at 01:48:41 »

Starting Damage Stun: 8 Physical: 2

Healing (Stun): 7d6t5 0 Critical Glitch
Healing (Stun) Glitch Damage: 1d3 3 additional Stun damage
That knocks O'Connor out and adds 1 physical damage
Stun: 10 Physical: 3
Time Elapsed: 2 hours

Healing (Stun): 7d6t5 3
Stun: 7 Physical: 3
Time Elapsed: 3 hours

Healing (Stun): 7d6t5 3
Stun: 4 Physical: 3
Time Elapsed: 4 hours

Healing (Stun): 7d6t5 3
Stun: 1 Physical: 3
Time Elapsed: 5 hours

Healing (Stun): 7d6t5 4
Stun: 0 Physical: 3
Time Elapsed: 6 hours

Play-by-Post / Re: Alea Iacta Est (OOC)
« Last post by Tecumseh on Today at 00:39:15 »
First, it sounds like everyone is in for Chapter II. If that's not true, speak up now. It's unlikely that the next IC post will get up before the weekend. In the off-chance it does, I won't be expecting responses until we are back from the holiday.

The next post will involve some radio communications. In an effort to get the language right, I might run the post past Jayde Moon first so that he can help with the writing and maybe add in Chante's reactions as well.

As we are continuing into Chapter II, I am willing to let people "borrow" karma against their future Chapter II rewards. If this were an ongoing campaign then there would be an ongoing purpose for the Chapter III karma. Since the story will be done by then, it makes more sense to award some of the karma in advance while it can actually do you some good. Extending this logic backward in time, it seems to reason that you should be able to pre-spend some Chapter II karma as well. So, you may borrow up to 50% of your Chapter I award as a pre-payment on Chapter II and spend it now. If you know what you want right now, great. If you want to wait until Chapter II starts, that's great too.

Let's turn now to rednblack's breakdown of plot points.

Live Dangerously: I agree that it's odd that this one doesn't do anything half the time, and if it does do something then there's a significant risk of said action backfiring. To me, this is most interesting as something for the gamemaster to spend plot points on during a pivotal moment.
Shake It Up: This is largely useless for the way we're implementing play-by-post, as we aren't keeping to a strict Narration order anyway. I wouldn't want to use it in combat because plot points already have a use in adding dice to the Initiative roll. Granted that's a sustained effect rather than a one-time effect, but I would prefer to use A dish best served cold to change Initiative order, when applicable.
Double Time: This could have resulted in a cool "get to da choppah" moment, but it didn't. Maybe next chapter.
Surprise Threat: I was happy with the way we used this in Chapter I.
First Aid: This is still useful for combat sequences, during which I will generally not be allowing the use of traditional first aid unless the player spends a ton of actions dedicated to it.
Malfunction: I don't consider it hokey. It's also a valid way to spend plot points to avoid armor, as rednblack suggests.
Take the Hit: Haven't used it yet, but seems fine in theory.
A dish best served cold: I was surprised that this one wasn't used to take extra attacks the last combat.

I'll give Jayde Moon and Glorious a chance to chime in about Armor, although Glorious told me that he's traveling right now and is posting via his phone. He may not be in a position to write a long piece on his thoughts, unless he's a better texter than I am.
Character creation and critique / Re: Pantherine Shifter Red Mage
« Last post by Nautilust on (23:57:38/06-27-17) »
Because He was murder hobo the cat originally
I switched qualities though and am about to modify the original post.
Positive Qualities
Animal Empathy
Legendary Rep (Zobop) ( I've "tamed" the likes of Behemoths for the Zobop to smuggle)
Made Man (Zobop)
Mentor Spirit (Bear)

Negative Qualities
Bad Rep ( I live in a polluted area of the Everglades, so people think i'm a Toxic Shaman, really i just live in the area so I can scout it and try to defend the area from further dumping.)
Motion Sickness
Spirit Bane (Plant)
Vendetta (There's a Fixer who regularly pays runners to defend convoys to the Everglades, and/or remove activists and eco-terrorists. I want him dead.

Dang It! I moved my magic rating because I thought that Shifters had limited magic. Will be switching that back now.

I don't plan on sustaining all of those health spells. I lowered my number of sustained health spells to the following:
Increase Agility
Increase Strength
Increase Reflexes
I also  added the following Manipulation Spells
Element Aura (Electricity)

In ideal combat I would be running all 5 of those spells. Using Spirit of Beasts and Spirit of Man to sustain those spells and a couple sustaining foci. This will be a endeavor further down the line because i have to acquire the nuyen to summon spirits and buy the foci.

I know, its a pretty low die poll for perception looking at ways to increase.

As for how i'm going to combat spirits, we have an Adept that specialized in battling magical threats so i don't have to be the main person for that. However since i'm dual natured i figured i could just bat them around with my claws

Changed my attributes around, changed skills around, changed qualities, changed spells

Increased perception and took the hawkeye spell
Increased animal handling
increased unarmed combat and added specialization Natural Weapons
then re-arranged skills to make up for these increases

Decreased the number of health spells. Switched out for different spells.
Play-by-Post / Re: [OOC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Mercy Merchant on (23:44:27/06-27-17) »
Have we lost Clem?
Play-by-Post / Re: [IC] New Beginnings DUSK
« Last post by Mercy Merchant on (23:43:34/06-27-17) »
Snow has no trouble being in the truck when Sammy tells them to go there.  She has restocked the kit as completely as possible from the tote she brought.  She turns to Con.  "So, do we set watches tonight?  If so, I can take one."
Robyn smiles and puts her head against Al's so that her words cannot be heard from more than a couple of inches away.  "I could pretend to actually do some work, but I have that information already downloaded.  Look here."

She holds out the palm of her hand and turns on her holo bracelet, bringing up an image of the floor plans of the structure.  She highlights the residential areas in green, zooming in on some she marks in red.  Continuing to whisper, she points to the red zones.  "The green spaces are the residential areas.  There could be children in any of them, but I am guessing that they are being controlled centrally.  These red ones are day car centers, the schools, and a gymnasium.  The she HAL might be keeping them in these locations and away from the parents if she wants to control the parents more easily."
The Secret History / Re: Horrors
« Last post by Reaver on (19:58:40/06-27-17) »
Personally, I look at it like a Sine wave. (But that could be the electrician in me).

On Dec 2011, the 'wave' got back into the 'positive' and shit happened. (UGE, Flying lizards, wiggling fingers)..

Course, some people didn't need as much mana and expressed early (the spike babies that cropped up). But by and large it took until that point for the majority to express..... And who knows what else might come along in the next few HUNDRED years as the mana levels continue to grow... but I don't think you will be seeing the Horrors turn up any time soon. (Mostly for legal reasons).... And that they generally show up at the peak of the cycle which puts them a little over 2000 years out...
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