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Title: Sandbox Game Looking for Players(SR4)
Post by: Showgun117 on (02:52:31/03-19-17)
I work the 9pm - 6am mon - thurs Pacific Time . I have very little to do on Friday evenings 8pm-2am(at the absolute latest) Pacific Time. I am looking for 2-5 players for a casual, relaxed sandbox game. The story would be pushed mainly by the actions of the players.

I have read the rules though several times but I still make pleanty of mistakes, I am play kind of a loose kind of game much more focused on RP that combat or the rules.

The basic rules for characters is use chummer characters with regular 400 BP but with 16 Avail and either be a SINer or have a fake SIN. I am open to all metavariants but you would have to talk me into anything more exotic on a case by case basis. Before you click the finalize button though, I would like to go over it with the players to be sure everything is good and I did't forget to mention something.

I am open to Discord or Skype whichever is easier for the players.

The casual style would be made to let player show up if they can but not destroy things if they can't. However I also will have times when I can not play and will keep people updated.

I will not accept any player that disrespect the other players; but on the other hand I would like player who are not bothered by their characters getting disrespected. I do not like swearing but will not make a deal about it if it slips out. I am open to vaguely mature stuff but nothing too far.

Any questions or suggestions you can post it here or IM me.
Title: Re: Sandbox Game Looking for Players(SR4)
Post by: Kiirnodel on (07:14:04/03-19-17)
Sounds interesting, I'd have to brush off my SR4 skills, since I've been running 5e since it released.

Do you have any plans for a start for the game (such as how the group gets together)? And do you have a location in mind? How things start and where it is set can have significant impact on what the game is like.
Title: Re: Sandbox Game Looking for Players(SR4)
Post by: Showgun117 on (12:36:25/03-20-17)
I have made up a place called New Atlantis where the game will take place. I have two characters Mr. P and Queen Anne who will gather the players together but I have set things up for the players to control what they want to do. I will have hooks ready for the players but they can choose if they want to take them.

PS You can take New Atlantis area knowledge as a knowledge skill.