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Play-by-Post / Re: Shadowrunners of Jackson PbP game
« Last post by Wheels on Today at 20:17:22 »
Shoot me a message in FB.  Thinking this isn't going to happen for Jackson only crowd
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: News
« Last post by Teutonic Overlord on Today at 19:14:13 »
Ah boo, that's too bad Ray! Hope everything works out with the new direction. Sure I'll still see you at some game days once we get everything sorted again.

Thank you!  Yes, you will see me at game days again, hopefully sooner than later!
Errata / Re: Shadowrun 5 Errata
« Last post by Shamie on Today at 18:49:05 »
Hello, i dont know if this has been post before but on page 133 of the corebook on the skill specializations of Freefall, there is the "Break fall" specialization. However there isnt any roll to break a fall in SR5. And the roll to resist falling damage is body + armor making break fall a specialization that doesnt apply to anything.

English is not my native language so what i mean be breaking fall is for example jumping from a 2 floor and using the environment to reduce the fall.
What about

Completely different company, AFAIK.

FASA Games is essentially a rebranded Redbrick Limited, after they were bought by FASA Corporation when the latter wished to get back into the publishing business a couple of years ago. So they are FASA, but not really the old FASA.
General Discussion / Re: The Bulldrek Round Table Podcast
« Last post by Ghost Rigger on Today at 18:25:34 »
“Tell me, have you had much success in breeding your car?”
I was going to say something like "is it really that important for the books to feel immersive when it's ultimately the GM and the other players that make or break your immersion", but gee, now I really want to know the context of that quote.
General Discussion / Re: The Bulldrek Round Table Podcast
« Last post by Bull on Today at 18:23:27 »
I swear to the gods, Red. If we ever meet, I am buying you a cheese platter. With gouda, swiss, mozzarella, and butterkase.

That was Wakshaani (Thomas Willoughby) who hasn't had any real cheese, not Red (Kevin).  :) 

And seriously, we're gonna sit him down to watch the original Star Wars trilogy while we feed him that cheese plate. ;)
Play-by-Post / Re: Alea Iacta Est (OOC)
« Last post by rednblack on Today at 17:56:50 »
Can Shiriki Teamwork the Hacking tests?  If it helps, I'll toss the GM a Plot Point by spending my own.  Maybe something along the lines of, "Back in my day, we'd always put in a backup IOP for admin level functions.  If you see a little triangle that doesn't look like it does anything, give that fragger a quick smack, and see if it'll let you in."

If the answer is a yes, and Pap gets to his rolls before I respond, feel free to roll for me, Pap.  His Hacking pool is 13 dice.
General Discussion / Re: The Bulldrek Round Table Podcast
« Last post by Beta on Today at 17:32:53 »
1) Glad to hear it  :)

2) I apologize for the incoming wall of words.

I suppose immersion will mean different things to different people.  For me a few well written ‘in world’ lines probably do more than fifty pages of description.  Maybe you could say that what I need is the initial shove to get my imagination started in a particular direction, then I’ll start spinning out all sorts of ideas on my own.  I thought that SR1/2 did a fantastic job on that front.

In fact, that is how I ended up coming back to Shadowrun after almost twenty-five years away (cue wavy ‘sitcom flash-back’ lines around the edge of the screen).  I was pretty immersed in the Hero Wars / HeroQuest rpg (not the same at the old Heroquest board game) and the fantasy world of Glorantha, --with no expectation of changing my gaming focus.  I loved the character generation and the rules, was running a game for my son, playing in some play-by-mailing list games, was very involved in discussion groups, and had contributed to a few things that had seen print for that game. 

There were some changes in editorial direction going on in HeroQuest that I wasn’t a huge fan of, and I was trying to think of how show what I thought was being lost, without using material that people in the discussion were personally involved in.  That got me thinking about how well Shadowrun had grabbed my interest back in the day.  I knew I didn’t have the wording quite right, but I still remembered things along the lines of “Streets, where life is. You know, life, the source of magic.”  “When I pull the trigger, I’m not going to be the one knocked on my ass.” “Tell me, have you had much success in breeding your car?”  “Life stinks, and most of the time so do you.” “It’s not all bad, you have a full suite of flavor faucets to add taste to your soy.”  And the adds in the Seattle sourcebook.  Single lines (and some images) that evoked so much about conditions, attitudes, the underlying nature of the SR world.

After over twenty years and ten moves I’d still held onto the SR2 rule book (bought after I’d stopped playing, in hopes of using it some day), Sprawl Sites, and the Seattle sourcebook, and I dug them out to look up some of those lines and look at what else I thought those books had done right.  My son came across them, flipped through, and got hooked just as quickly as I had back in the day, and asked if we could ditch our Heroquest game for a Shadowrun one.  I agreed, did a little bit of looking and discovered that the game was on the fifth edition, picked that core rule book up … and found that HeroQuest was not the only game to have decided that bludgeoning its players over the head with words was cool. 

Despite which I started running SR for my son and by necessity had to get involved in forums to get help with some of the rules.  The play-by-mailing list heroquest games I was in died off and HQ changed forums, so I really lost touch with it and got more involved in learning what all had happened to the SR universe while I wasn’t paying attention, and eventually I took the opportunity to get involved with some play-by-forums games.  So my involvement entirely swapped over to SR, all due to recalling some of those evocative lines from first edition.

(As an aside, I almost feel like part of the contract for gaming books should be based not so much on word count, as on ‘this is core information – the fewer words you can present it clearly and evocatively in, the bigger the bonus’  I’m sure that would be almost impossible to make work, but if someone could take the 5th edition CRB and cover the same material in half the word count, replace half of the lost words with more examples of various sorts, and just leave it at three quarters of the word count --  I for one would buy the new book in a heartbeat.)
Errata / Re: Shadowrun 5 Errata
« Last post by Kiirnodel on Today at 16:48:57 »
My confusion is why Arcana needs to be an active skill instead of a knowledge skill.  Are you able to make a spell cooler or create a new one from scratch using Arcana?  If you can, are there rules for that?

Conceptually, yes. Although the rules for creating spells from scratch don't currently exist. In previous editions they have often at some point released a set of rules for creation your own spells. Arcana is an active skill because it can be used to create formula, there are rules for writing your own focus formula, for example on page 306 when it talks about selecting the focus formula for artificing. I imagine there will eventually be rules for creating your own spell formula when they release rules for researching your own unique spells. It is also actively used for several other purposes, including noticing Preparations, initiation, creating the spirit formula for Ally Spirits, and so forth.
Character creation and critique / Re: How should I build this AI?
« Last post by GunDrake on Today at 16:36:06 »
I have an Idea. A Pixie mage shooting lighting and riding an Ares Cheetah into combat!
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